A gunman storms Ifechi and Derah's wedding, taking a hostage. Ogo and Derah try to diffuse the situation while the gunman starts spilling secrets.

“What do you want, name it and we will come to an agreement” Ogo said in a business-like tone, trust him to see everything as a potential business transaction. I knew however that he was trying very hard to keep his anger at bay.

“You can’t buy your way out of this one Ogo, you can’t save him, you can’t save any of them” she spits out.

“Young lady, take the offer while it still stands” Derah’s dad bellowed in the tone he uses with his Staff. She didn’t bother to look at him but shifted from foot to foot.

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“I am the one with the power to wipe out your entire existence from this planet. I suggest you don’t threaten me” she moving her eyes from Derah to mine.

“Hello Ifechukwudelu, do you remember me?” she said maliciously, licking her bottom lip smiling. I smiled back just as cold. This was taking too long, someone needed to wrestle her to the ground. I stepped down slowly, both Derah and Ogo stood in my way to block me.

“What do you think you are doing?” Ogo said fiercely

“Don’t go near that psycho” he said, I looked back at him as intently as he looked at me. I looked to Derah he looked back at me but it was as if he wasn’t seeing me. I knew what I had to do, to save the people I loved.

“Trust me” I said to Ogo and he sighed and listened even though I knew it was difficult and they stepped aside. Ikedichi still had his hands up and facing the barrel of the gun Edidiong held. I walked slowly towards her.

“Eddy, do you know I have always admired you” I began, I saw that it caught her off guard for a moment then she quickly recovered.

“You are resilient” I continued

“Look how far you went just to get rid of me, and you actually succeeded” I said

“Yet here I am, your point bitch?” Edidiong spat

“Yes, yet here you are. I said I admire your resilience, not your stupidity” I said, I didn’t mean to insult her but she was asking for it.

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“You think you are better than everyone else, because the two most eligible bachelors chose you and turned you into their own private slut and sex machine. You think you are special because one of them knocked you up? well guess what, he knocked up two other women and possibly countless ones before you so get in line, you cheap whore” Edidiong said and that just about did it for me.

I laughed despite my extreme annoyance and stepped forward which made her to point the gun straight at me and I heard Derah and Ogo begin to shout in the background. I shook my head at the truth of what she said, maybe I was a whore but this bitch had no right to try to take my life because her ex chose me.

I made as though I was about to turn but in the blink of an eye and before anyone knew it I slapped her hard and with all my might with the back of my hand, making sure my rings knocked her jaw, this disoriented her of course and the gun flew out of her hand. Ikedichi quickly wrestled her to the ground while the soldiers rushed them.

“THAT is for my baby!” I said spitting on her face as she struggled with the hold of at least a dozen men.

“You fucked up when you attacked my family” I heard Ikedichi say. I looked up and saw Ifueko, Ifeyinwa, Tinu and Bella rush towards me while Ogo, Derah’s dad and made dad gave instructions. The day was ruined. I looked at Derah and he looked physically relieved but he just stood there possibly still shocked, when they had successfully removed the bomb jacket from Edidiong they carried her away while she screamed profanities at me, at all of us.

‘Ogo take me home” I said looking at Derah who looked back at me silently

“What?” both Ifueko and Ogo said, they stood on either side of me holding me up as if I would fall if they let go.

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“Now!” I said raising my voice now.

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