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April 20, 2021

Federal Republic of Lily: The Job in Jos (S03E01)
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Federal Republic of Lily: The Job in Jos (S03E01)

“Madam wake up! We don reach” I heard the driver say

I yawned as I cracked my eyes open, it was dark already which means I had slept for some hours. I opened the door and got greeted by bones freezing night air

“The talks about Jos weather is no joke,” I thought to myself as I reached in and grabbed my jacket draped over the back of the passenger seat.

I took a deep breath enjoying the crisp air that didn’t carry a whiff of bad smells like most places in Abuja. I checked my phone, hoping to see a message from Blessing like my folks, she was angry and didn’t approve of my move.

I didn’t think for one minute that I would one day be moving to one of the coldest regions in the country but here I was standing in front of a duplex that is about to be my home for the next six months.

It all started like a joke towards the end of my exhibition when a man that looked like he was in his late thirties came to compliment my work. He mentioned a gig he thought I would be perfect for.

At first, I didn’t believe him because I thought it was his way of getting me interested, I didn’t mind because he looked and smelled nice and I didn’t mind getting laid but after spending the night at my place his pick up line ended up being true which lead to me landing the single biggest job of my art career.

The job was to paint a couple of family portraits and a mural on commission which came with a rent paid duplex for the period of the job, I would be crazy not to take the job which was why the resistance I got frustrated me.

The outside of the duplex looked nice with dim lights all around it with more space than my old place.

My body felt like lead and the cold didn’t help; traveling hours on road will do things to your body

“You know what, can you please put my things inside and drive me to a nice hotel closeby,” I asked the driver
“Okay ma,” he said after nodding

After all my things except for a bag with clothes were in the house, we drove to a hotel nearby with me fantasizing about hot baths. I looked around as we drove, the town was giving me some Abuja vibe but slower paced. We soon got to the hotel which didn’t look bad at all with its three stories and nice spacious compound

“We don reach ma” the driver announced

“This na Point hotel,it is not far from the house” he added to which I nodded thoughtfully
“You can come and pick me up tomorrow, I’ll call you,” I told him

I took out my travel bag and handbag, the driver offered to help me with the bag but I told him not to bother. I thanked him for the journey and dragged myself to the door, after paying for a suite I was lead to my room on the first floor.

I didn’t know I could feel physical pleasure just from seeing a bed, I wasted no time throwing myself on it. The exhaustion from all the packing and moving was enough to knock me out for hours but after a couple of hours, sleep vanished.

Groaning, I reached for my phone and unlocked it, the message icon I saw almost made me say yes out loud. My excitement dimmed a little when I saw the message wasn’t from Blessing. I was excited about the message because it was Ralph who was the reason I found out about the job, the reason for my move.

He wanted to know if I arrived safely making me feel stupid for not texting him first. I texted and apologized for not texting him earlier explaining how exhausted I was and my trouble sleeping.

He suggested a hot bath and some alcohol which made sense the only problem is all my alcohol was in a box at the house. I told him I could only get one of those and he texted and asked if I’ll like to go to a club with him and his guys to which I texted “fuck yeah”.

I wasted no time dashing into the bathroom and filling the tub with hot water, I waited till the bathroom was filled with steam before turning off the faucet. After adding a little cold water I stepped inside the tub the hot water making my limbs feel languid, I felt so relaxed I could fall asleep in the tub.when the water started getting warm I stepped out and wrapped the towel around me.

The room felt colder than I remembered making me rush towards the room heater plugged to an outlet. I turned it on and watched as the coils inside heat up and warm up the room then went to quickly dress up.

As I applied some makeup, he texted he was outside my hotel. I finished up then went to check out my outfit in the bathroom mirror. I was glad I wore thigh-high boots for the trip because it looked great on my tight trouser, the strappy crop top made the swell of my boobs look delicious.

Throwing on a leather jacket, I was ready to party till I drop which was kind of the plan.

I met him smoking cigarettes beside his car which he immediately threw away

“Lily! Damn your look should be illegal” he said smiling as I got to the car
“Ready to party in J town,” he asked as I opened the passenger door
“Yes! Let’s see what you got” he answered as we got into his car.

It was a little scary moving to a town where I don’t know anyone but it was also thrilling. Can’t wait to make new friends because the weather was giving me all kinds of ideas.

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