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April 20, 2021

Federal Republic of Lily: The Job in Jos (S03E10) [18+]
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Federal Republic of Lily: The Job in Jos (S03E10) [18+]

“Ohhhh… why is this city so damn freezing” Blessing whined as she tugged on the jacket I have her
She has been complaining about the cold since we started getting ready, she wore a tube gown that accentuated her curves to perfection.

I had to give her one of my heavy jackets because she barely brought a cardigan simply because she didn’t want to believe the hype about the Jos’ cold.

I drove slowly while she navigated using the map with Rai’s location pinned. After making a couple of wrong turns we finally edged closer to the pin, I looked around and realized I remember the area so I should be able to find Longji’s house.

Driving block by block slowly we finally found the house, I could hear faint thumping and music coming from inside. I called and told Rai we were at the gate and soon the gate was being opened by the gateman.

We drove in slowly and looked around the parked cars for somewhere to park, finally saw an opening, and wasted no time taking it. I saw Rai walking towards us from the rear mirror looking like a snack.

We got out and Rai came over to my side to welcome me, she hugged me tight, mumbling welcome

“I’m so excited you made it, I’ve missed you so much,” she said as she hugged me
After all the pleasantries, I introduced Blessing who had her resting bitch face on

“I hope you have a great time, we have drinks, food, meat even smokes if that’s your thing,” Rai said cheerfully

We followed her as we met up with the rest of the gang; Longji and Ama were together as usual but I couldn’t find Nareng or Andy. Rai introduced us to more friends after she thankfully put some drinks in our hands

“Umm Lils” blessing said tugging at my jacket
I turned to face her with a smile
“I’m going to head over there,” she said pointing to a small gazebo filled with people who seemed to be smoking shisha

“Since when did you start smoking shisha,” I asked surprised
“Mehh first time for everything” she answered

She started to walk away towards the gazebo
“Umm if you need anything you can call me if you can’t find me” I called out after her.

I wanted her to have fun but I guess I have to let her be till she’s found her groove, I looked around and the party really looked great, everyone seemed to be having fun even though it was a bit relaxed, they were few people dancing but everyone seemed to be having a great time either talking or drinking and smoking.

The loudest group was the ones around the meat being grilled, as we sat and drank while Rai and the rest gisted a mic got turned on
“Really an MC,” I thought to myself, one would think this wasn’t just a house party
“Alright alright ladies and gentlemen are you ready to get this party blasting” the MC yelled into the mic
“Oh oh oh, that reminds me” Rai suddenly said

“There’s someone that’s been stressing about meeting you” she added before standing up and dashing away

I poured more vodka in my cup and added a little juice. I’ve been drinking since we got handed drinks but somehow I still felt sober and I couldn’t stop worrying about blessing. Hopefully whoever Rai wants to introduce me to would be fun and hot

“Hope you’re all ready we’ll be having our first performance soon and to open the floor is the biggest artist that has steady been shaking J-town, ladies and gentlemen get ready for the Jboy” the MC screamed.

Great nothing like performance from upcoming artists to bore me some more I thought as I took a swing from my drink, I relaxed into my chair looking up at the darkened sky resisting the urge to close my eyes. I could feel the alcohol slowly taking effect

“I’m backkk” I heard Rai say cheerfully

I sat up and smiled at her
“I will like you to meet Nathan,” she said
“Nathan Lily” she added

He stretched out his hands and I lazily extended mine, he was good looking but not exactly what I was expecting. He was skinny and looked quite shy
“It’s so nice to finally meet the artist behind the art,” he said softly

His voice sounded so smooth and kind of sexy
” Um it’s nice to meet you too although I can’t say I’ve heard much about you,” I said
He laughed something sexy before pulling up a seat

“It’s okay, hopefully, we can change that before the end of the night,” he said before smiling shyly
“Hopefully, so um how’d you find out about my art,” I asked although it was obvious it was from Rairom

“Rai is obsessed with you and I love art so she showed me your social,” he said
“Ahhh I see,” I said

“I was actually hoping, ohh, looks like I have to go now,” he said standing up
“Can I find you after I’m done* he asked looking hopeful

“Um yes” I replied

He smiled before turning to leave, I was a bit confused but I didn’t think too much about it, I drank some more and looked towards the dancefloor. That’s when I saw Blessing moving towards me while dragging someone.

It looked like she was looking for me so I stood up and walked towards her, immediately she saw me she visibly beamed looking really excited. When she got closer I saw the person she was dragging, he was tall and muscular with a nicely trimmed beard and long dreads that were parked into a half ponytail.

Both sides of his head were nicely shaved making the dreads pop out nicely

“I’ve been looking all over for you” she shouted sounding excited
One look at her eyes and it was obvious she was on something making me feel a little jealous
“Look who I found, isn’t he gorgeous,” she said smiling

Blessing sure know how to pick them, she’s always been a magnet for hot guys

“Craziest thing his friends had ecstasy” she whispered the last part like anyone could hear us
“I got you some so we could party like old times,” she said winking and craning her neck towards the guy

I smiled understanding what she was getting at, I extended my hand and she balled a pill into my palm. I threw it in my mouth checking him out just as the mc started yelling into the mic followed by an uproar and clapping from the crowd.

I moved closer trying to see what the hype was about when the music started to play followed by a voice that I somehow recognized.

“I know we just met but I’m dedicating this to you, Lily,” he said before he started to rap sweetly.

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