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September 3, 2020

Housegirl Grace gives sex lesson to Madam’s last born! II (18+)

Housegirl Grace gives sex lesson to Madam’s last born! II (18+)

“oh my goodness, Grace I feel so great like like I’m floating or I grew taller” He went on excitedly

He has been going on and on excitedly about his sex date since he got back about 5 minutes ago, it was quite amusing for Grace and it filled her with pride that she helped make it happen

“Thank you so much, I did everything you said and even freestyled a little,” He said before giggling

“And she was losing it, saying if she knew I was that good she would have offered herself a long time ago,” he said with a wide smile

“Congrats you be man now” she said stressing the “man” and smiling

“it’s all thanks to you, you are an amazing teacher I can’t wait for your other lessons,” He said with a shy smile.

Grace opened her mouth to reply but was interrupted by a loud knock on the door

“I’ll get it,” He said before dashing to the door

She heard him open the door and hear him say an exciting welcome to whoever was there

“Why are so sunny ” She heard Charles say

“My date went great” He answered

“Is that why you’re excited like a girl,” Charles said before hissing

“I don’t know who pissed you off but don’t ruin my Reggae with your Blues,” He said to Charles

Charles looked angry which made grace wondered what must have gotten him so angry because she had never really seen him in such a bad mood

“Whatever I’ll be in my room, nobody should fucking disturb me,” Charles said

They both watched him stunned as he walked towards his room, when he was out of sight Grace turned to his little brother and he placed his palms on his chest

“I’m sure his girlfriend must have dumped him that’s why he is acting so grumpy,” He said

“Grum..?” Grace asked

“As in angry” he answered

“Anyways, I’m coming to the next block to go and see my friend Kenny, I’ll see you later,” He said before heading out.

Grace was really happy with the outcome of his sex date before now she didn’t know he was even capable of smiling and now he didn’t only talk to her without snapping at her but also laughed and joked with her.

This is what a teacher must feel like when their students pass an exam, but her happiness wasn’t complete. She couldn’t shake the angry face Charles had on when he came back so she walked to his room and knocked softly when he didn’t answer she knocked again

“I said I want to be left alone” He yelled from inside

But she wasn’t going to give up so she knocked again softly. He pulled the door open and glared at her

“What?” He snapped

“Errm, C.J comot! Na him I say make I come see if I fit help you feel better small,” She said

“No, you can’t make it better,” He said gripping the door

She took a step closer so he won’t be able to slam the door without hitting her on the face

“but I fit help reduce the anger wey dey vex you” She said

He stared at her with his eyes burning of rage

“if that will make you leave me the fuck alone” He growled before pulling her in and closing the door.

He spun her around quickly and slammed her against the door making her gasp a little, he lifted her hands and made her lay them flat against the door before reaching underneath her blouse.

His hands glided up till they covered her bobs in her bra, he pushed his hands under her bra and squeezed her boobs hard making her moan softly

“Sheesh!” he shushed

He bit the part of her neck where it’s joined with her shoulder softly pinching her nipples at the same time, Grace felt electricity zap down her zip and had to struggle to stay on her feet and not melt into him. He used his leg to kick her legs apart making her arch slightly.

One hand left her breast while the other kept rolling her nipple between his thumb and finger.

He pulled up her skirt and made it bunch at her waist, he pulled her by the hips till her ass was pushed out then he made her part her legs even wider. He removed his other hand from her boobs making her whine at the lost of contact and quickly pull down his trouser letting it pool at his ankles.

One hand went around her and dipped inside her Pant and swirled around her wetness

“Hmmmm perfect” he growled

His other hand stroked his dick while the other shifted her Pant, he angled himself and positioned his dick at the entrance of her sopping pussy.

Holding her waist with one hand he slammed hard into her making her gasp loudly, he pulled out and slammed in again before picking up a fast and hard rhythm.

Both hands firmly on her waist he pounded in and out of her, grace moaned louder as the angle allowed him to graze her sweet spot with every stroke. One hand wrapped around her neck and pulled forward making her arch, even more, allowing him to pound deeper into her.

The room got filled with their collective moans and grunts, the slushing sound her pussy made and the slapping sounds their skin made as he pounded faster and harder.

One hand left the door and she tugged at her nipples as her orgasm started to build, he squeezed her neck as he pounded faster and more erratically, the lack of air pushed her over the edge making her scream loudly as her orgasm hit just as his body stilled shooting warm cum into her spasming pussy.

Her pussy milked him of every drop of sticky cum before he slipped out of her. They both crashed to the floor panting really hard trying to get more air into their lungs.

When she was sure her legs were less shaky and could carry her she stood up and opened the door.

“Grace” he called as she headed out

She stopped and turned slightly towards him

“Thank you,” he said

She smiled feeling fulfilled and left, heading to the kitchen to get some water she stopped dead in her tracks as she saw her Oga leaning against the wall his arms crossed on his chest.

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