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September 2, 2020

Edymaniac: Temi’s Slutty Party (Finale) (18+)

Edymaniac: Temi’s Slutty Party (Finale) (18+)

“I think I’ve said this before, but that was incredible!” said Temi slowly regaining her breath.

“So I guess you like to be gang banged now?” said Nnamdi.

“I guess so! I never knew what I was missing!” Temi said with a smile. “Perhaps if I had known, you all could have fucked me earlier. I like being a good girl from Ibadan, but I also really like getting fucked!”

Everyone laughed, but there was still one question to be answered.

“So how does this end?” asked Uzoh.

“End?” said Temi.

“Well you have cum three times so far, and we haven’t cum all. That hardly seems fair!” said Uzoh.

“That’s true,” said Temi. “It hardly seems fair! How about if you all cum on me? Would that work?” Temi was looking from cock to cock as she said this, wondering how much cum was in each – a lot she was thinking.

“Do you like cum?” said Uzoh.

“I love cum,” said Temi. “I love it when a man cums on my breasts or on my face.” Temi was all smiles at this point.

“Okay guys, I think we now know how this ends! Let’s have Temi suck on all of our cocks and one by one we can come on her face and tits! Does that sound good to you Temi?”

“That sounds perfect. I’m not sure how I’m going to explain all the come on my face to the party guests, but I guess we can figure that out later,” Temi said, with a large smile.

“Some of those party guests, you mentioned, have already worn a lot of our cum, so I think they would understand,” said Nnamdi as he began to stroke his big cock.

The four men now stood around Temi, each holding and stroking their big cocks, and Temi took turns briefly sucking on each. Temi couldn’t wait for them to come on her. This was one of her fantasies, to be a cum slut.

“So, who at the party tonight have you fucked previously?” Temi asked curiously.

“One of the rules of our little group is that we don’t share that information. Women can tell other women what they been up to, but the men don’t spread stories,” said Uzoh. “I can tell you, that over half of the women at the party tonight have been on their knees sucking cocks. And, about half of that group has let us fuck them. You are among a select few that have let us gang bang them.”

“Yes,” said Nnamdi, “but I think we can all admit that you were at the top of our list. You are so very refined and proper, so nice and smiling, so sweet and innocent, and so curvy with your big breasts, that we really wanted to see if we could get you on your knees sucking our cocks!”

“Really?” said Temi, feeling proud. “You were hoping you could get me to suck your cocks? Get me on my knees? Gag on your cocks?”

“Without a doubt. Uzoh was skeptical, but I was sure that one day I would be fucking your pussy and you’d be begging me to fuck you,” said Nnamdi.

“Were you all planning on how to get me on my knees? Do other guys at the party want me to suck their cocks?”

“Yes, and yes,” said Nnamdi. “Today was a trial to see if you would suck Ebuka’s cock. When you responded so enthusiastically, not all women do, we thought we try to go a bit further!”

“Are there other men?”

“Yes,” said Nnamdi, “there are a few other men that would like you to suck their cocks. They will never believe that you let us gang bang you. Not Miss Sweet and Innocent!”

Temi smiled. The four men were still stroking their cocks and Temi was still going from cock to cock sucking them and getting them ready to come on her.

“Little did we know, that little Miss Sweet and Innocent was really a wanton cock sucker!”

“Or, that she was such a good fuck.”

“I guess I’m about to get a reputation,” Temi said, smiling.

Temi smiled at those comments, as she liked to be known as a good cock sucker and a good fuck. She could tell as she continued to suck their cocks that they were close to cumming. Nnamdi was the first to come. He grabbed Temi by the hair, fairly roughly, and aimed his big cock at her face. Then after two or three more strokes, he began to come profusely on her face–three, four, five spurts of cum across her face.

“Oh yes, cum on my face,” said Temi. “Make my face a mess with your cum. Make me your cum slut. I want you to use me.”

That was too much for Ebuka and he began to come on Temi’s face from the side. She could feel his come splatter on her cheek and in her left eye. He didn’t seem to have the same volume as Nnamdi, but it was hard to tell with cum in her eye. She slowly wiped the cum from her eye with a large smile on her face. She was now wearing the come of two men, with two men to go.

“Open your mouth and say ah,” said Jide. “It’s time for your first cum from an albino and I want you to swallow it!”

“I guess that’s part of my first gang bang, eh? Make me drink your come! Make me your black cum slut.”

“You are the perfect slut, Temi,” said Jide. “You just need some training in the ways of a  slut.”

“Will you train me?” asked Temi.

Jide then guided his cock into Temi’s mouth and held the back of her head as he began to fuck her face. He was really starting to pound Temi’s face as she noticed that he was getting very hard and was ready to cum.

“Here you go slut, training point one, drink all of your Master’s cum. Ready for some albino man’s cum?”

Temi nodded as well as she could with her mouth stuffed with Jide cock. And then, two or three strokes later Jide grabbed the back of her head and pushed his cock into her throat and came, and came, and came. At this point, Temi was gagging, and choking, and had to pull away from Jide’s cock.

“Oh my god, that was awesome, you gagged me with your huge cock and choked with your cum.”

“So, you like black cock now?”

“Definitely. I am going to have to add a steady diet of black cock and cum to my sex life! I think I’m going to have to be careful, however, so I don’t get too much of a reputation as being a black cock slut.”

As Temi was saying that, Uzoh stepped forward and aimed his cock right at Temi’s face. It was clear that Uzoh wanted to cum on Temi’s face, and she was only too happy to oblige. Uzoh began to stroke his cock quickly and finally, three large streams of cum came ribboning onto Temi’s face. Temi sat there with the cum of three men on her face and another in her stomach and realized that she loved being a cum slut and that this would not be the last time. While she wasn’t sure how it would happen, she knew that she would be a cum slut again.

“Well gentlemen, I believe our work here is through,” said Nnamdi laughing and smiling. The other three men laughed and agreed. As the four men began to get dressed and ready to leave, each thanked Temi in their own way for being their slut.

“I hope at some point we will see you on your knees again,” said Ebuka.

“I’m fairly sure each of you will,” replied Temi.

Then Nnamdi walked over to Temi and leaned over and whispered to her, “Remember what you agreed to earlier: You’re going to beg me to fuck you again, aren’t you?”

“Probably, yes,” Temi said smiling into Nnamdi’s face.

As Temi was dressing she put on her bra and thong, and then her dress, but she did not remove the cum from her face. Not yet.

After a few minutes, the door opened and Aisha walked in. She took one look at Temi and her cum covered face and said, “Oh my! I believe today the boys have created a new slut!”

“Yes, I believe they have. No, actually, I know they have!” replied Temi. “So, Aisha, how do I reenter the party with all this cum on my face?” Temi replied laughing. Aisha joined in.

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