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March 4, 2021

Federal Republic of Lily: The Job in Jos (S03E17)[Finale] (18+)
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Federal Republic of Lily: The Job in Jos (S03E17)[Finale] (18+)

I woke up feeling warm like I was wrapped in a warm blanket. But it wasn’t a blanket but a skinny guy who was cuddling me, I smiled as I watched him sleep so peacefully with his head on my tits and his hands and legs wrapped around me.

It was such a warm feeling and I wanted to stay there longer but my head was swarming with ideas, so I gently wiggled out of his embrace. Slowly and gently I disentangled and got out of bed. After stretching I tiptoed to the wardrobe and picked out the overalls I usually wear to paint, I packed my hair in a tight bun and headed to my studio.

Must have been painting for over an hour when I heard Nathan calling out for me
“Lily? Lils, Lily” he called out softly
“In here” I yelled out

He peered into the studio, smiled at me then walked in.
“Wow! So this is where the magic happens” he mused as he looks around

He came around into my space and peered into the piece I was working on
“Damn this looks amazing,” he said
“I don’t know why it looks familiar though” he added as he leaned in closer

“That’s because it’s your idea silly,” I said
The look on his face was priceless, it made working on it totally worth it

“This is way better than I imagined,” he said looking awestruck
I giggled

“It was supposed to be a surprise,” I said
“Considered surprised, but I thought you were swarmed with your work,” he asked
“Yeah, your description stuck in my head and I figured one diversion won’t hurt,” I said

“That’s how it starts, next thing another distraction. You need to focus baby” he said holding my hands gently

I was painting for him, something he would be able to use for his album cover but he was more concerned about my job. That made me feel so warm inside and also horny, I wanted to fuck him slowly as he looked at me with that sweet gentleness in his eyes. I smiled, leaned in, and kiss him briefly

“You hungry,” I asked and he nodded
I stood up and dragged him with me to the room

“How about you take a bath and I’ll make us something,” I said as I pushed him towards the bathroom
He pulled me while smirking
“Join me?” He asked biting his lips
I smiled at him and rolled my eyes

“Okay,” I said
I went over to my closet to look for the little box that contained toiletries, I found two bath bombs and decided to make a mental note to order some. I went to the bathroom and Drew up a bath, when I was satisfied with the level I threw in the bath bombs with some bath salt before calling him over. He came in wrapped in the towel I gave him

“Wow this looks fancy,” he said smiling at me
“Mmhm now get in, ” I said as I started undressing
He stood there looking away and toying with the towel

“What!! Are you shy” I asked and he bit his lips.

“Newsflash I’ve seen your nakedness,” I said rolling my eyes
“Yes but this is different,” he said surprising me
“And you asked so confidently,” I said
“Yeah you make me confident,” he said smiling

I took one stride and pulled away his towel making him shriek and attempt to cover his penis which I found amusing. He walked into the tub, hands still over his dick, and stepped into the tub
“Mmmm this feels nice, smells nice too,” he said

“I know right,” I said as I stepped into the tub
“You know I’ve never had a bath with a girl before,” he said

We sat facing each other, I reached for his legs and he’ll giggle and look away. The more I played with him the more I realized I really like him, after all, I ditched blessing at the club for him. She’s been so pissed that she spent the night at Rai’s and is not picking my call

“Umm what you off thinking about” Nathan pulled my thoughts back
“About distractions and how they don’t necessarily have to be a bad thing,” I said smiling
“But lily you’re on commission and really need”

“I’m talking about you silly” I cut him off
“Ohh in that case distraction good,” he said smiling
“So do you still want to do this,” I asked suddenly feeling shy, he nodded his head
“Yes please,” he said nodding his head

I smiled and moved towards him, I leaned in and kissed him, he put one wet hand on my face and deepened the kiss. I needed him, I wanted to feel him inside me so badly. I lifted myself slightly and straddled him, instinctively he stretched his legs under me.

I could feel his hard dick so I started to move, rubbing against it as we made out deeply. His other hand grabbed a boob and squeezed hard making me moan into his mouth. He rubbed my nipple before rolling it between his wet fingers
“I want you” I breathed out
“All yours baby,” he said before kissing my neck.

“Put your hands on the bottom so you don’t slip under the water,” I said quickly
I reached and grabbed his hard dick, I positioned it to my opening then slowly sat on him. My pussy tightened around his hard cock and I relished in the pressure as he filled and stretched me out inch by inch.

When he was completely inside me I placed my hands on the side of the tub for support and started to move slowly, his eyes were rolled as I moved and that did things to me. I moved up and down him slowly moaning while he made some sounds at the back of his throat, he brought his mouth down and clamped it around my nipple and sucked making my pussy quiver.

I moved a little faster feeling my pussy clenching and unclenching around him, my nipple popped out of his mouth and he groaned

“Ughhh baby I’m so close” he groaned out

“Me too” I cried out as I ground back and forth on him
It happened all at once as I ground back and forth rotating my waist on his dick.

I heard a high breathless moan and realized it was me as electrifying sensations spread around my body. Soon Nathan was coming too with his face buried between my boobs, I purred in contentment as my orgasm rocked me to my core.

I was riding my boyfriend’s cock in my tub that smelled of sex and peaches and at that very moment, I felt so content and happy.

Having a boyfriend didn’t feel so bad at all.

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