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March 3, 2021

Federal Republic of Lily: The Job in Jos (S03E09) [18+]
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Federal Republic of Lily: The Job in Jos (S03E09) [18+]

We were in the room that was turned into a studio with me painting while Blessing sat on a stool sipping her smoothie, since she discovered Jos’s abundance in fresh strawberries and other fruits it’s been a fruit salad and smoothie diet for Blessing.

Since she arrived she’s been apologizing for how she reacted to the single biggest gig of my career but I already knew it was from a place of love. If she up and told me she was moving for work too I’m sure I would throw a tantrum or two.

“How come it’s just the men of the family that were commissioned,” she asked
“I should go and ask him?” I said with raised eyebrows
“I’ll you what it is, patriarchy ” she announced

“Because I’m sure the women in this family; the great-grandmas’, the mother all put in a lot of efforts into the family but only the men get to be remembered” she added

“Ahh haa” I drawled
I was thinking of all the ways I could get her out of the house so she can have some fun, a sober Blessing can give you hours of lecture on world Peace.

She continued with her tirade on how society erases women that I conveniently zoned out of so I can focus on the piece on my aisle.

When I finally looked up, she had stopped talking and was typing furiously on her phone; probably tweeting about women’s erasure. I mixed some more colors and continue painting.

After what felt like an hour but was thirty minutes my phone started buzzing. I almost squealed when I saw the id, I quickly answered not caring that I smeared paint on my phone

“Heyyy Rai” I said excitedly

It’s been so long since we talked and hearing from her really made me feel happy, we caught up and talked about painting. I looked up and saw Blessing was watching me intently

“So can you make it,” Rairom asked
“Huh,” I asked
“I said we’re having a house party, can you make it” she answered
“Oh yeah, what time is it,” I asked

“We’re starting around 6 at Longji’s place,” she said

The timing was just right, I could get some work done for two more hours before I had to get ready but the best part is I can finally take blessing somewhere fun

“That’s nice, is it okay if I bring a friend along?” I asked
“Do I have to come pick you?” she asked

I feel a bit confident with driving to some places on my own now
“Don’t stress dear, just pin your location and send it to me, I’ll use the map” I answered
I heard her chuckle a bit
“You sure you won’t get lost* she asked
“Well you used it to find my place,” I said

“Fair enough but I already knew your place, I’ll send the location. Looking forward to seeing you” she said.

I was also looking forward to seeing her and also to whatever shenanigans the evening might hold, we said our goodbyes and hung up. I looked up and blessing had a curious look
“We’ve been invited to a party” I announced
“Remember my new friend I was telling you about Rairom,” I asked

“Ahh my replacement,” she said rolling her eyes making me laugh
“Awww you’re jealous, you know you’re irreplaceable,” I said smiling at her
“Yes don’t forget it,” she said before pouting

“Mmhm, so you could go find something to wear, I’ll be out in say two hours,” I said

She stood up and left with her now empty smoothie cup. After she left I sent an alarm then focused on painting the portrait I was working on. After what felt like forever my wrist was hurting forcing me to stop for the day, I still had about twelve more minutes before I alarm beeped so I decided to just call it a day and go take a bath. I got to the room and blessing was pressing her phone on the bed

“Have you picked out something to wear?” I asked and she nodded
“You’ve not had your bath” I stated
“Nope she answered

I went over to the wardrobe to pick out what to wear, I was in the mood for something casual so I picked out ripped jeans and a sheer lacy camisole. blessing already picked up something sexy to wear.

After picking out a pair of sneakers, I decided to go take a bath

“I’ll go first or you could use the second bathroom,” I said to Blessing
“Okay” she replied

I went into the bathroom wishing it also had a shower part, not just a tub, as much as I would like to soak in a warm bath I would waste so much time so I decided to shower using the bidet while standing in the tub.

I adjusted the temperature and when it was warm enough I poured some soap on my sponge and started scrubbing. I heard the door creak a little and waited for Blessing to ask for something but inside I heard her step into the tub behind me

“I changed my mind” she whispered in my ears before pressing her moist lips behind my ear
It’s been so long since we messed around that I almost forget how soft her lips were, she put her hands on waist and slid it up to my lathered body to my breasts

“Ummm we’re going to be late” I purred
“The great lily worried about being late,” she said the grabbed the bidet
“That girl must be something,” she said

Before I could murmur a reply she turned on the bidet and directed it to my coochie
“Ohhhh” I moaned

She wet her hands and slipped them between the fold of my pussy, with the warm water hitting me sensually she started to work her fingers with her boob pressed against my back.

She would on and off the water as she slipped her fingers in and out of my dripping pussy, as she moved she grazed my clit making me moan and throw my head back on her shoulders. She threw the bidet down in the tub and grabbed one of my breasts.

She worked my nipples just how I liked it and pushed her fingers deeper into me, I was close and she knew it. She moved faster and faster till I exploded around her fingers moaning softly. She kissed my shoulder and pulled out her fingers

“Hurry up and finish bathing, we don’t want to be late to the party,” she said cheerfully

“Ohh I hope they have fine boys there” she added smiling.

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