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February 25, 2021

Federal Republic of Lily: The Job in Jos (S03E07) [18+]
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Federal Republic of Lily: The Job in Jos (S03E07) [18+]

These past two weeks have been really productive for me and it makes me so happy.

I was able to complete one of the portraits and because they’ll soon start moving in furniture and stuff I had to start work on the dining room mural. I have already cleaned and properly primed the wall and now I could start painting on the wall.

I looked through the booth of my car to make sure I had everything I needed, I closed it and went to sit in the car.

The drive to the senator’s new house was quite uneventful and soon we were parked inside the house. The driver helped me carry most of the heavy paint and other equipment inside before leaving, perhaps to go run errands.

I was wearing my paint-stained denim playsuit I usually wear to paint and my braids were packed nicely into a high bun to stop it from falling into my face and paint. The wall was huge and I am supposed to cover it with a mural of the entire family, it was a lot of work but I was bursting with excitement and adrenaline.

Thankfully the house was almost empty with just a few workers out front working on the interlocking tiles which meant I could work without much distraction.

After examining the wall to make sure it was properly primed and there were no cracks I was ready to transfer my sketch onto the wall. I wasted no time dividing the wall into grids so my sketch would be proportional and perfect, I was really glad the small metal ladder I requested was already set up so I could reach the ends of the wall effortlessly.

After what felt like an hour my grids were completed and I could start transferring the sketch before I could even think about painting. Carefully and meticulously, I sketched on the wall making sure to follow my paper sketch, by the time I was done I was tired and needed a break.

Thankfully, I was smart enough to pack something to eat, I headed out to my car and took out my small food warmer containing my garnished noodles. Carrying my water bottle I went to sit on the booth of my car to eat.

As I was eating the gate opened and a Range Rover drove in and came to park not too far from my car, a cute guy in sunglasses stepped out and looked around before walking towards me.

The moment he was within earshot he took off his sunglasses and shot me a toothy smirk that actually made him look sexy

“Goddamn! I didn’t know they made laborers this fine” he said
“Who the fuck is this guy,” I thought to myself with raised eyebrows, I had to resist the urge to roll my eyes

“I’m not a laborer, I’m an artist” I replied icily
“Ohh you’re the one Daddy hired to paint his dream portrait, I’m sorry I’m such an idiot,” he said

So, he was the senator’s son, that explained a lot
“You’re really good, it’s so nice how you were able to capture great-grandpa disapproving gaze,” he said giggling

“Old man was so mean” he added making me laugh a little
“Thanks but how did you, I mean I haven’t hung it yet,” I said

“Oh Dad sent it to the family group chat” he answered.

“I’m really sorry about my comment earlier, it’s just I’ve never seen anyone look so good dressed like that” be said gesturing to my work clothes

This time I rolled my eyes
“Are you always this corny?” I asked and he laughed.
“Why is it not working for you,” he asked smirking
“Nah men” I replied

“Next thing you’ll be dropping pick up lines” I added
“Awww but I have some really nice ones,” he said pouting
I couldn’t believe he was actually pouting, how old was this guy really

“Hell no, that is definitely drawing the line,” I said

We both laughed, he looked even better up close, his beard looked so healthy and well-trimmed and his pink lips which he occasionally licked was actually sexy. If only he wasn’t such a corny rich brat

“I’m Richard by the way but you can call me Richie. My friends call me Richie Rich” he said smirking
“Ughhh so corny” I replied making him laugh
“Name is lily” I added
“Like the flower?” He asked

“No, like the car, of course, like the flower” I answered
He laughed looking amused which should annoy me but I found him amusing
“So Lily of the valley can I see what you’re working on” he asked
“No” I answered

“Please, I promise not to be corny,” he said making me laugh
“Fine but I’m just about to start painting,” I said

He looked so excited, like a puppy. If he wasn’t so tall and buff and his beards he would have been one of those soft-looking guys with a babyface.

I took a couple more forks full of noodles before closing it and dropping it in my car. I lead the way into the house and into the dining room

“Wow that’s such a nice sketch, can I paint a small part you could hold my hand like this,” he said
He came close to me holding my hand up from behind me and painted on air.

I sighed thinking there goes my peace and quiet but it was obvious he wouldn’t leave and bug me till I let him paint something, he really was a spoiled brat.

“Fine but just a small part in fact just one stroke,” I said
He giggled

“She said stroke,” he said still laughing
I rolled my eyes and went to open a couple

Paint cans and poured some on my palette, picking up a brush I positioned him on one end of the wall and pulled the ladder behind him. I stood behind him holding his hand and pressing into him so we could paint together, it felt like teaching someone how to write and it was surprisingly exciting.

I directed his hand as we painted on a small part of the sketch, I stopped moving when I noticed he was moving from one foot to another like he was uncomfortable
“Would you stop movi.. ohh,” I drawled when I noticed why he was moving
He was hard, so hard his bulge was evident as it strained against his trouser
“Well, what do we have here” I couldn’t help teasing him

“I’m sorry… I… I don’t know how that I’m sorry” he kept apologizing
“It’s alright, no need to apologize,” I said stepping down from the ladder to face him

“Show me,” I said, taking him by surprise.

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