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March 5, 2021

Edymaniac: The Life & Times of Usman, the Horse III (18+)
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Edymaniac: The Life & Times of Usman, the Horse III (18+)

Usman lost himself in the later moments of the game, as all he could remember was flesh, flesh, and more flesh! He recalled nuzzling his face in-between Folake’s breasts, and Ogechi pressing her ass so close to him that, if she had had hair, he would have been able to count them each individually.

The only thing in his mind now was that he wanted to fuck these girls, and he wanted to fuck them badly! The last straw came when Ogechi was called to position herself in such a manner that her face was basically stuck between Usman’s crotch region. She started to rub her face with his dick.

Usman couldn’t believe his eyes! This gorgeous young creature was on the ground, rubbing one cheek on his manhood, and then began kissing it! Ogechi looked up at him with lust-filled eyes, opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue, and slowly – very slowly – licked Usman’s balls all the way up to the tip of his cock, before engulfing his head with her warm mouth. Usman gasped as Ogechi’s hot mouth and wet tongue raked, licked, and sucked him to ecstasy.

The game was quickly forgotten as Ogechi used one hand to start jacking off the base of Usman’s cock, and the other hand to frig herself off. Usman finally realized that these were plain old horny bitches, and gave in to their whims.

Habiba got off the couch, took off her tiny t-shirt, and walked up to Usman. She said, “Now we’re gonna play a little game that we’ve made up, just for you! Do you want to know what the name of it is?” Usman was distracted by Ogechi giving him head, but he nodded anyway.

Habiba laughed, “We call it the Cluster Fuck!”

The three girls quickly gathered around his throbbing dick, and Usman soon found out what Heaven really was! Three supple tongues danced over his balls, shaft, and sensitive head. The girls never stuck to one region, as they were content to let their tongues explore every inch of his manhood. Usman didn’t just stand there but began to pinch and play with the girl’s nipples, who gasped appreciatively.

Everyone was beginning to sweat profusely in the heat of the room, but it only added to the feeling of wild abandon. Then all three stopped and leaned their heads back a bit, looking up at Usman and then at each other, smiling seductively.

“Watch this, Usman!” Folake said.

The three girls began spitting onto his dick, until it was covered with their saliva, dripping down towards the floor. Then the girls resumed giving Usman the sloppiest blowjob ever, as their tongues wriggled over his cock and over each other’s tongues, not caring that they were sharing each other’s saliva. Folake would swallow some, while Ogechi would spit out some more. Usman couldn’t believe it, thinking, These girls DO do everything together!

The girls began playing a new game – trying to see who could swallow Usman’s cock the deepest. Folake came first, and the other girls gave her some room. She knelt before Usman – who was also now on his knees – and eyed his glistening cock.

“When Habiba phoned me and Ogechi up and told us about your gorgeous dick,” Folake said,

“Well, we had to give it a test run, you see! God, it’s so big…” Habiba later explained to Usman that they were fed up with little boys with their little dicks, who didn’t know how to satisfy a woman.

When Habiba saw that it took nearly twenty minutes of serious masturbation for Usman to shoot his load, she knew he was the man for her.

Folake opened her sweet mouth and lowered her head onto his cock. She got about halfway (which surprised Usman nonetheless – damn these girls were talented!), before having problems. It wasn’t that she was gagging, but he could feel the back of her throat already and didn’t know if she could take him any further. Folake, however, was determined to swallow more of him though! She backed up for some air, and slowly swallowed him some more.

This time, she used a different method. Her head bobbed in a forward and backward motion, which enabled Folake to gradually open her throat for his thick cock-helmet. Sweat began pouring down her face, as she motioned for Usman to grab her head and fuck her mouth. The game was for each girl to swallow Usman’s dick as deep as possible, and then letting him fuck her in that position for a couple of minutes.

Usman was a little apprehensive about this, but he admired Folake for her determination. Folake gasped for air after Usman pulled out of her, but she loved every moment of it.

Next came Ogechi, who clearly was the most disadvantaged, since she was smaller than her two friends. But she told Usman, “Once I’m down on you, fuck my face HARD, got that?” Usman could only nod in lust. Ogechi then proceeded to engulf his thick meat with her hot lips and worked her way down half his shaft (which amazed Usman again!) He then started to fuck her mouth with some force, but then slowed down a bit when he saw that she was gagging a bit.

She glared at him, grabbed his butt cheeks, and savagely deep throated him. Usman almost blew his wad right then and there.

