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April 20, 2021

Federal Republic of Lily: The Job in Jos (S03E05)
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Federal Republic of Lily: The Job in Jos (S03E05)

Riding with Rairom as we followed Ama and Longji back to their place left me excited and moving in my seat.

I’ve been in orgies, so it wasn’t my first time seeing people do sexual things but just watching was its kind of thrill like watching porn but in 3d

“Your excitement is infectious,” Rairom said then giggled.

“That’s because I haven’t done anything exciting in a while now, it’s been work work work for me,” I answered.

” Umm… all work without play makes your inner artist dull,” Rairom said

“Truer words,” I agreed.

” Soo, tell me, Lils, what’s the most exciting thing you’ve done,” she asked.

” Wow, that’s a lot to choose from,” I answered.

It was a lot to choose from, before I got to engulfed in work I’ve had a lot of wild, exciting experiences, from threesomes with a couple I just met, to fucking a stranger in an elevator. I’ve been in orgies even threw one for myself, I’ve done crazy sexual dares like fucking a random taxi driver; what was blessing thinking, I’ve missed her.

“It’s a lot to pick from, but I will say the most exciting was taking a card from this eerie stranger to attend an S & M sex party where I was the main entertainment,” I chirped.

“Hot damn did it suddenly get hot in here,” Rairom said, fanning herself with one hand as she drove.

“Fucck, my imagination is going crazy; give me all the deets,” she added.

I laughed and looked out the window, looking how dark it has gotten, which meant everything and wherever was lit up with lights and colors. I relaxed into the seat as I told her all about my pleasure in pain experience; it was her turn to bubble in her seat with excitement.

I relayed everything as we drove till we suddenly stopped at the gate of Ama and Longji’s place. I looked around in awe as we drove inside the compound was huge, so was the building. I started to wonder what Longji did for a living or if he lived with his parents.

Reading my thoughts, Rairom answered.

“His parents moved out of town after a clash got too far and reached this area, he decided to stay back. They hardly ever return, and the house will officially be his when he gets married” she said

“He also manages his father’s factory, so I doubt he’ll be leaving anytime soon,” she added as we stepped out of the car.

When Ama walked from her side of the car to meet up with Longji, he lifted her off the ground, making her giggle. She snaked her legs around him as she smashed her lips on his

“Uhh looks like the show got an early start,” Rairom whispered into my ear as we watched them kiss.

They stopped kissing, and he carried her towards the door, only stopping to open the door, he flipped a switch, and we followed in.

Rairom closed the door after me as the couple continued to kiss, Ama would throw me occasional glances whenever they stopped to move. We followed them upstairs and into a room that was huge and dimly lit.

They continued kissing till he dropped her on the bed and climbed in after her. My eyes never left them as they kissed and played on the bed. I was surprised when Ama gestured to me that I put my hand on my chest, mouthing “me?”

To which she giggled. I walked to the bed where she knelt at the edge when I got to her; she asked, “May I kiss you?”

I didn’t hesitate to breathe out, “yes.”

In no time, my lips were on hers, and a groan escapes me as her tongue massaged mine. Her mouth traveled down my neck as she placed wet kisses with just the right pressure.

I’m relaxed but hyper-aware of Ama’s long full braids, I stroke it and pull her closer, I run my fingers over the smooth skin of her jaw, bring her lips up back to mine and push my tongues deeper into her warm mouth.

I separated our lips to tongue her earlobes. I realized they were sensitive, earning a throaty moan as she melts into me. She looks at me, a sexy glint in her eyes.

“Let’s get this off,” Ama said as she pushed off my jacket then proceeded to make me lift my arms as she pulled off my sweater and shirt.

“Wow so big” she exclaimed as she pressed my tits together

She placed kisses on the swell of my breast as she pressed them together, she pulled me down to the bed and went to kiss Longji before pulling him towards me.

She reached around and unclasped my bra, freeing my titties, when she proceeded to unbuckle his belt and pull down his trousers, I could already tell where this was headed.

Stroking his hard dick, she looked up at me with puppy dog eyes and asked.

“Can he-”

“Fuck my tits?” I completed it for her marveling at how hard she was nodding her head.

She came and sat beside me, squeezing and placing small kisses on the small of my breast.

I gestured I was ready, and he came to kneel in front of me, positioning his dick. She moved her head and took his dick into her mouth, sucking hard till she had his entire length in her mouth.

When she pulled up, she spat on it and stroked it before leading it in between my tits, when he was in place, she squeezed my breast together and ordered him to move. It felt surprisingly amazing as his cock slid up and down my chest between my tits.

I was tempted to open my mouth as he went up and down my chest, but I wasn’t sure Ama would like it as she held my tits together.

I didn’t feel any pressure to speed this up; she seemed content, excited even as she watched him groan and grunt as he fucked my tit

“Open your mouth and lick the head” she finally whispered into my ears as his movement got faster

I opened my mouth and licked the head of his dick when he thrust up and that made him thrust faster

“Oh babe, I’m gon oh fuck, can I,” he asked

Ama nodded eagerly and soon he was moaning and shooting warm strings of cum into my open mouth, he missed a couple of times shooting on my jaw and face

“Oww baby you’re messy, let me clean you up,” she said as I tried to swallow.

She took her time licking my face and jaw up before leaning down to lick up cum that fell on my tits. When she was done, she looked up at me then at Longji

“That was hot as fuck” she said smirking

“Now my turn” she announced excitedly

Who are all these people and where have they been all my life, I thought as she pulled me down unto the bed.

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