Dumebi still hasn't been able to get Ella to talk to him but there is a crush in the office taking his time. Unfortunately for him, Ella walks in on them.

It was the staff end of year party soon and I had a lot of things to sign and approve, but work had been the least on my mind. I kept giving my assistant half my things to do, confusing her and making her late for her own deadlines. I had to stop once she wrote me a very polite email asking me to please lessen her workload.

I was squeezing the bridge of my nose between my thumb and forefinger when I hear a small knock on my door. I ask the person in and a petite girl walks in, she wasn’t much to look at at first so I quickly return my attention to my work.

She coughs slightly and then I raise my head with a what expression on my face, I was really not in the mood for this. She sits down and composes herself before speaking.

“Sir, I was wondering if you had a minute” she said

“Go on” I replied impatiently.

She sighs, “Well actually, there is something I have been meaning to tell you ever since I started work here”

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I couldn’t imagine what she could say to me that would interest me but I decided to humour her, I put my pen down and leaned back in my chair, fixing her with an intense gaze. I expected her to flinch but she didn’t.

“I have had a major crush on you, I have been staring at you for one full year now and have had dreams of us fucking. I can’t take it any longer” she said, my mouth must have dropped open because she laughed softly

“I don’t expect you to do anything about it, I just thought I’d mention it”

I look at her again, she could actually pass for pretty, not beautiful but pretty.

“Well, I think you’re cute and that was an honest thing for you to say, but I am not looking for a new fuck mate right now, especially not in the office” I am one to talk speaking of my craving for one particular colleague of mine.

“No bother, Sir, I just wonder how big your cock is at times, many of the girls here do too and they say that you may have many conquests but you may not be packing like you portray” She said her face down.

What outrage?! What bloody insolence?!

I stare at her in disbelief as she raises her head and bites her lip, my dick starts to get hard, I look down and see a bulge in my pants. What the fuck?! I never learn, after that stint with Binta last week I decided to take a small break but these women don’t make it easy for me.

She stands up and walks boldly over to my side of the table and before I know it, she starts kissing me very sensually, my hand instinctively travels down to her ass and I notice that it’s quite plump and feels perfect. I start kissing her back harder, I grab her ass and pull her up onto the desk, we kiss even harder.

She breaks and takes off her blouse exposing her magnificent breasts in a red lace bra, I groan, she snaps off the bra and what look like a 34D bra is thrown aside and her breasts pop out, showing off tiny baubles of taut nipple.

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I instantly grab the both of them and start to devour while she holds my head to her. I break away to relieve her of her short skirt and panties and I am not satisfied till she is completely naked. I unzip my pants and pull out my hardening cock and I watched with pride as her eyes widen in disbelief and later as they dim and lust takes over.

She takes a hold of it with her right hand and strokes gently, spitting occasionally to lubricate.

“Wow! This cock is huge, I don’t know if I’ll be able to fit it all in my mouth” she said with a sly grin. She strokes my cock up and down, precum is already oozing out. She licks the tip and starts to make sensual circles around it, watching me as she does so. Who is this girl?

She then sucks the tip, licking up my precum before she moans and puts the entire cock in her mouth and down her throat! No girl has ever been able to do this, going ever so slow, in and out she strokes my cock with her hand as she lowers her head over and over again.

She goes faster, licking up the precum and moaning as if she is high on ecstasy. She sits up on the desk and takes my cock, rubbing it on her bare pussy. She then wraps my leg around her waist, pushing my laptop aside quickly, I push her gently down on her back, her legs still wrapped around my waist, then she guides my cock easily into her wet wet pussy.

She moans her pleasure and arches back, my dick is only half way in at this moment.  I start thrusting my dick in and out of her slowly and then I push myself all the way in gently and see her eyes widen again and hear her gasp.

I start to thrust, making sure my big, brown cock is hitting her pelvis each time, she is gasping louder now, sweat glistening on her temples and forehead as I rock her world.

She can take this back to her little friends, Dumebi is NOT a fucking slack in the sheets!!

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I revel in the shivers and shudders she involuntarily emits and I fuck harder and faster. I grab her breasts and rub her nipples between my thumb and forefinger making her groan long with pleasure, I stop and pick her up without effort and place her gently on the floor and she looks at me with a

“Please fuck my face”.

“Get on your knees” I said, she immediately obeys, I find her pussy from behind and finger it till it’s raw, she moans continuously turning her face so I could kiss her deeply. I push her gently on all fours and then pushed my dick in her again, I could tell I hit the spot because she shook violently and cried out.

“Yes sir!” I hear her say as I slap her ass, then slap it again, I begin to thrust, going in a faster pace than I was before.

“I’m cumming Sir, yessss!!” she groaned out and before long she starts squirting on my cock which makes me smile immensely. My carpet is wet, she looks down and giggles

“I’m sorry, sir”.

“It’s fine” I replied “but now it’s my turn”

She giggles and gets on all fours again

“Get on top” I grunted

She jumps up making her amazing breasts sway dangerously and she gets on top of me while I lay back on said carpet. She looks into my eyes then breathes in my face before she kisses me, while doing so she grabs my cock and aims it at her pussy, she sits on my cock till it’s all the way inside and I watch happily as her face contorts in different levels of pleasure.

She puts her hands on my chest and squeezes her pussy around my cock, eliciting a low moan from me, she then begins to move, so energetically and so sensual, I place my hands on her waist and enjoy as she rides me.

“I want your cum” she says and goes faster and faster. I am on the verge of cumming inside her, I hold her waist tighter that her skin begins to redden and then kept thrusting harder and faster. Almost there now, faster I go. Finally, and for the first time in my life I blast a massive load inside her, I groan as I keep cumming and cumming.

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“Oh my gosh sir! that was the best I have ever had” she sighs as she lowers her head to kiss me, my dick still filling up her pussy.  She releases me and breathes deeply while her pussy drips with cum, she climbs off me and stands up, I get up after her and reach for her clothes to help her get them back on.

“What is your name”? I said as I buttoned her blouse.

“Adanna sir” she said

“Oh, and where in the company do you work”? I asked, not very interested but I had to fill the silence till she got out.

“Normally I am interning down at Human Resources but I was asked to fill in for your secretary who goes on her leave after the end of year party” Christ! I was not expecting to hear that, now I’d have to see this vixen every day? She stood on her toes and gave me a peck on my lips.

“Don’t worry sir, you don’t have to fuck me again if things will be awkward, what we just did is likely to last me another month anyway” she purred and headed towards the door. My dick was hard again.

When she opened it, who would be standing there just about to knock but Ella! She took one look at me bulging pants, the messed up carpet and Adanna’s messed up hair and she put it together, before I could say it wasn’t what it looked like, she had disappeared.

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I couldn’t go chasing after her the way I was so I let her go, frankly I was done trying to get her attention, I didn’t owe her anything and vice versa. This nonsense had to stop!

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