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April 20, 2021

Federal Republic of Lily: The Job in Jos (S03E11) [18+]
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Federal Republic of Lily: The Job in Jos (S03E11) [18+]

“I know we just met but I’m dedicating this to you, Lily,” he said before he started to rap sweetly
“Ohhhh” blessing cooed nudging me

“I leave you for like five minutes and you’re already someone Muse, na wa o,” she said then laughed
I was surprised and flattered at the same time, I would have never pegged him as an artist not to even mention a rapper who was surprisingly good.

Looking over my shoulder, Blessing and the guy were practically glued together running their hands all over each other, I turned back to the performance and started vibing to it.

It was so fascinating how his shy demeanor changed on stage almost like a completely different person, his stage presence was amazing as he moved and occasionally jump when the beat drop

“I see you like…” Rai whispered beside me
“Yeah I do, his bars are fire and the lyrics flow well” I replied

“It’s so dope but when he switches to your language I don’t get it but it sounds nice” I added
She laughed then put her hands around me

“That’s Hausa dear,” she said still laughing

She looked behind her and looked at Blessing
“Your friend and her guy looks like they need a room,” she said and giggled
“They actually do, I’m surprised she hasn’t asked for my car keys” I replied

We laughed and she leaned into me

“They can use one of the rooms in the boys quarters” she whispered
“Really,” I asked and she nodded

That was such good news, I quickly moved to Blessing and pulled her to lean down a bit so I can whisper into her ears

“Rai says there’s a room,” I said grinning
“Yess” she said air-punching

“Let’s gooo” she slurred
I walked towards Rai with her and the beefcake in tow

“We’re ready,” I said to Rai
“Wait you’re going too,” she asked and I nodded

You could see her eyes grow bigger looking lit up
“Um can I watch,” she asked with those big puppy eyes

Usually, I wouldn’t hesitate to say yes but I wasn’t sure if blessing would like it especially when it looks like she doesn’t like Rai
I turned around and signaled to Blessing
“Um thing is Rai likes to watch, she was wondering if she could watch,” I asked
“Ahhh madd o, who would think she’s so freaky freaky with a face like that,” she said and laughed loudly

“Let’s go Lils, but she has to be as quiet as a um whatever just quiet before she kills my boner,” she said loudly enough for Rai to hear then laughed at herself

Blessing was tripping which left me wondering why I wasn’t feeling it too.

The song ended with a roar of cheers before Nathan started to talk then launched into another song, I could hear people cheering but it felt different. Even the light looked different like something out of a movie, they felt closer like if I reached I could touch it

“Um what you doing,” Rai asks
I realized I was reaching out and started to laugh, my skin felt sensitive and tingling; I just wanted to run my hands all over. We got to the boys quarters and went into the sitting room

“Wow it’s empty,” Rai said as she closed the door.
Blessing and the guy started making out hard, he picked her up and that turned me on, she pulled off her jacket and let it fall to the ground

We followed Rai to one of the rooms that looked surprisingly bigger on the inside, the guy threw Blessing on the bed and I swear my pussy purred. He climbed in like a sexy tiger and I followed, they kissed like their lives depended on it.

All I could do was watch as I felt my panties pooling up, they broke away and blessing looked at me with glazed
“Is someone feeling left out”, she giggled

“Come’ here” she mumbled
I crawled to her and she pulled his face towards me, we smashed our lips together and I’m not sure if it wasn’t the pill but it felt so good. I pushed my tongue against his lips and he opened up letting me dart my tongue into his warm willing mouth.

Our tongues danced together making me moan into his mouth, I felt Blessing’s hands on me as she tried to pull off my jacket

“So glad you didn’t wear a bra” she purred as she grabbed my breast through my top
“I fucking love your tits,” she said as she kissed my neck
My hands were all over his chest and pecs, it was beginning to annoy me how much clothing was between us; I needed to feel the skin on my skin.

I broke the kiss and struggled with the hem of his shirt, he grabbed it and took off the shirt in one move. Damn he looked even sexier without a shirt on, I ran my hands all over him before leaning to kiss him everywhere

“Take off your clothes” blessing ordered and I sat up
I took off my top and struggled to shimmy out of my trouser when I looked over at blessing she was already naked helping him take off his trousers.

When his dick sprung out as she pulled off his briefs I moaned, she pushed him to lay down. Blessing stroked his dick up and down before covering it with her mouth which made me salivate. She popped out his dick and looked at me

“Sit on his face darling” she ordered sweetly

It was one order I was happy to follow, I looked towards Rai who looked entranced. I moved to straddle his face

“No sweetie the other way, I want to see,” Blessing said making my pussy splurge.

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