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April 19, 2021

Federal Republic of Lily: The Job in Jos (S03E12) [18+]
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Federal Republic of Lily: The Job in Jos (S03E12) [18+]

“No sweetie, the other way, I want to see” Blessing said making my pussy splurge

I changed my position and straddled his face facing blessing who had a sexy wicked smirk on. He grabbed my ass and pulled me down unto his waiting mouth. Running his tongue up and down my slit made me moan satisfyingly which was Blessing’s cue to cover his dick with her mouth.

He made a sound that was muffled before he clamped his mouth over my sopping pussy and sucked
“Ohhh” I moaned as he sucked hard occasionally sticking his tongue in before sucking

He was sending me off in space with how he was sucking and tongue fucking my hole, looking down was a sight that turned me on even more.

With her boobs jiggling with her little movement, Blessing was sucking on his dick like it was her favorite flavored candy, she stroked the base while sucking on his head wetting it with a lot of salivae.

When she looked up and saw I was watching her, her eyes lit up, she opened her mouth and took his entire length into her mouth. He made a sound against my pussy before grabbing and squeezing my ass cheeks.

He slurped and sucked hard on my folds as she deepthroats him, he swirled his tongue around my clit making me moan deeply as I started to grind gently on his face. Blessing’s head bopped up and down fervently as she sucked, saliva dripping on the side of her mouth.

The way he grabbed my ass I could tell he was close, she bopped her head up and down faster and soon he was making muffled sounds. I watched him pump the lower part was his body slightly up before sighing and squeezing my ass, from the look on Blessing’s face I could tell he just shot cum down her throat.

She pulled off his dick leaving a string of cum and saliva with a satisfied look on her face. He grabbed my ass now able to focus on eating me out while blessing seemed to be rummaging through our discarded clothes

“Aha” she finally said holding up his wallet
She opened it nonchalantly till she found what she was looking for; a condom
“Ummm good boy” she purred

My hands placed firmly in his chest offered me support as I moved steadily on his face, we had found a nice rhythm. I watched as she knelt between his legs again and stroked his still hard cock till it was rock hard before tearing open the condom and slid it down expertly on his cock.

Without wasting any time she straddled him while facing me, she positioned herself over his dick before she slowly sat on him.

I watched her face as she slowly impaled herself on him, the look of bliss on her face actually made my pussy tingle. She slowly started to bounce and I couldn’t stop my hands from reaching out to touch her boobs as they jiggled with every move.

His tongue was buried under the hood of my clit and soon he found the sensitive knob hidden under, his tongue swirled around it making me cry hard. He held unto my ass keeping me in place as he stuck his tongue even deeper.

I placed my hands on his chest to steady myself, my fingers dug into him as my orgasm hit me. I felt it in every part of my body like every inch of my skin was charged up, I didn’t want it to end. He slurped and licked up my juices until I started to feel too sensitive and pulled away.

I let myself crash beside them as I caught my breath suddenly feeling thirsty, Blessing leaned in placing her hands on his chest and started to properly bounce on his dick.

Blessing was in full beast mode making the guy moan and grunt as she went up and down him. With how much they seemed to be into it I doubt either of them was going to cum soon and my throat felt really dry; must be from all the open mouth moaning.

Groaning, I sat up and reached for my clothes, I stood up to put on my trousers when I noticed Rai standing at the corner of the room; I totally forgot she was watching. I smiled at her as I put on my clothes and she smiled shyly back, moving closer I told her I was going to get a drink but she nodded and whispered she was staying.

I’ll stay and watch the two maniacs too if I didn’t feel like I could die of thirst, I did a peace out sign to Rai not bothering to bother the fuckers as I quietly opened the door and slipped out. I found my way to the main door and stepped out to the cold night, it was darker so the lights shone brightly while the music played loudly.

I made my way to where we sat before but it had people sitting there so I made my way towards where they were roasting meat but they only had meat there not a single drink insight except for the cups they were holding that would definitely have alcohol. I was getting quite frustrated and wishing I dragged Rai out

“If looks could kill I think we would have an explosion right about now” I heard a familiar face say
I turned to face Nathan

“I could kill for a glass of water right about now” I replied
He chuckled like he couldn’t believe what I just said
“No need to become a criminal” he replied

He motioned to me and I followed. After walking through the crowd we got to a table. Someone stood up and he directed me to sit in the chair, he spoke to someone in Hausa before pulling a chair and sitting opposite me.
“I’ve been looking everywhere for you, I thought you already left” he started
“And Rai is not picking her phone when I saw you I was so happy,” he said and smiled

I laughed and was about to make a witty comment when the person he talked to earlier returned and handed him a bottle of water. He uncapped and gave it to me, I gulped the water like I just stepped out from a desert then sighed loudly when I was done

“You were really thirsty,” he asked innocently not realizing the double meaning I read into it
“You have no idea,” I replied, smirking at him.

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