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June 4, 2020
Flattery will get you everywhere !

Flattery will get you everywhere !

Many people have often said that flattery wouldn’t get you anywhere. But I refuse to agree to that – the thing, is you didn’t do it well or maybe you just don’t know how to flatter people! Don’t worry your little head about how to learn it. It’s quite easier than you think you. You just have to be truthful with whatever you wanna say, or at least, look very truthful about it.

Women love flattery. But none of them will come out openly to tell you. Women can keep secrets for the whole of eternity. There’s a story I heard very recently. A big family with about seven kids won the American Visa Lottery.  With or without winning the Lottery, they were already successful – the last kid in the house was in the University. As it is the tradition, the family were required to take a DNA test. Guess what? All the kids failed the tests except the last child, who is in the University. What probably shocked me the most is that the marriage was well over 35 years! Just imagine that.
Anyways, back to our discussion. If you’re waiting for a woman to tell you what she thinks, you might as well go ahead and boil a stone. When it melts, she will tell you. She will never tell you. You can only read it from her eyes. In as much as her lips tell lies, her eyes will say the truth.

Here are tips you might need:

1. Before you give her any compliment, rehearse it in your head. And for the love of God, whenever she’s talking, listen very well oh! I know you don’t care, you just wanna get to the best part. But if your ass isn’t careful, that might not be quite work out.

So, one key thing is listening. And when i say listen, I mean look into her eyes, smile while you listen to her complain or whine about something. When you listen very patiently, it says to her that you care about her very much. So, listen!

2. Comment on what she’s saying. Say stuff like ‘Oh! Really’, ‘My goodness’, ‘That’s horrible’, ‘I can’t imagine that happening to me’, ‘So sorry my dear, next time you know how to handle such situation’, etc.

And for the flattery part, make sure all attention is on her when you’re about to say it. Make sure you go for something private about her – like her nose, her eyes(the eyes work well all the time), her lips (works good also), her hair, her bag, her shoes are secondary because when it later gets down to when you’re together in bed, you can buttress your point about her having lovely formed nose even if it looks like it occupies a chunk of her face.

Make it an habit of commenting on her lips. Tell her how seductive and pouty they’re. The most important about flattery is to say it with all sincerity because women can read when you’re being truthful and when you’re not.

One last thing: don’t you ever ever EVER EVER!!! ever ever give her a compliment when her mood is down. When she’s in a wrong mood, let her be. The best you can do is care, send her simple caring messages but some folks will suggest you leave her totally. But if na Naija babe, she go tell you say why you leave am wen she dey hurt and sad!

Just be precise and mostly truthful though.

‘Deolu Bubbles.

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