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Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & Sex [S05E13] (18+)

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Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & Sex [S05E13] (18+)

“Where I go keep am, ma?”

“Aunty aunty, you fit hear me? Aunty” she heard the staff she sent on an errand say

Grace snapped out of her daydream and attended to him since the Senator mentioned Dubai a couple of days before; Grace hasn’t been able to stop daydreaming about it.

She has seen him a couple of times, and each time she gave him a blow job or just a handjob, he always seems so content with that so it never gets better. She enjoyed taking care of him and all the gifts and money he showered on her but she’s been craving a good pounding.

Tony and Mike have been keeping her updated with other stories wilder than the other, these days it’s either she was dreaming about Dubai or imagining the good time in the doctor’s study.

Grace went about her day finishing up the food for lunch, as she was packing her phone rang. She almost dropped her phone when she saw the doctor calling her, she answered excitedly.

The doctor greeted her sweetly as usual and told her how she would love it if Grace could make it. Grace told her she wasn’t sure and she would ask. As she dropped the phone beaming with excitement she continued packing up the food, she didn’t notice Ms Janet behind her till she spoke

“Is there somewhere you need to be?” she asked

Grace was startled a bit but chuckled after she had gasped loudly

“Na my cousin from village, they come visit their brother wife family for Abuja” Grace lied easily

“Oh that’s sweet, you want to go see them?” Ms Janet asked surprising Grace

Grace nodded her head yes twisting her fingers

“I nova see them since last two December” grace lied some more
She watched as Ms Janet contemplated before she asked
“Which area are they staying in,” she asked
“Eh kubwa” grace said

“Do you know how to get there?” She asked Grace who nodded her head no

“Well since you’re done here I guess I can talk to the head of security to let you go out,” she said
“And you can ask Felicia in the staff quarters for directions on how to get there” she added

“Thank you very much ma,” grace said bending at the knee to show her appreciation
After she left, Grace finished packing the food hastily and ran to her room to take a quick bath. She got dressed in tight jeans and a cute chiffon top that showed off her shoulders and the top part of her massive boobs.

Grace went over to the staff quarters revelling in the attention she was getting as she walked down, she got the direction from the lady and went to the gate. After explaining at the gate they let her out, the freedom she felt as she stepped out was euphoric. Grace took a cab to the location the doctor described, after a 30 minutes trip Grace arrived at the destination.

The building didn’t look like a hospital, in fact, it looked like someone’s house. She called the doctor and soon a man came out of the gate, they exchanged pleasantries before Grace followed him.

When they got inside the building it actually looked like a hospital, they walked past a couple of hallways before he stopped at a door and opened it.

Inside was the doctor, Tony and Mike. They were watching something behind a big glass window, and Grace greeted them softly. She found a spot and looked through the window, on the other side was a hospital bed with a woman laying naked on the bed.

She was writhing in pleasure as she massaged her pussy with what looked like a plastic dick, Grace thought briefly and her experience with Nina and felt her pussy throb. She watched the woman wishing it was her that was grinding on the plastic with her mouth wide open gasping for air.

The boys also seemed entranced as they watched the woman, Grace was fascinated by all the little movements her body was making. Her head was thrown back and her toes were curled in, Grace could see her juices pouring out as she moved the device up and down her slit.

She would push the shaft inside her opening a bit and pull it out, her juices coating the plastic dick was turning grace on even. She hoped she would be the next to try out the pleasure machine. The lady gasped and arched her back off the bed, with the way her breathing went up Grace could tell she was really close.

The doctor moved closer with her notepad writing something down quickly, Grace watched as the lady ground on the dildo matching her pace as she pushed in and out of her now sopping pussy. Grace watched fascinated as her movements got frantic and erratic, the lady cried out as her orgasm visibly hit her.

Grace watched the movements her body was making as she came hard, her neck was twisted at a weird angle. Her back was so arched it looked like she could fall off the bed, her ankle twist at a funny angle and her toes were all curled in.

What fascinated Grace the most were her juices that were pouring out like a tap, it poured down her ass crack to the bed. After what felt like a long time cumming the lady crashed into the bed panting hard and looking drained.

“Wow… that was some interesting data” grace had the doctor say
“We are so glad you were able to join us today, we are doing female solos incorporating a toy” she added

“Are you ready to go next?” the doctor asked grace

Was she ready? Grace thought the only thing stopping her from running into the other room was the lady laying on the bed catching her breath, she couldn’t wait to get her hands on the plastic dick. Her pussy throbbed in agreement as she thought about all the pleasure she was about to feel.

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