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April 20, 2021

Following Chris: Episode 17 (18+)
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Following Chris: Episode 17 (18+)

Looking back at her, all the memories started flooding back. That first night at Jameel’s house. All the nookies and all the unplanned hookups and that night before she left for the UK for school where they’d promised to wait for each other. He didn’t even realize his breathing had become labored as well as hers. Their faces were almost touching when he realized that they’d been staring at each other for what seemed like an eternity. The memories and the moment swept them up in an overwhelming emotional tidal wave and then without warning their lips became intertwined and their hand followed suit feeling up each other’s bodies with the calm and speed of studying something very familiar.

With practiced efficiency of former lovers and the non-existent patience of soon-to-be lovers, they began to methodically rip off each other’s clothes. First item that flew to the ground to start what would become the breadcrumbs that would form a trail to the bed was the shawl hanging laxly around her neck. Next item that followed was his shirt after she tugged on it vigorously that the buttons fell off.

Getting to the bed, they were both naked from the waist up save the bra that she still had on. Planting gentle kisses all over his neck and chest, Chris noted with mirth that her brightly painted lips had returned to their natural hue. Thanks to me, he thought. Feeling her lips move over his upper torso, he realized that she had gotten a little more experience judging from the last time they had had sex.

Running his hands down her back, he skillfully unsnagged the hooks on her bra and the weight of her newly freed breasts dropped the bra in his face and hanging loosely. Reaching for the straps on her shoulders, he slipped it down her arms and she moved accordingly to allow it slip it off her body. The breasts were a total surprise to him. The breasts hanging in his face were much bigger than the ones he remembered.

Noticing that he had stopped responding in the appropriate manner, Yemisi asked “why are you stopping? What’s the matter?”

“It’s the boobs. I’m looking at them as if for the first time. They are much larger than I remember” Chris replied.

Laughing, she said “Did you really expect them to be the same size? Just play with them the way only you know how.”

“The way only I know how?” Chris asked, unable to help the sarcasm creeping into his voice.

“Yes. Only you. Now shut up and get to work”, she said and smiled.

“Yes ma’am”, Chris answered.

Angling one nipple to his lips, she surrendered herself to the pleasure that came from having her nipples sucked and her breasts fondled. Obliging her, Chris took the offered nipple in the warmth of his mouth and sucked on it ever so gently. Sheathing his teeth with his lips, he nibbled on the nipple and was glad to see her squirm. He was happy he still knew where her buttons were. Switching out the nipple in his mouth, he started roaming her back with his hands. Getting to the small of her back, he took a moment to flick his tongue over the nipple in his mouth before and hearing her moan before cupping her ass, which by the way was round and perfect – just the way he liked it.

He continued grabbing and squeezing her derriere through the denim pants she had on and also still switching nipples just the way he knew she liked it. He kept going for a while then it stopped working for him from that position and he decided to switch. Grabbing her by the waist, he lifted her to a sitting position atop his crotch. He tried moving her to the portion of the bed right beside him but she was having none of that and didn’t budge. She liked being on top. Another thing he remembered about her. Using her well rounded rump, she burrowed deeper until she found a more comfortable position.

Sitting upright on his crotch, she looked into his eyes and said, “Baby I want you”

Lifting his body from the bed, he kissed her neck – another one of her erogenous zones – and said “Oh really? How much do you want me?”

“So much baby. You know we haven’t been together since that last night when we were together.”

“Yes. I know.” Chris answered planting more kisses on her neckline and lower towards her breasts.

“I can see you’ve learnt some new stuff.”

Smiling, he kissed the top of her boobs and replied “It’s just all you taught me and a little more.”

Rubbing down on his crotch with her buttocks, she said “I see you’re raring t’go”

“Can you blame me? You’re the one grinding on me with your soft ass and even better boobs right in my face.”

Laying back down, Chris reached for her right boob. She leaned forward to assist him and make the stretch shorter than would be normally required. As she did that, he tactfully shifted his weight under her that she rolled onto the bed and he deftly climbed on top of her, having her exactly where he wanted her.

Chuckling he said, “Gotcha!”

“Well played”, she said punching him in the ribs.

“Ouch! You still packing that killer punch I see.”

Making a show of blowing imaginary dust off of her fist, she said “You know I do.”

“Oh really? Let’s see how strong you really are”, Chris said and reached for her torso and then suddenly, he put his fingers in the gap between her arm and body, making tickly movements.

Giggling uncontrollably, she said “stop. Stop. You win.”

Looking at her trying to stop her loud laughter, he also remembered what tickling her did to her – it turned her on. He could see her nipples become even more erect. Bending down to attend to her, he squished both breasts together, running his tongue over both nipples simultaneously. The incessant tongue-action had an immediate effect on her, who without delay stopped giggling and started moaning.

Chris heard the moans and he knew he was still pushing all the right buttons and knowing her, that meant she was getting wetter than someone caught in a monsoon without shelter. Leaving her breasts, he started slow kissing his way down her body, returning the favor and paying her back in her own coin for how she’d done the same to him earlier.

Kissing his way down her body, he got to her waistline and smiled when he saw that she still had her pants on. Deciding to delay gratification for a little while longer, he moved off her body and then put his fingers between her legs and then started rubbing her crotch through her pants. She started to moan louder. As he continued rubbing, he reached out and fondled both breasts with his other hand. As her moans got louder, he knew she was about to cum and the wetness even through her denim pants confirmed the fact. He continued rubbing and fondling until she started to moan a lot louder and her vibrations got more pronounced. As if that was not attestation enough, she started to moan, “I’m cumming” over and over until she went limp.

Knowing she had soiled her trousers, he reached out and unbuckled her belt and then gently slipped the trousers down her legs. Pushing her up on the bed, she opened her legs a little wider to receive him. He stayed at the foot of the bed to divest himself of the rest of the clothing items he still had on. Climbing onto the bed, he knelt in between her legs, holding his member in his hand taunting her with it, rubbing the entrance of her honeypot with its tip.

“Open that drawer, bring me one condom.” Chris said, pointing to dresser on her left.

She did as she was bade and as Chris stretched his hand to collect it, he saw the plastic sprig of mistletoe that Lola had glued to his headboard last Christmas, and he became so suffused with guilt that his member became flaccid almost immediately.

Noticing the drawn look on his face, Yemisi asked “Chris, what’s wrong?”

“I’m sorry Missie”, Chris said calling her the endearing name he had given to her when they were dating, “I can’t do it. I can’t cheat on my girlfriend.”

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