Finally came Habiba, who swiftly slurped his dick into her mouth, and then down her throat. Usman gasped as he watched this “sweet, innocent girl,” envelope his entire manhood with her slutty lips! He looked down and saw her throat bulging with his cock! Grabbing her head with both his hands, he proceeded to fuck Habiba’s mouth ruthlessly. Even though her jaw ached from accepting such a large package and though she could hardly breathe, Habiba was still able to slither her tongue around his dick, which further drove Usman insane.

He then stopped – pulled Habiba’s head towards him so that her lips were at the base of his cock – and began cumming down her throat. He gasped as four loads spurted down into her, while all Habiba could manage were some gulping motions.

Usman then pulled himself out enough so that Habiba could actually taste his juices. Another two loads for Habiba to snack upon, and then two spurts for Folake’s hungry lips. When Usman turned to Ogechi, he could only choke out a few droplets for her inviting mouth. She pulled his wet dick towards her, wrapped her lips around his helmet, and then began pumping his shaft while sucking him, trying in vain to get some more of Usman’s cum.

Usman knew that this little party was far from over. The room was hot and humid, with the musky smells of sweat, pussy, and cum wafting through the air. His dick was still hard, and he knew what it needed – pussy! Ogechi began French kissing Folake, as she said she needed to taste some more of Usman’s come, which still clung to Folake’s tongue.

He could see their wet tongues thrusting into each other’s mouth, as the Folake began exploring Ogechi’s sopping pussy with one hand and playing with Ogechi’s asshole with the other. Ogechi reciprocated her friend’s actions, and soon the two girls were moaning and writhing on the floor.

Habiba, on the other hand, simply turned away from Usman, lowered her head to the floor and raised her ass to him. She spread her legs wide and brought a hand up to stretch open her glistening pussy lips. Usman didn’t say a word, came up behind Habiba, rubbed his dickhead along her wet slit, and then plunged right in.

Habiba let out a cute little squeal, and said, “Fuck, yeah!” Usman grunted, but all his attention was focused on watching his cock sliding in and out of Habiba’s beautiful cunt. In his mind, he was thinking, so THIS is what pussy feels like! Habiba’s twat was hot, slippery, and wet – like smooth velvet! After a few minutes of heavy dick action, Habiba had a small orgasm. Her inner vagina muscles clenched his shaft, and – gasping from the pleasure of it – Usman doubled his efforts of pounding into Habiba.

Habiba relished the feeling of Usman fucking her doggy style. She felt like such a whore, letting him do anything he wanted with her body. Usman’s meat was so big – her cunt felt so full! She tried to spread her legs out more, and thrust her ass out more, to allow Usman deeper penetration of her pussy. Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore and began cumming with delight.

Usman watched as Habiba writhed and convulsed in front of him, suddenly tensing before she orgasmed. Quite a lot of fluid came spewing out of her cunt, which was when he noticed Ogechi and Folake underneath him, trying to drink up all of Habiba’s love juice. Usman pulled his dick out of Habiba’s dripping snatch, only to have it engulfed again in Ogechi’s mouth, as she slurped up all of Habiba’s cum, leaving Usman with a clean, shiny dick.

Taking Ogechi by the waist, Usman made her sit on his lazy-boy and spread her smooth legs. Ogechi smiled when he inserted a few fingers into her waiting pussy with his left hand. His other hand was playing with her asshole, and she gyrated her hips with pleasure.

He pulled his soaked fingers out and tasted Ogechi’s cunt juice, which made her laugh. She grabbed his hand and made him put his fingers back into her slippery snatch. Then she held onto his wrist and began pumping his hand forwards and back, getting excited by this finger-fucking. Usman stuck another finger into Ogechi (he now had three fingers in there!), plus his thumb was playing with her swollen clit.

Soon Ogechi was grinding her pussy hard against his hand, begging Usman to fuck her.

“I think you better do what she says,” Folake said, coming up behind Usman. He looked back to see Habiba lying on the floor, looking up at them. “Habiba’s resting for a bit, and Ogechi’s needs it bad … how’s about we…” Taking Usman’s still hard dick in her hand, Folake guided it to Ogechi’s twitching pussy.

She then started rubbing his sensitive head up and down Ogechi’s cunt lips, making both Usman and Ogechi groan with pleasure. Ogechi was moaning and tried to get Usman’s cock inside of her. Folake played this game until Ogechi was whimpering like a little bitch in heat, and then proceeded to let Usman jackhammer the girl with intense dick penetration.

Ogechi orgasmed almost right away, but seeing as Usman had only just entered her, she had to withstand his deep pounding for another five minutes. The whole time she was screaming, “OH MY GOD !”

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