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April 20, 2021

Federal Republic of Lily: The Job in Jos (S03E04)
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Federal Republic of Lily: The Job in Jos (S03E04)

I honestly cannot remember the last time I was this excited.
From picking out drinks to getting snacks for munching, I was reeling with excitement. It honestly felt like I was about to attend my first party in secondary school.

We talked a lot about our work; how we started, inspiration, and all. Rairom told me about how she had always loved painting but would only do it to pass time but one time a friend took a picture of one of the pieces she really spent time working on and it went viral and that’s how she started taking her arts seriously.

Her stories about how she started watching people fuck were even more fascinating

“I know you must think I’m a creep,” she said giggling as she put in some cookies into our basket
“I don’t,” I said smiling
“But after that first time seeing how the lady and guys body move from the closet something just exploded in me you know, all I wanted to do was express it on paper” she continued

“I get that,” I said
“For me, it’s not even about the sex you know I mean it is about the sex,” she said giggling

“But it’s everything you know, the process, the movement, emotions, the energy,” she said

“Umhm” I murmured

“I just want to pour all that and express it so they can see and feel all what I feel when I see sex,” she said
“I totally get it, it’s really impressive what you create and a little scary too but in a beautiful way, ” I said

“Awww baby that makes my heart swell,” she said smiling
We got enough drinks which I insisted on paying for and snacks for a small party before driving to meet her friends.

The drive was quite interesting with her telling about places we passed like a tour to different gists about her friends.

I was really glad I met her, soon we reached our destination and it was a beautiful lakeside. The water looked calm and inviting but I was sure it would be freezing

“Didn’t know they were beaches in this town,” I said as we walked along the sand
“Technically it’s a dam side” she replied

I sighted her friends before we reached them, it’s either I was seeing double or they were more than two people.

They had a mat laid out away from the sand on some grass. I could hear music coming from their direction, the moment they saw us one of the guys came to us hailing Rairom before hugging and lifting her off the ground

“I wasn’t expecting you, Andrew,” she said when he dropped her

“Well, Nareng told ama who told me, I haven’t seen you in a while and I missed you fa,” He said smiling

“Oh spare me you just want to drink,” she said nudging him before pulling me towards her friends
They were all seated with one of the girls between a guy’s legs while the other girl smoked, they all greeted and hailed each other before she introduced me.

“Guys meet Lily, my new friend, and my new favorite person,” she said smiling at me
“Heyyy” they all chorused

“This is Ama and Longji, and that is Nareng, you’ve already met Andrew,” she said introducing them. Nareng was on low-cut while ama had braids, she was the fairest of them.

I would have loved to make a joke about Longji’s name, how his name rhymed with konji but that would be distasteful but I do admire how exotic their names sounded

“It’s really awesome meeting you guys I’ve heard so much about you in such a short time,” I said feeling slightly awkward

“Better be good things,” Ama said

“As if” Rairom said rolling her eyes
“We’ve got the booze, actually Lily here bought them” she added

The yes and hails were unanimous, soon we were drinking and smoking, Nemreng was enthusiastic about rolling some blunts and sharing cigarettes. They were really fun, chatty and joked a lot especially about vulgar things.

Andrew drank and danced while Ama was kissing someone; I guess they’re one of the people Rairom watches. Whatever it was we were was so dank I started to skip but it wasn’t just me Andrew was drunk and high

“I want to go for a swim” he yelled as he started to take off his clothes
He took off laughing before they could stop him
“It’s fine I’ll go with him,” Nenreng said before running after him

Ama and Longji looked visibly relieved to see him run off and wasted no time making out this time their hands all over each other, she was sitting between his legs, her neck and torso turned towards him as they kissed. He slipped his hand under her sweater and started rolling her nipples, she threw her head back against him and moaned so sweetly.

He clamped his lips on her neck and she ran her hands in his hair as he continued to roll her nipples, he kneaded her boobs and played with her nipples making her moan something melodious.

She squirmed as he played with her, must be the weed but I think I was beginning to see what Rairom meant and saw. Ama left his hair and unbuttoned her trouser, he took that as a cue and slid his hand into her trouser his other hand still playing with her breast.

“Yes yeah yes baby” she moaned as he started moving his fingers
Her breathing was hitched and she started to grind against his fingers

“Oh oh ah yes… oh oh babyyy… baby oh…” she moaned louder
Her movement got faster and her moans louder, he left her neck and kissed and whispered something in her ear making her close her eyes. He sucked in her earlobe and she cried

“Baby you going… oh I’m going oh… babyyy” she cried
She clamped her legs together as her body spasmed uncontrollably with her mouth open. He smiled against her ear before kissing around her neck
“Fuckk that was fucking beautiful” I blurted out making Rairom smile

When she had caught her breathe ama opened her eyes and smiled at me

“Lily ever been in a threesome?”She asked
I chuckled

“Is water wet?”I asked smirking
“Want to baby, can she,” she asked turning to look at Longji

He nodded and she smiled

“Let’s go back to our place” she announced making my pussy do backflips.

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