Clearly, the guitar play knows how to use his hands on other instruments, and he's making a believer of Lily from his tool.

“You’re amazing with your fingers” I said when I caught my breath

I watched him lick my cum off his fingers slowly

“I know, and we’re just getting started ” He said

I sat up and smiled at him

“I’m curious though, how is a shy church boy this good?” I asked

“No offense” I added

He laughed and adjusted his glasses

“Who says I’m shy?” he asked adjusting his glasses

I gestured to his glasses and he laughed

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“Okay maybe a little, I love music and I guess I was curious as to what you would sound like” He said with a half smile

“And I want to hear more” He said with that look in his eyes again

He pushed me back down and hovered over me leaning on his elbows, he sat up straddling me and lifted my hands above my head, his mouth came down and placed wet kisses on my inner arms making a soft moan escape my mouth; I didn’t know my arms could feel that tingly. He kissed my ears and sucked on my earlobe

“Ohh that feels good” I moan throatily

He moved down and kissed the soft spot behind my ear before blowing on it, I shuddered to the sweet sensation and he moved down stopping to stare at my heaving boobs, with the tip of his fingers he lightly traced circles round my boobs stopping at the nipples, he stuck his fingers into my mouth and traced wet lines round my nipples till they were hard before pulling the hard nipples; this was slow torture.

He leaned in a took a nipple in his mouth sucking hard, I pushed my boobs into him offering him more which he took,his hands moulded and kneaded the other boob while he sucked like he just found a fountain of nectar, I felt his teeth grazing my nipples and I moaned louder, he kissed and nibbled on the underside of my boobs slipping down leaving a trail of wet kisses on my tummy, stopping at my navel he stuck his tongue in and sucked. I arched my back my toes curling as he sucked on harder,slowly he moved down stopping at my pussy.

He slipped one finger into my wetness then another slipping in and out,he covered and sucked hard on my clit in rhythm with his fingers,alternating between flicking his tongue over my clit and sucking hard on it making me scream out trapping his head with my thighs, he pushed his fingers deeper and grazed my clit a little sending me thrashing and scream as I came hard,my body felt tingly as I quaked from my orgasm.

I opened my eyes and looked down to see him stroking his dick before wearing a rubber; when did he take off his trousers. He held my thighs and pulled me towards him, lying between my thighs he guided his dick to my waiting pussy, he slid in slowly till he was fully lodged inside me, smiling at me he stroked my chin before he started moving slowly, my legs were raised so I snaked them around his waist pulling him into myself.

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He grabbed my hair and pulled back exposing my neck,he pounced on it like a vampire wanting blood,with using his teeth he sucked hard forcing moans to slip out of my mouth as my body arched into him. He lifted my hands and pushed them over my head without halting his movement, his movement so slow was sweet torture and I felt delirious as I moaned louder. He picked up pace pushing in deeper and grinding faster against my clit, my body felt heated

“So you coming to church again?” He asked as he pushed deeper into me

“What?” I asked trying to register what he said

“Church again” He said before biting my neck softly

“Yeah” I said nodding my head

Hell at this point I would say yes to being a member of the church and joining a unit, he started to move a bit faster hitting my clit as he did

“Oh Lord” he grunted and started moving faster

He pushed in deeper and I felt my body tense up, I grabbed the sheets as my orgasm ripped through me my pussy wall contracting around his dick

“Ohhh God, that’s good” he moaned pushing deeper

He moved faster and harder before I felt his dick pulsating inside me, he pull out and crashed besides me.

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