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September 2, 2020

Grace & The Passionate Drama Instructor

Grace & The Passionate Drama Instructor

“He has risen,” Grace said lifting her hands and looking towards the sky.

“Hmmmm, that wasn’t so bad,” the drama director said with his finger on his cheek.

“We’ll take it one more time and please Grace” he started turning slightly so he was facing her

“This time, I want you to look like you’re happy our Lord rose from the dead, I want to see some passion,” He said gesturing as he said passion

Everyone took their places and started the drama from the top for the umpteenth time.

Grace got picked and added into the drama group even though she would want nothing more than to use her small free time for something productive like having an intense orgasm but she was stuck here with all the other annoying actors and a coordinator that thinks his directing the Jesus film.

She watched as the other actors said their lines acting poorly to compliment their even poorer lines and waited for her turn. Grace was grateful that she only got a small but very important role, she gets to be the one to finish the small play they were putting together for the Easter celebration.

When it was her turn, she threw her hands up gingerly, looked up to the sky smiling and repeated her line. When she was done the coordinator only hummed

“This time is better but it could even be much better and Grace, your role is not only crucial but only easy so I need to really nail this,” he said

When everyone sighed loudly, he only laughed

“Okay, I guess we can stop here today” he started

“But please endeavor to practice your lines” he added as everyone started to leave

“Grace, please stay back” he called to her as she made to leave

After everyone had said their goodbyes they were left alone

“Sister Grace, how are you doing” he started when it was just the two of them

“Fine sir” she mumbled

“Are you sure? Because you seem very down” he said

“No o” she answered looking down at her shoes

“You need to understand that your part is very simple anyone should be able to pull it off, you just need to add passion I need to see fire,” he said

“Eh loosen up, you’re meant to be having fun,” he said

“Yes sir” she answered

“Just free yourself, loosen up,” He said and to emphasize, he grabbed her shoulder and shook her till she started to giggle

“See that’s what I’m talking about,” he said

She lifted her hands to cover her mouth to stop her laughing just in time as he made to grab her shoulder but a hand grabbed her boobs instead, he held and squeeze slightly before he realized what he was doing and pulled his hand away like he was burned

“I er I am sorry” he started backing away

Her eyes got drawn to his trouser that was slightly tented, he followed her eyes and his hands immediately went down to cover his slight erection

“Oh my God I don’t know why that happened,” he said backing away from her till his back was against the fence wall

They were rehearsing in the children’s church play area that was both quiet and secluded, without letting herself think about it she covered the space between them and placed her hand on his hands covering his erection.

“Let me show you ma passion,” she said in the sexiest voice she could do

His eyes widen like a scared cat and it looked like he stopped breathing which made her smile slightly. She pried his hands away slowly before expertly unbuckling his belt and unzipped his trousers.

She quickly but carefully pulled out his dick almost gasping when she realized he was uncircumcised.

Her eyes fixed on him, she stroked down pulling the skin down before pulling it back to cover the pink head that peaked out making him gasp. Her eyes not leaving him, she slowly went down on her knees, she pulled back the skin to expose the pink bulbous head before covering it with her warm mouth making him moan loudly.

She pushed out her tongue and circled the head circling the pee hole

“oh my God,” he moaned trying to grab onto the wall behind him.

She hollowed her cheeks and pushed down on him taking his whole length into her mouth, he made a squeaky sound and she almost laughed.

She pulled away completely loving the string of saliva that covered his dick. She stroked his dick at the same time she took him into her mouth

“ahhh oh my oh my ahhhh” he moaned

She deep throated him and hummed making him groan louder, his hands flew to the back of her head and she started to bob her head up and down his length trying to encourage him to fuck her mouth.

He seemed to get the message because he pushed into her mouth and she nodded her head and opened her mouth wider and held onto his thighs.

He held onto her head and started to fuck her mouth. He started slowly but soon lost himself and started to pump into her moaning loudly. His eyes opened and when they connected with hers he groaned louder and pushed further into her mouth, once twice before he cried out and shot warm cum down her throat.

When he was done spasming he pulled out his soft dick and fell to the ground panting heavily.

When he caught his breath he looked at her

“I have never met anyone with more passion,” he said making her smile.

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