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April 20, 2021

Federal Republic of Lily: The Job in Jos (S03E06) [18+]
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Federal Republic of Lily: The Job in Jos (S03E06) [18+]

“Now my turn” she announced excitedly
Who are all these people and where have they been all my life, I thought as she pulled me down unto the bed.

I spared a glance towards Rairom and noticed she was seated on a cushy ottoman, looking like she was lost in a trance, the light was dim but I could tell her eyes were glazed over. I returned my attention to Ama that was under me looking up at me, I ran my fingers over the smooth skin of her jaw and leaned down to cover her lips with mine.

I rolled my tongue with hers and probed deeper. When I pulled away from her warm mouth our cheeks brushed as I flicked my tongue over her earlobe making her moan sexily.

Reaching under her shirt and caressing her smooth skin, I pushed up till I was cupping her breast in a lace bra. I squeezed and she threw her head back moaning sweetly. Sitting up slightly I reached behind with both hands and unclasped the bra, I held the hem of her shirt and pushed it up over her head.

Suddenly the bra was no more, and I was left staring at the most perfect breasts I’ve ever seen in a while; round and soft with nipples peaked at the ready. They looked so inviting, like a magnet I felt drawn to them. I leaned down and covered her nipples with my mouth.

I ran my tongue over the pebbled nipple earning a deep sexy moan from her. I rolled my tongue around it and she arched her back, kissing around the swell of her boobs. I started to trail kisses all over her chest then moved down slowly, her skin was so smooth and fair it made me feel like biting into it.

I stopped when I got the Hem of her jeans, I unzipped her trouser and she lifted herself so I could pull it off.

“Ummm” I heard myself moan

She had such a nicely toned body and her lacy stringy panties looked like they were made for her. I trace my fingers around the edges of the panties making her moan a little

“Your hands are so soft and gentle, don’t tease me, dear,” she said arching

I pulled off her panties, marveling at how nicely her pussy was shaved; there was a small trail of low cut hair on the top of her Mon pubis that formed a triangle leading to her clit.

She arched her legs and spread them open inviting me to eat, it’s been such a long time since I went down on a woman but seeing her glistening pussy made my mouth water.

I positioned myself then brought out my tongue and licked her slit stopping at her clit before covering her pussy and sucking hard, I heard her moan, and that fueled me. I pushed my tongue in then sucked my hands on her thighs, I felt her hands on my head pushing me closer to her pussy which made me smile.

Looking up I saw Longji sitting beside her playing with her nipples and caressing her body, her head was thrown back as she moaned something beautiful.
I slipped two fingers into her as she sucked harder on her clit making her moan louder

“You’re so fucking wet,” I said before clamping down on her clit
Her pussy made squelching sounds as my fingers moved in and out of her faster, I bent my fingers and rotated till I found her sweet spot

“Holy fucc-k that’s the spot” she moans

Using my free hand I pulled the hood of her clit back before pushing my tongue in, she screamed and clamped her legs trapping my head, I sucked and she cried out

“I’m cumming fucck I’m cummingggg” she cried

Her legs pressed harder against my head as she started shaking pouring warm juices all over my face; her cum tasted sweet and sour and I licked her clean

I looked up and saw Longji stroking his hard cock while playing with her toys, I hovered around her and leaned to kiss her before whispering

“Can I fuck your man?” I asked loud enough for him to hear
Her eyes glazed over and she smirked before nodding and looking towards Longji

“Ride him, I want to see your ass bounce,” she said
“But save some for me” she added smirking

Longji stretched on the bed before reaching to the nightstand and opening it, he pulled out a condom and expertly tore it open and rolled it over his hard cock

I kissed Ama before crawling over to Longji, I straddled him and positioned myself as I ease onto Longji’s cock. I relished the pressure as he stretched and filled me up and I started to work my hips up and down.

Soon I felt Ama behind me playing with my tits, squeezing them together and playing with my nipples. Her hands slid over my skin down to my clit making Longji grunts at the sight, thrusting even deeper.

I let my hands roam over Longji’s lean but ripped torso and my hard nipples. My pussy tightens around his cock and I feel the exquisite pleasure of every inch as he slammed into me faster

“I’m close,” I cried out as I found a rhythm.

Longji stroked my breasts with his large, rough hands while Ama devoured my neck. Her breasts rubbed against my back while Longji held my waist and pumped into me.

I cried out as my orgasm rocked me to my core, Longji kept slamming into me as I gushed warm juices all over him. He slowed down and eventually raised me off his still hard cock and I slumped onto the bed beside him.

He took off the rubber and Ama immediately straddled him, I watched as she bounced on his dick with so much energy making him groan and moan.

He reached and grabbed her tits increasing his speed, they were both moaning as they moved with such fevered rhythm.

Ama leaned down and kissed him as he grabbed her ass and fucked her faster. In that flurry of skin and lips, it happened all at once. They were both moaning and grunting and I realized they were both cumming.

They continued moving slowly till his soft dick plopped out of her before she crashed on the other side of him. We all laid panting on the soft bed smelling of sex but I haven’t felt so content and sated in a while but the looking up at Rairom she somehow looked most content of us all

I really love my new friends!

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