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Federal Republic of Lily: Alive In Maldives (S0501)

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Federal Republic of Lily: Alive In Maldives (S0501)

“Rise and shine my love”

“Time to wake up baby”

The voice sounded distant then close, the voice sounded familiar but it felt like I had no strength to open my lids, the voice got clearer and I forced myself to open my eyes, it took a little while for my eye to adjust to the light but when it did I was so relieved to see Priye beautiful face.

Her skin looked so radiant as she smiled at me. She leaned down and pressed a kiss on my forehead which felt so cool and tender

“Good morning beautiful,” she said smiling sweetly at me

“Umm morning” I croaked out

I yawned and looked around trying to remember the strange room and my panic from when I first woke up in the strange room on a strange island.

“Um, where are we?” I asked looking around

The last thing I could remember was going out drinking with her, I couldn’t remember travelling all the way to an island, the island didn’t look like any I had seen in Lagos so I was trying hard not to freak out as I waited to get the perfect explanation

“We are on an exclusive private island sweetie, it’s my favourite spot to come unwind,” she said as she pushed a braid behind my ear

“Wow… it’s beautiful, must really be exclusive if I’ve never heard it before” I said

“Thanks to my crazy friends I like to believe I know every beach and island in Lagos” I added and chuckled

“Those sounds like fun friends,” she said
“We are not in Lagos though” she added

“Ohh then where are we?” I asked feeling apprehensive

“Somewhere in the Maldives”, she said
“The Maldives?” I asked feeling confused

I was trying to process how we could possibly get to the Maldives from Jos, Nigeria, I had no recollection of planning a trip or even getting on a plane

“Umm… I was confused when how did we get here” I asked

“Oh I see, I was worried this would happen. You really don’t remember? She asked and I nodded, no”

“Wow… that was one helluva blackout, lets’s get some food into you,” She said reaching for the platter of food I didn’t notice before

“You have been sleeping for a while” she added as she placed the tray containing a different assortment of breakfast food

I wanted to protest and ask more questions but my tummy growled aggressively, I couldn’t remember the last time I ate any proper food.

“Wow, girl! You hiding a little demon in there or what” She said and laughed

I laughed lightly as I set my eyes on the yummy food on my lap, I decided to eat first and then get all the answers later, trying my best not to scarf down the delicious-looking waffles and pancakes.

She watched me eat with a smile on her face. She occasionally feeds me grapes in between bites. The waves crashed against the beach softly, it was a relaxing sound; it was indeed a great spot to unwind if I could get the knots in my stomach to loosen up a little bit.

I ate as much as I could with Priye encouraging me to eat some and that is when it occurred to me to ask her about my things

“Where are my things, my phone? I need to check my emails” I asked as I chewed on a piece of bacon

“Yeah about that, I was going to tell you after you’re all settled” she started

“If you could remember we caught a private fly on a close friend’s jet, there was a mix-up and we ended up forgetting your handbag with their luggage,” she said

“I am trying to get through to them so they could ship it to our location” She added trying to reassure me
I could hear what she was saying but I couldn’t properly process what she was saying, it suddenly felt too much, from waking up on a strange island with no recollection of how I got there and now I have no access to my things.

A lot of things started to pop into my head like how I still had a lot of unfinished work, I needed to check in with my clients, friends and family and very importantly I needed to get in touch with my boyfriend Richie.

“How soon can they send my things? I need my phone, I have to check in with my work and let my family know I am okay” I said feeling agitated

“As soon as possible babe, I tried to get you a temporary phone but it’s complicated” she said trying to calm me down

“But I need my contact my folk, Richie must be so worried sick,” I said

I noticed a brief change in Priye’s demeanour when I mentioned Richie, it took me by surprise how angry she looked for a brief second
“Let me make some calls,” she said, standing up quickly and starting to clear up the tray of food.

My head was pounding and spinning from everything, I placed my head in my palms trying to calm myself down

“Are you alright? She asked

I nodded no and complained about my searing headache, she left with the tray stating she will be back with something for the headache

“Here take this,” she said handing me a small pill with a glass of water

I was a bit apprehensive but my head was threatening to split open so I took the pill and water from here, I hesitated staring at the small white pill.

“It’s aspirin, I couldn’t find any other painkiller in the first aid kit,” she said

I took the pill and set the glass down

“Try and get some rest for your head, we can explore later,” she said as she gently tucked me into bed
I was torn between trying to relax and freaking out.

I had so many questions that were gradually making me uncomfortable, I told myself everything would be fine when I get my devices, and I started to feel drowsy as it got harder to keep my eyes open.

As my eyes closed I heard and caught a glimpse of what looked like a man before my eyes finally closed.

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