The unexpected has happened, Mr. Tunde is on his way to the hospital after a battle that Oluchi obviously won, and there is a replacement from the head office.

Oluchi Chukwudi had worked as Tunde Samson’s personal assistant for just few month, but she was by far the best thing that had ever happened to the businessman. It had taken a little convincing, but he had now trained her to be a ‘full-service PA’ as he liked to call it.

Whenever the horny businessman was stressed, his busty assistant was always willing to provide manual, oral or even vaginal stress-relief.

At that particular moment, the beautiful lady was bent over the edge of Tunde’s desk, completely bottomless. Her short skirt and white panties were in a heap on the far side of the office and standing behind the buxom personal assistant was her boss, Tunde Samson.

His dick was buried  in her deliciously tight pussy and his hands were tightly gripping her curvy hips as he fucked her.

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“That’s it Oluchi, take my dick!” He grunted as he humped against his gorgeous assistant’s ass. Each hard thrust  his hips to slap loudly against her bouncy round ass and his dick to move in deep inside her tight  pussy. Having ready access to the  her pussy was a dream come true for  Tunde.

Oluchi was the most beautiful woman that Tunde had ever seen. She had large breasts and a nicely hourglass shaped figure that nearly caused him to physically salivate whenever he stared too long at her. On top of all that, she was incredibly stupid and not very smart. A perfect combination for Tunde’s lustful manipulations.

At first, her stress relief duties had been rather minor; Tunde simply substituting his trusty old stress reliever for Oluchi’s magnificent round breasts. But with a few clever lies and manipulations, things had quickly escalated to handjobs, then blowjobs, and eventually full sex.

These days, Oluchi spent more time sucking and fucking than she did typing.

“Oh Mr Tunde!” groaned Oluchi, her curvy body getting fucked against the desk as her boss vigorously slammed his stiff dick into her. He was evidently highly stressed today.

As his thrusts became wilder, Oluchi sensed that the businessman was almost ready to cum. She briefly wondered if he would pull out and stick his dick in her mouth and have her swallow his cum.

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At his suggestion, they had been trying to reduce the amount of blowjobs, Oluchi’s husband had been complaining about her breath recently, but despite her best efforts, Oluchi regularly found herself with Tunde’s  penis buried deep in her mouth.

“Oh,  yeah!” His hard erection pounding in and out of his secretary’s cunt.

He gave a sudden gasp and Oluchi felt him tense, his fast thrusting suddenly halting, his dick buried deep inside her.

He gave a small  grunt and Oluchi assumed that meant he had chosen her pussy to unload in, but he wasn’t his usual vocal self.

Then there was a strange gasp and Oluchi suddenly felt the crushing weight of Tunde slumping down on top of her back, pinning her to the desk.

“Mr. Tunde?” she asked uncertainly.

There was no reply. His dick was still buried in Oluchi’s pussy and he still felt hard as a rock.

“Are you okay Mr. Tunde?”

“Call…” gasped Tunde, his voice sounding exceedingly heavy, “my doctor” With that he gave a strange sound and fainted.

The next morning Oluchi arrived at work feeling rather guilty.

It turned out that Tunde hadn’t died, as she had initially feared after twisting out from underneath him, but he had suffered a heart attack. Oluchi had called LASEMA and then quickly got dressed again before they arrived. Even going so far as to tuck in Tunde’s dick and refasten his trousers.

She had been called by head office that morning and told Tunde was expected to be in hospital for at least three weeks and that they will send in a replacement manager to look after things while he was recovering.

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Oluchi, of course, felt horrible about the whole situation. It wasn’t the fact that Tunde had suffered his attack while he was fucking her, but more that she was clearly not doing a very good job relieving the poor man’s stress.

For him to have such a bad heart attack meant that he was clearly still stressed, despite her best efforts. Oluchi had to admit to herself that on some occasions, usually when he called on her several times in one day and her pussy or jaw was particularly tired, she hadn’t truly put her heart into her duties.

She promised herself that she would do a lot better if she got another chance.

The busty  secretary arrived nice and early to make sure that everything would be ready for her new manager. She gave the office a clean up and ensured that all her typing was up to date so that she could divert her full attention on whatever duties the new boss would give her. With all the dick sucking she had been doing over the past few weeks she was a little behind on her duties.

At about 11am Ahmed Shehu; Oluchi’s new manager, arrived.

Ahmed was actually a lot younger than Oluchi had expected, he looked to be in his late twenties, quite a change after having 48 year old Tunde Samson. According to the man from head office that had spoken to Oluchi, Ahmed was from the company’s accounting department and he certainly looked the part.

Ahmed was humble and rather shy looking, and his hair was already balding despite his young age. He was dressed in a very smart t suit and was wearing eyeglasses.

“You must be Mr. Ahmed,” said Oluchi as the mild mannered auditor entered the office. “I’m Oluchi Chukwudi, Mr. Tunde’s personal assistant.”

“G…Good morning Miss Oluchi,” stammered Ahmed as he shook the lovely young woman’s hand. He was clearly surprised at the sight of the gorgeously sexy lady greeting him.

Oluchi had dressed her best to impress her new boss. She was wearing a white  blouse that was stretched  across her generous breasts and narrowed to her waist, clinging to her  curves.

The  black skirt she wore was very short and fit to her hips, thighs and curvy ass almost like a second skin. Beneath the skirt she was wearing lacy black tights and tall high heeled shoes that accentuated her long legs. Oluchi looked incredibly sexy, but at the same time very professional, and Ahmed was having great difficulty taking his eyes off her.

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Presumably there weren’t a lot of women, or at least young and attractive women, in the accounting department.

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