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September 2, 2020

HouseGirl Grace: Grace meets the buff Fashion Apprentice II (18+)

HouseGirl Grace: Grace meets the buff Fashion Apprentice II (18+)

Standing up he hurriedly went to close the door looking right and left. He quickly walked back to grace after he made sure the opts were firmly bolted. 

Grace could tell he was nervous which just made it more even more thrilling for her.

He sat beside her looking hesitant, the moment she leaned in he went in for a kiss, he pressed their lips together and immediately pushed his tongue into her mouth, the sudden muscle moving around in her mouth surprised her and she struggled to keep up. 

After what seemed like forever, Grace decided she has had enough, usually, she did not mind a hot make-out session, but she did not have enough time for all these foreplay; she needed to get some dick

She pulled closer to him and pushed into the kiss taking over, she kissed him a bit more before pulling away, she sat away almost sliding off the chair 

“Jus relax,” she said as she pushed him to sit back into the chair

Before he could get his back comfortable on the wall she straddled him, she quickly wrapped her hands around his neck before she started to grind on the outline of his erection. He moaned as she went up and down his shaft which sent a tingle to her pussy. 

She alternated between moving slowly up and down his entire length and just moving slowly around the head of his erection enjoying how he reacted to both. Remembering she did not have much time to kill she quickly stood up slightly and help him to unbutton and unzip his trousers. 

He lifted himself his crotch almost touching hers and shimmied out of the trouser and boxers, they pushed the trouser and boxer till it fell to his feet pooling around his ankles. He sat back down but she stayed lifted up and reached for his hard dick and stroke as far as she could reach. 

His dick was not big but it wasn’t small either, it was completely smooth too, making Grace imagine what stroking it up and down while it dripped of her saliva would feel like, she couldn’t wait to feel him in her. Positioning his dick she slowly sat down till his tip was touching the opening of her wet pussy.¬†

She sat down more taking his smooth dick slowly enjoying how it slid smoothly against her folds. 

Grace moaned when she finally took him completely inside her, her ass touching his laps she rocked slowly back and forth moaning each time she hit her clit. She looked him in the eyes and started to move, he moaned out loudly making her smirk as she went up slowly till he was almost out of her before she slammed back, she repeated the motion before she rotated her waist on him

“oh my God ahhhh ohhh yes” he moaned as she rotated a bit faster

Satisfied with how loud his moaning was getting she picked up the speed and started to bounce up and down his dick, watching his face scrunch up in pleasure face her more ginger and he bounced even faster. Being in total control was super intoxicating making grace alternate between grinding and bouncing up and down making sure to hit her g-spot each time.

“oh baby yes, yes like that” he cried out as she moved

Hearing him call her baby made her want to giggle so she increased her pace enjoying the friction to her clit, she could feel small smarks and a chill slowly spread through her body and she knew she was close

“oh baby oh no stop baby” h cried out

“shhhh” she shushed

She bounced faster and more erratic in him her pussy making a swooshing sound and she bounced down fast, she wanted to grip his hair and pull as her orgasm threatened to explode. 

Her fingers sinking into shoulders she slammed down hard on him grazing her g-spot, hr pussy gripped him hard as her orgasm hit making her gush pussy juices all over his dick. He made a sound in his throat before gripping her ass and slamming in from underneath her

“I dey come o I dey come” he cried out before shooting shots and shots of cum deep inside her pussy

Grace felt as his hot load continued to hit the walls of her pussy. He held onto her tight as their orgasms gradually went down and his dick slid out of her. When grace was through enjoying the last wave of her orgasm she looked up at the wall clock to see the time

“hay I don tey for here” she said

She stood up groaning at her stiff and slightly sore joints. His cum trickled ou6 of her and dripped down her thighs making grace to make a mental note of getting post-pill at a pharmacy a couple of blocks away from the house

“I I fit see you again” he asked as she started to fix herself sounding unsure of himself

“eh I no know, you fit teach me how to sew,” she asked as she looked herself over

“Yes! I fit teach you anything” he said almost forcefully

“okay till we see,” she said smiling at him

He nodded and she grabbed the nylon with her madam’s clothes and left. Grace smiled as she walked to get a taxi feeling quite pleased with herself; not only did she get herself some good dick but also got a good fashion teacher.

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