Adanna cannot seem to avoid gang-bangs, at the new massage parlour. She is confronted with the Masseuse and his apprentice and their Hausa dicks.

Shehu moved back toward her and she spotted his erect dick. It was another large dick and it looked menacing as he approached her. Shehu lay on the massage table with her so that his dick was beside her face and his face was aligned with her pussy. Adanna knew she was expected to take his dick in her mouth. Shehu guided his dick to her mouth and then he resumed eating her pussy.

She adjusted to the thick dick in her mouth as she enjoyed Shehu’s skilled pussy licking.

Shehu was very sexually charged and he knew that he would cum quickly. He did not warn Adanna that he was going to cum but just as she was humping her hips into his face with her own orgasm, Shehu ejaculated into her mouth. She was stunned with the first jolt of cum as it hit the back of her throat. She swallowed out of instinct rather than desire.

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She no sooner swallowed the first load then another load filled her mouth. This time Adanna swallowed but pulled her mouth off Shehu’s dick.

The third volley hit her in the face and the fourth hit her neck and chest. Shehu moved her head back to his dick in a sign that he expected her to suck him dry. She reluctantly opened her mouth again and sucked on his dick until it softened in her mouth. Shehu had returned to eating her pussy and he brought her to another orgasm.

Shehu moved around the table and lifted her legs up to where her knees touched her chest exposing her pussy and asshole. Shehu began to lick her pussy once more and she groaned in pleasure but she was anxious to feel that rod in her womb. He kept eating her toward another orgasm and then he shocked her by running his tongue across her asshole. He licked her from her asshole up over her pussy and then back again.

Adanna was shocked but at the same time excited by having her ass licked. Shehu would dip his tongue into her pussy and into her asshole. Shehu then fastened his mouth on her pussy as he slid a very oily finger into her asshole.

She flinched with the intrusion of her ass. Shehu worked her pussy with his mouth and her asshole with his finger as Adanna seemed to adjust to the anal invasion. Shehu then pushed the thumb from the same hand fingering her ass into her pussy and held her in a bowling like grip. He continued to suck on her clit as he finger fucked her pussy and ass.

She was going crazy and her head was rolling from side to side in ecstasy. Just before Adanna came again Shehu removed his finger, thumb and mouth.

She frantically tried to get him back to her pussy but Shehu climbed back on the massage table and she noticed that he was fully erect again. Shehu knelt between her raised legs and eased his thick dick into her pussy.

She thought, “Oh good he is going to fuck me!”

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Adanna was far gone and she let Shehu penetrate her hot pussy with his big dick. She moaned as he filled her pussy as once again her pussy was filled with big dick. Shehu rocked his body into her and kept his dick in constant contact with her clit. She was crazy with desire and she was approaching a mindblowing orgasm.

Her body went rigid and then exploded as she was overcome with the intensity of her climax. Her body seemed to go into convulsions and then slowed down until she finally collapsed.

Shehu pulled out of her and then rolled her over onto her stomach. He lifted her by the hips until her ass was level with his dick. Shehu slid his dick back into her pussy and slowly fucked her doggy style. She turned her head to one side on the massage table and stared into the mirror on the wall.

She couldn’t believe it was her as she looked at the woman in the mirror getting fucked by the muscular man.

She watched as his big dick sawed in and out of her. She didn’t see Shehu nod in signal toward the mirror and she didn’t know it was a two way mirror where others could watch the people in the room.

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Shehu pulled out of her pussy and moved to the front of her. He turned her face toward him and eased his dick back into her mouth. As if in a trance Adanna took the dick covered with her juices into her mouth and started to suck on it again. She did not hear anyone enter the room or climb up on the table behind her.

A naked Yusuf sporting a sizeable erection knelt behind the beautiful woman and slipped his dick into her pussy. She didn’t make the connection right away but then she realized that if she was sucking Shehu someone else was fucking her. Shehu just held her head tight as he fucked her face and Yusuf pounded her pussy.

The two men raced toward their orgasms and filled her mouth and pussy with cum. Shehu held her head tight to his dick and Adanna had no choice but to swallow his seed as quickly as she could. Even more exciting to her was that a strange man that she still had not seen came in her pussy. Yusuf in his youth stayed hard and continued fucking Adanna until he came again.

The two men disengaged themselves from her and let her collapse on the table. Unbeknown to her, Bernard was seated behind the two way mirror and had watched the entire sex scene in the room. Bernard had his dick out and he was masturbating as he watched her get fucked.

Just before Benard came, a pretty girl name Siliyat dropped to her knees and took his cock into her mouth allowing him to shoot his spunk into her mouth.

Shehu and Yusuf left the room to shower and dress leaving Adanna to rest and to her thoughts. Adanna lay there in a confused state. She thought to herself, “Why do I do this? Why can’t I stop?”

Her thoughts were interrupted when Siliyat entered the room. She looked at her curiously forgetting the fact that she was still naked with cum oozing from her pussy. Siliyat had brought in a basin and some bottles with her. Adanna was impressed with the girl’s beauty.

“Shehu asked me to help you get cleaned up before you dress,” Siliyat said shyly.

Siliyat walked over to Adanna and had her lay on her back. She took the wet piece of cloth and squirted an ample amount into her pussy. Siliyat held the basin under Adanna’s thighs to catch the liquid and cum as it was washed from her pussy.

She felt strange with the whole process and she swore that her body tingled from the sensation. Siliyat continued to clean her pussy and she seemed to get more turned on from the attention.

Siliyat noticed this and moved the basin away from Adanna.

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Siliyat put her mouth on Adanna’s pussy and sucked on it sending increased chills through her body. Her body flinched as the talented girl hit a nerve. She just lay back and let the young girl have her way with her pussy. Siliyat was a talented pussy lapper and she soon had Adanna screaming and writhing in yet another mind blowing orgasm.
She reached down and held the lovely girl’s face tightly to her pussy as the flood gates opened and she drenched Siliyat’s face with her juices. Siliyat continued to lick and suck Adanna tenderly until the woman calmed once again.

Siliyat smiled and then left the room without saying another word.

She was left to get dressed by herself. Adanna dressed, left the massage room and went up to the front desk. A smiling Shehu was waiting for her and asked if everything was to her satisfaction. Adanna didn’t even look at him as she paid cash for the massage. Shehu told her that next week would be in the house and then he asked if she would like to book a session for next week.

She shook her head no and then she walked out of the parlour not looking at anyone.

“Abeg come back if you don change your mind,” Shehu called after her.

Shehu turned to Bernard smiled and said, “She go come back.”

“That one nah sure thing,” Benard agreed.

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