The note passed was for a location at Dumebi's dad's library. Finally, they're both together and this time not angry but hungry for each of them.


She looked drop dead gorgeous even though she was draped all over that old bastard. She wore a deep red gown that hugged all her delicious curves in the right places. The breasts I admired the last time I saw them were seductively lifted so that one’s eyes could feast on the top of her cleavage, it was sexy without being too indecent.

I wanted to bury my head within those mounds and just die there. when she turned slightly to the side her perfectly round ass called to me and I ached to reach out and grab them.

I saw her glistening white teeth in that smile that warmed my soul when my uncle and mother approached her. I also saw the way her eyebrows furrowed when my mother blatantly ignored her, I wanted to take that frown off her face so that she never had to again.

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My whole being ached for her, as I watched her I saw the sadness in her eyes as her laughs and smiles did not reach them.

Was she not content to be rich, or married to a rich and handsome though almost frail looking man? I had thought this was what she wanted this whole time, I thought this was why she left Lagos why she left me! I was soon joined by my brother Gozie and his fiancé Adenike and then Anwuli on my other side.

“Don’t do it bro” Gozie murmured, he seemed to know what I wanted to do but I had already done it. I had to see her, I had to touch her, I had to hold her. I knew I wanted her, I knew that I needed her, I knew that my body and soul was not satisfied with all the women that shared my bed. I knew I had to win her back. I sipped my drink and ignored him.

“Gozie darling, I don’t think you can stop him, looks at the way he is looking at her?” Nike said

“Well he better think twice before he tries anything, she can’t be trusted” Gozie replied

“We TRUST our brother don’t we Gozie” Anwuli said looking past me to Gozie

“We should know by now that if he wanted something so badly he would go after it till his last breath” Anwuli said in a resigned tone, they spoke about me as if I wasn’t even there but my sister was right. I hardly ever backed down until I was tired and I wanted Ella back, I would not admit it to them yet but somehow, they all knew.

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My dad’s study was cleaned every day as if he still occupied it. It was there I usually went when I needed to think and clear my head, it was there Ella knew she could find me. I heard the soft knock on the door and then it opened. She stood there unsurely for a moment before stepping in.

“You may wait around, I will only be a minute. I want to catch up with an old friend” She said to the towering chunk of meat that stood like a brick wall behind her, her voice had changed too. It was now sexier and thicker or was it need, hunger, want I detected in that tone? When he left she shut the door quietly and locked it, her back still turned to me.

I was behind her in a second, my chest pressed against her back, I felt her freeze. I needed her to relax though, we didn’t have that much time before her people noticed she was missing yet I wanted to savour every touch. I placed both hands on her bare shoulders and rubbed it a bit so as to release the tension, I lowered my lips to those shoulders and kissed lightly then traced my kisses up to the side of her neck, up her earlobe and back down and then she shivered which made me smile.

“Hi” was all I could say

“Hi yourself” She said softly

My excited hands roamed the front of her slowly, carefully cupping her breasts which now filled my hands to my extreme delight. A sigh escaped her lips.

“We should talk” I said, she was married, she lived far away but she was meant to be mine gaddamnit!!

“Yes, we should” she sighed letting her head back against me as I slowly massaged her breasts and fondled her hard teats with my thumb and forefinger. She leaned into me obviously relaxed.

“When can we?” I whispered in her ear, making sure my hot breath caressed her light, beautiful skin, she shivered again and my hard, aching cock pressed harder against her back.

“I will text you, we leave tomorrow at 5pm” she said, I stopped caressing her breasts and instead wrapped my hands around her and held tight, she was here now, all the hate and anger I felt towards her the past 6 months dissolving as I held her in front of me.

She turned her lips towards mine and I bent to claim them, my hunger for her mirroring her obvious hunger for me. I almost swallowed her whole in that kiss, I swirled my tongue around hers and felt her squirm when I sucked on the tip. I traced my palms down her flat belly and lifted up her skirt, groaning when I discovered that she had no underwear on, groaning even more when my fingers came in contact with her wet folds.

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I sighed just at the same time as she did when I pushed my fingers inside her, together we moved slowly to the same music in our heads as I twirled my fingers around inside her.

“Are you not mad at me anymore?” she whispered in between gasps as I slowly went deeper with more fingers.

“Ssshhh, don’t spoil it” I said licking her ear. I was much taller than her and I had always loved her petite frame, it had been easier then to carry her when we fooled around.

Now carrying her up so that her lush thighs wrapped around my waist took a little more strength because of the weight she had added but it was worth it as she moaned and sighed when wrapping her arms around me in another kiss. I wanted to fuck her right there and then, I wanted to make her fucking scream my name!

I wanted to look in her eyes and watch them cloud in satisfaction when she came. I wanted my hard cock to pound her until her legs were weak and she couldn’t stand. I wanted to hold her in my arms forever and lock her up in a tower with me where no other sniveling bastard would see her and take her away from me ever again.

These were pipe dreams of course because she was married now and to a very powerful man, I didn’t want an affair with her I wanted her to be mine.

I realise that I had always wanted her even when she was with my brother, from the day she had walked into my office with the HR to be introduced to me, from the day she started dating my brother, from the day we kissed at a staff party on a dare two years ago, from the day I saw her in a bikini at a pool party she threw for Gozie two years ago.

I never wanted this kiss to stop, but it had to and so I pulled away. Her lips were swollen from the kiss but thankfully she looked happy and my heart pounded a lot faster just looking at her, she came down from me slowly with my help and straightened her gown. I rubbed her cheeks with my knuckles as she closed her eyes to savour my touch, she had to leave now and we both knew it.

I walked her to the door and let her out shutting it quickly before I damned all fucking consequences and brought her back and fucked her into next year. I leaned on the closed door and brought out my hard dick stroking it affectionately, closing eyes and remembering what Ella looked like naked.

“Ssshh calm yourself my sweet” I said stroking my dick slowly

“We will get her back soon, just wait” I sighed as I stroked faster, picturing her delectable body and bright skin like the sun, picturing her lovely breasts swaying graciously as was everything about her as I fucked her hard. Just then my phone vibrated drawing me out of my reverie.

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“Hello” I said my voice husky with need I could hear it and so I coughed slightly hoping the person hadn’t heard it too. It was slightly noisy and I had to draw the phone away from my ear.

“Hi stud, I am at the party, where are you?” It was Nurse Kynene, I stroked faster. I was almost there and minutes later I groaned low and long as images of Ella writhing under me filled my head followed by Nurse Kynene’s boobs in my face. I shook my head then

“Oh boy” I whispered to myself as I went to my dad’s private toilet to clean up.

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