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September 2, 2020

Edymaniac: The Lecturer & The Library Girl II (18+)

Edymaniac: The Lecturer & The Library Girl II (18+)

Leaning his head down to her neck he kissed it lightly. He trailed kisses across her throat, she moaned tilting her head back to give him better access. Unexpectedly he opened his mouth and bit down. His hands went to grab one ass cheek in each, pulling her tightly against him.

She could feel his hardness through his clothes pressing against her as she dug her fingers into his flesh of his back. He trailed a hand down to her thigh and brought it forcibly up to his waist. His hand pushed up past her skirt to her inner thigh. 

She brought her hands up to his. She pulled it bringing his lips back to hers and kissed him hard with all the passion she was feeling. Their tongues dueled in their mouths; she captured his and sucked on it for a moment. He groaned and turned their bodies. He pushed her back to sit on the tabletop, parting her legs to stand between them. Pushing her skirt up to her hips he brought one hand to trace up her thigh to her pussy.

He paused at the edge, not actually touching, then moving his hands he brought both to her blouse unfastening the buttons expertly. Once opened, he paused, admiring her breasts as they swelled above her lacy bra. He opened the front clasp of her bra and pushed it and the shirt off her shoulders together.

He brought his hands up to her breasts, cupping the soft globes firmly, capturing her sensitive nipples between his thumb and forefinger, pinching and rolling them. She gasped and moaned in response, reaching up she placed a hand in each of his cheeks and brought his head down for a kiss. He leaned further forcing her to lay back on the table with her thighs spread wide. One kneading her breast the other slipped back to her parted legs. He cupped her damp mound rubbing her clit with his thumb. She bucked against his hand at the feeling moaning loudly.

“Hmm…I didn’t think I saw any panties when you were sitting on the floor,” he murmured into her neck, nipping to punctuate the word ‘panties’. She gasped, “You saw that?”

“Of course I did my darling, I saw everything.” The use of the endearment made her feel possessed, it thrilled her for some reason that she didn’t understand.

He slipped a finger down to part the wet folds of her pussy lips. Rubbing it around to moisten it before slipping it inside. “Hmmm….” She moaned appreciatively. Moving it slowly in and out he kissed her, his tongue mimicking the motions of his hand. She brought up her hips to meet the thrusting motions of his hand.

He brought his lips down and latched onto her nipple, teasing the hard bud with the tip of his tongue. Teasing and sucking until she was mindless, he moved to lavish the other breast with the same attention, trailing kisses down her stomach to her navel, pausing to stick his tongue in the small crevice and play for a moment with the navel ring settled there.

“What and interesting little jewel” he murmured into her belly. Continuing his kisses down to her hip, pausing momentarily to unzip her skirt and quickly removing it, tossing it onto the pile with her shirt and bra.

While he stood and looking down at her, she realized that she lay in the middle of the library, on a table, wearing nothing more than her shoes. She felt as if she should be self-conscious but she wasn’t. “Hmmm…you are so perfect,” he said, admiring her body as he knelt down between her parted legs. He brought his arms under her thighs and around so his fingers were rubbing her clit and parting her moist petals. She could feel his hot breath on her wet pussy, his tongue touched her, tasting her. “I like how you are bare, it’s very hot.” He gently teased her pussy with his mouth. Alternating flicking her clit with his tongue and sticking it inside her pussy as if tasting her sweet nectar-like a bird.

His thumb and first finger pinched her clit, rolling it around like they had done with her nipples. Increasing the vigorousness of his motions as her breaths came faster and shorter. She gasped and moaned, squirming beneath his mouth. She brought her hands up to play with her breasts, pinching and tugging on her nipples. He continued to pleasure her with his talented tongue while fingering her pussy at the same time.

She moaned loudly, “Oh god I think I’m about to cum,” she cried out.

“Let it happen,” he told her as he increased his motions. “Cum on darling, cum all over my face like a good girl.” She felt the orgasm start and arched her back off the table “OH GOD!!!” she screamed, her hands grabbed his hair and jerked his head up to hers for a kiss. He continued stroking her pussy with his fingers as her body jerked as the waves of her orgasm continued to hit. She moaned into his mouth without breaking the kiss.

He petted her softly and soothingly as she twitched with lingering tremors. She was lying back on the table with him between her thighs lying on top of her. “Hmmmm…yes, did you like that my darling?” he asked quietly while nuzzling her ear. “Oh yes,” she replied, “but now…”

“Now what?” He inquired throatily, staring deep into her eyes.

“Your turn.” She replied as she unfastened his belt slowly, grazing the tip of his swollen dick and lightly rubbing it through the fabric of his trouser. She pushed him back and turned him so he was leaning up against the table. Kneeling before him she unbuttoned his jeans.
Leaning up she grasped the zipper with her teeth and slowly pulled it down. He could feel her hot breath through the thin fabric of his boxers. She reached up and pushed his pants off of his hips, sliding them down to his ankles. He kicked off his shoes and she removed the jeans entirely, standing and tossing them to the pile where her own clothing resided.

She then reached for the waistband of his shorts, slowly and teasingly removing them and tossing them as well. She looked at him, boldly inspecting from head to toe. “This will never work,” she said, “the shirt has to come off as well.” She laughed throatily as he quickly removed it and tossed it aside. Standing proud in his nakedness he stayed perfectly still while she admired him from head to toe. She placed a hand on his chest and let it trail lazily to his belly, stopping just before his hard cock. She raked her nails lightly against the sensitive skin smiling as he gasped. She felt powerful and in charge.

She knelt before him and inspected his throbbing dick. She reached up with a hand and grabbed hold, wrapping her fingers around it completely and making him groan with pleasure.

He felt her hot breath on his dick, he had never felt so hard before and her teasing was making him even harder still. He looked down at the top of her head. He grabbed the band holding her hair up and pulled it off. He ran his fingers through her hair spreading it all around making it cascade around her shoulders. It fell almost to her waist.

Her lips lightly touched the tip of his dick, flicking it with the tip of her tongue, tasting the bead of pre-cum that glistened there, “Mmmm,” she closed her eyes enjoying the salty flavor. She teased his head with her tongue, parting her lips slightly she slipped them over his dick engulfing it completely with her hot mouth.

He groaned in pleasure and grabbed fistfuls of her hair with both hands. She pushed her head down until he touched the back of her throat and she could go no further, slowly she pulled her head back sucking slightly as she did. Keeping her hand wrapped firmly around his shaft she moved up and down, moving her closed fingers in time with her eager mouth.

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