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August 6, 2020
Housegirl Grace gets a new madam & her dreamy husband

Housegirl Grace gets a new madam & her dreamy husband

Written by Minxie B

Grace stared at the flat screen television that was attached to the wall before drifting to look at the paintings on the wall

“You dey hear wetin I dey talk” Grace’s aunt said rather loudly

“Yes aunty,” Grace said nodding

Her aunt has been talking and advising her since they boarded the bus from her village and now as they sat in the living room of her new Madam’s house all she wanted was for her aunt to shut up so she could gather her thoughts

“You know say na person way love you go tell you the truth” Her aunt continued

“Yes ma” Grace barely muttered

“Madam Charity na better woman and if you do well she fit send you go university, you hear ba” She asked

“Yes aunty” Grace answered

“Anything way she say make you do, do am well well and no go dey follow any of this chewing gum boys” She said pulling her own right ear

“Yes aunty! I go work well” Grace said resisting the urge to sigh

Grace’s former madam got a job in Kano and they decided they could not go with her so she got sent back to her village, ending her escapade in Abuja, all those boys will miss her die but she is ready for a new adventure.

The day her aunt came around to tell her mother that she has found a woman from her church that needed a househelp felt like the happiest day of her life. Her aunt opened her mouth to say something else but a dark fat woman wearing bright red lipstick walked into the room

“Ahh welcome to my house,” The woman said as she came closer

Her voice seemed to boom and bounce off the wall, Grace immediately slide off the cushion she was sitting on to greet her

“Good afternoon ma” She said making sure to stress the ma

The woman pinned Grace with her gaze like she was studying an exotic animal before smiling

“How are you, dear?” She asked

“Fine ma” She answered

She turned to Grace’s aunt who stood up to hug her, she asked about their journey and she said

“We thank God”

“Na the girl be this, she is very good and obedient girl,” She said smiling at grace

“I can see that,” The woman said smiling

“What’s your name?” she asked

“Grace ma,” Grace said slightly bowing her head

“Such a nice name, go to the kitchen it’s right by that door,” She said pointing at a door

“Open the fridge and bring the juice, the cups are in the overhead cupboard,” she continued as she said gesturing up

“Yes ma,” Grace said standing up

She walked into the kitchen and headed for the fridge. The fridge was taller than her and continued carton juice and sachets of pure water. They were different containers filled with soup and stews and also some wine bottles, she carried out one carton of coconut and pineapple juice and placed it on the closest counter.

She walked over to the other side with lined up overhead cupboards and opened the first one. They were different types of cups in so she carried one set of tumblers out before closing the cupboard. She carried the juice and went back to the living room, she carried the juice over to the new madam

“Oh no no you place the juice and the glass on a tray before bringing it,” She said

“Sorry ma,” Grace said bowing slightly at the knees

“It’s okay, just take it back and put it on a tray and add two more glasses okay?” she said

“Yes ma” Grace bowed slightly before heading back to the kitchen

The tray wasn’t hard to locate in the kitchen, they were different sizes lined up where the plates were set neatly on a rack. She took out a medium size tray and placed the drink and glass on it, she walked over and picked two more glasses from the cupboard. After lining the cups side by side she gently carried it back to her new madam

“Very good,” She said as grace gently set the tray down

There was a knock on the door and her new madam stood up to go get it

“Pour out the drinks, I’ll get it,” She said to Grace

Grace was pouring out the drink when she heard the new madam say welcome to the visitor. She looked up in time to see them hug briefly before her new madam walked towards them

“Madam Theresa, this is my husband, David,” she said to grace aunty

Grace looked up and her hand wobbled slightly spilling a little drink. He was taller than the new madam and was wearing a black suit that seems to fit him perfectly, his arms filled out the suit and when he answered Grace Aunt’s greetings her eyes flew to his face.

His jaw was covered with beards that were a beautiful mixture of gray and black. When he looked towards Grace and caught her staring he smiled at her exposing a gleaming set if white teeth sending a jolt of electricity to her pussy.

Grace immediately clenched her thighs together and looked away

“And this is Grace the new house help” she heard her madam say

“Welcome to our home, Grace” She heard him say

She looked up feeling like her mouth would not move

“Yes eerr, thank you sir” She stuttered

He smiled at her and all she could think of was fucking her new oga.

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble
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