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April 20, 2021

Federal Republic of Lily: The Job in Jos (S03E02)
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Federal Republic of Lily: The Job in Jos (S03E02)

“So Lils, how are you enjoying J town?” Raph asked

“I love the weather but I’m not sure I’ll be able to work o. I might just be sleeping all day” I replied looking out the window

“Don’t worry, you will soon get used to it,” he said chuckling

The town looked nicely lit with some people walking down the pedestrian wearing heavy jackets and gloves. One thing I noticed that was fascinating was the number of bars I went past, it was like they were bars located every two blocks. I guess it makes sense they’ll consume a lot of alcohol to keep warm after all Russians are known for their excessive consumption of vodka

The loud music greeted our arrival and I peaked up, excitement rushed through me almost making me forget my fatigue
“We are finally here, ready to party, Lils?” he asked smiling at me
“I’m always ready to party,” I said opening the door

The cold air almost made me close the door and stay in the warmth in the car.

I pulled my jacket and wrapped my arms around myself as he quickly closed the door and led me towards the entrance of the club where two scary bouncers stood guard. He spoke rapidly to them but not in English, they let us in.

The moment we entered I got greeted by warm sweaty air with dancing and gyrating people on the floor.

Holding my hands firmly, he led us through the sea of dancers, when we finally got past them, we arrived at the other side of the club separated from the floor filled with people.

He whispered to the bouncer there who let us through, I guess we were now in the VIP section because it was more laid back with fewer people.

He looked around looking for his friends when one of them called him over. They were sitting around a table with drinks and a shisha pot, he led me to their table where they hailed and greeted each other. He wasn’t kidding when he said my “guys” because they were all guys

“Lily, meet my friends, that’s Nenrot, Elijah and the cool guy over there is Semshak,” he said pointing at each of them

“It’s nice to meet you guys,” I said reaching to shake them briefly

We went over and sat close to the one that looked like he didn’t talk much.
“Please help yourself to any drink, I can call over the barman if you need anything alright? You are very welcome to our town,” he said

His voice had a slight accent, I looked to the table impressed at all the drinks they had. I grabbed an empty plastic cup and poured a little whiskey, I capped the bottle when the quiet guy spoke
“You can add ice,” he said pointing to a small cup flask. I opened it and pour out some pieces of ice into my drink, I swirled it and shot the drink loving how it burned and cool my throat.

I poured more into my cup and added a little coke before relaxing and sipping my drink

“It’s finally nice to put a face to the name. Since our friend met you, he is always talking about you.

Now that I see you, if it was me too that saw a beautiful flower I won’t shut up either” Nenrot said

I wanted to laugh at the reference; do people still talk like that, we talked and drank some more and soon the alcohol was racing through my body. I was finally feeling like myself, the drinks were reacting and making me feel the thumping vibrations from the loudspeakers

“Let’s grab some cigarettes outside,” I said to Ralph
“whahh” he said leaning in
“Let’s grab a smoke OUTSIDE,” I said

We made our way through the dancefloor with me staring at the girls dancing in fishnets on the pole I didn’t notice before. We got outside and the cold felt nicer, must be the alcohol

“Lily, I thought you didn’t smoke cigarettes,” he asked as we got to the car
“Mmhm” I muttered before pushing into him and unto the car

I covered his lips with mine and kissed him with so much urgency, I was so turned on. His hands rested on my ass as he kissed me back. Still kissing he reached down to feel my ass and thighs with long, greedy fingers, making me grind harder and press into him more.

With so much strength, he flipped us making me moan into his mouth, he pulled us away from the car and quickly opened the door. He wasted no time pushing the passenger seat down all the way to the back seat.

I unbuttoned and unzipped my trouser before getting into the seat. I laid down on it and pushed my ass up, he entered the car and gently close the door. He pulled down my trouser and rubbed my ass groaning as he molded the naked flesh.

“Your ass is so soft,” he murmured, squeezing one cheek.

I moaned, pressing myself into him, my warmth against his hardness. He reached over and moved his hand down till he was rubbing my clit making me whimper.

I needed him inside me fast, his hands were soon covered in my juices

“Stop teasing fuck me” I cried out

He quickly pulled down his trousers and pull out his dick, he squeezed my ass before spreading it open, he put his hands on my thighs and pulled me back. I felt his dick sliding into me, my pussy stretched to accommodate him.
When he was fully lodged inside, he started to move roughly and fast, he grabbed my hair and yanked making me moan out from the pain of my hair and his dick slamming in and out of me hard, he pulled my ass up and pumped in faster and faster.

He reached around with his other hand and pushed it under my crop top, he grabbed my boob and squeezed as he pushed in deeper groaning as he fucked me hard. I was moaning and whimpering holding tight unto the seat.

He left my boob and started rubbing my clit fast as he slammed his dick in and out of my sopping pussy. I cried out as he made me cum my pussy gushing juices all over him.

“Ahhh fuck” he groaned as my pussy gripped him

He slammed into me faster and erratically, pushing deep he came hard too shooting cum deep inside me.

He breathed out hard and crashed into me panting.

My body felt so relaxed and tingly at the same time like all the stress disappeared leaving only the sweet sensation of an orgasm fueled by alcohol

“Let’s go dance, I’m in the mood to party” I hollered making him chuckle.

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