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April 19, 2021

Federal Republic of Lily: The Job in Jos (S03E03)
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Federal Republic of Lily: The Job in Jos (S03E03)


My alarm went off annoyingly, it’s the second time it’s going off since it snoozed the first time. I don’t know if it’s the weather or the block I am experiencing that has brought about this super laziness.

After going to the house under construction and seeing the hallway, I am supposed to line the portrait up, the enormous kitchen and study the murals are supposed to go have suddenly caught me losing interest in all my other ideas, in summary, I don’t have the inspiration to do the work.

I decided to start with the portraits of the great grandparents but even that had left me unenthusiastic.

The alarm finally stopped beeping plunging my room back into silence again. Days like this, I would have been partying or getting into some mischief with Blessing but not only is she far away we’re still not in a good place.

I stretched and unplugged my phone from the nightstand and logged onto social media, maybe going through other people’s art would inspire me or something. I discovered an artist recently that made some erotic looking abstract pastel arts that were both daring and haunting.

Mindlessly scrolling through the feeds something caught my eyes; one of the posts was geotagged and the location was Jos.

I quickly liked all the pictures before sliding into the DM, I didn’t know what it would accomplish but it was exciting the thought of such a talented artist in the same town as I am. I sent a couple of messages praising the art and introducing myself then waited for a response while going through more of the post. When the message finally popped up I almost screamed of joy.

The message said they usually don’t answer to DMS but my compliment was nice and had to come from an art enthusiast. I quickly plugged in my art page and soon we were complimenting each other and talking arts.

After an hour of exchanging messages, we finally exchanged phone numbers so we could chat better on a non-business platform. That’s when I realized the artist was a lady, I had a hunch but I wasn’t sure till I viewed the profile picture on her WhatsApp.

Soon we were both chatting about our work and personal life, I told her I moved here because I needed a change in scenery but I was experiencing a massive block to which she replied

“For me, I just get drunk and watch people”

Getting drunk? I like her already but what did she mean to watch people. I asked about it and she replied with

“Well, my erotic arts are based on experience but not my experience not like I’m a prude or anything hehe but I pick up more when I watch others”.

I wasn’t expecting it but my new artist friend was blowing my mind. I replied with
“The getting drunk part we have in common but I’m pretty open-minded”

I’ve had lots of different sexcapades but watching people for the sake of arts wasn’t one of them. My phone beeped with a message from her saying

“I don’t have plans for today we could link up and grab some drinks but I can’t guarantee the watching part lol” I giggled and quickly replied that I don’t mind, I am fine with just drinking.

And she replied with

“Great I’ll pick you up in an hour where you live”.

I replied with
“Rayfield, I’ll send my location now” I replied and pinned my location.

I was suddenly excited and threw off my blanket. I dashed into the bathroom and opened the hot water faucet enjoying how the bathroom gradually filled with steam.

I couldn’t believe I just made a new freaky artist friend that was picking me up for drinks. I went to my wardrobe and picked out cozy jeans, a collared blouse, and a fun graphic sweater and a faux fur-lined jacket and a cute beanie before pulling out my favorite boots.

I wasted no time taking a hot bath and slipping into my outfit before applying a little makeup. Even though I was wearing a lot of clothing I still liked how peng I looked, I checked my phone and saw there was a message from her that she was on her way.

I waited and soon my phone beeped again with a message from her saying she might be at my gate, I heard a car horn and replied that she was. I was so excited I couldn’t help smiling.

Grabbing my bag I did one look over before rushing out. I walked to the gate and opened the small door thinking about how I need to hire a gateman. I looked out and parked in front of my gate was a Mercedes C300 Sport.

I waved and the door opened, I stepped out and closed the gate as she rounded the front of her car

“Lily yeah I’m Rairom” She said smiling at me

She was taller than I imagined and thicker than me, she was wearing a cozy-looking sweater on jeans and boots. Her skin was smooth and darker than her picture, she was gleaming as she smiled

“It’s nice to meet you,” I said excitedly
“Yeah me too, hug,” she asked giggling

We hugged before entering her car

“It’s been a while since I made new friends and meeting you like this is so exciting, I don’t have any artist friends except for those I meet at exhibitions and meets and greets” I rambled as she drove out of my street.
“In that case, I guess you won’t mind meeting some of my friends then,” she said smiling

“I hit up two of my friends, we’ll link up at our spot if that’s cool” she added
“Totally,” I said nodding my head

“Perfect, we can stop to grab drinks, vodka, maybe gin and wine?” She asked looking towards me
I nodded

“Great, so glad I replied my dm, you can tell me more about yourself” she added
It was like looking in a mirror and it was super exciting

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