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September 2, 2020

HouseGirl Grace: Grace meets the buff Fashion Apprentice

HouseGirl Grace: Grace meets the buff Fashion Apprentice

“Tell him that I need the third cloth very soon o for a church event” Grace‚Äôs madam went on with the instructions to Grace for her tailor.

“Yes ma,” Grace said mindlessly

She half-listened as her madam complains about the tailor and how he never has her clothes ready, Grace has been bored all week but today’s was the absolute worst.¬†

After she got multiple orgasms from Aunt Sandra, Grace stayed away from the boys and ignored all their advances, she wanted the feeling that Aunt Sandra left with her would last long. Grace spent days touching herself to the image of her and Aunt Sandra but lately, her solo ride hasn’t been so fulfilling.¬†

She needed some dick and since she was too proud to ask the boys she spent all week horny and frustrated

“I have already called him so he is expecting you,” Her madam said

“Okay ma” Grace replied

“Here this should take you and bring you back,” Her madam said handing her eight hundred naira

Grace collected the money and turned to leave, she went downstairs barely mumbling greetings to the people seated outside. 

She got a taxi when she got to the side of the road that would lead directly to where the shopping complex was located. 

The ride was long and uneventful to Grace, she zoned out of most of the random pointless conversations of the other passengers were having, and looked outside the window watching as the buildings and cars went by. 

After riding for like ten minutes, she stopped and paid the driver before crossing the road to the shopping plaza. The shopping plaza wasn’t too big and thankfully the shop was on the ground floor so Grace was able to find it easily.¬†

She entered the shop and was surprised how bigger it looked on the inside, there was a row of waiting chairs facing a small table and chair covered in books and lots of Style magazines. The shop contained three big white sewing machines and a big table to the side. 

There was a curtain that covered from one wall to the other where Grace assumed people try their clothes on. Since there was no one at the reception table or sewing machine she assumed the movement of the curtain must be from the tailor 

“Hello…good afternoon” Grace called out

There were quick movements behind the curtain before it was pulled aside slowly for a guy who looked younger than Grace would appear. She imagined he would be the tailor, he was so fine and fit that Grace felt like asking why he was just a tailor

“Uhmm my madam send me to come collect her clothes, she say she call you” Grace said

“oh okay sorry I no hear you, come inside the shop” He said

“Please sit down, I dey come” he said

He walked to one side of the shop that contained rolls and rolls of fabric and pulled out nylon that was big enough to contain the clothes. He brought it over and handed it to her, she took it trying not to look at his nice biceps that peeped out of his very short sleeve. She looked inside and saw clothes that were ironed and folded neatly

“Ehen before I forget my madam say she go need the third cloth soon like upper week for church service” She said to him, not really looking at him

“Okay I go tell my oga when he come shop tomorrow” He said

“Oh, no be you be the tailor, you be him apprentice,” Grace asked

He chuckled before coming to sit on the row of seat not too far from her

“No, not apprentice anymore but na for him place I learn and do apprentice now I just work under him,” He said

“Ohhh,” Grace said nodding her head

She checked him out trying not to be obvious, his muscles filled out nicely in his Ankara trouser but what really got grace attention was the outline of his bulge in his trouser. 

Grace could feel her pussy screaming at her and she did not know how to get his dick if it looked like that under his trouser thinking about it erect and hard was making grace pussy tingle.

“This your trouser is nice,” she said gently placing her palm on his knee and slide up gently

“Oh thank you” he replied taking a silent deep breath¬†

“You make am by yourself,” She asked still sliding up and down his thigh but not going to far up¬†

“Yes,” he said

“Uhm it’s very nice,” she said her hand moving up to slide around his bulge

“Yeah, thank you” he replied¬†

She could feel his breathing quicken and the outline of his bulge become more visible. She looked up at him and they locked eyes, watching him she gently palmed his dick and smiled as he almost gasped from the sudden contact 

“Go lock door,” Grace said pressing his dick harder

He nodded his head making Grace smile even wilder


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