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September 3, 2020

Edymaniac: Sister Nnenna & Her “Born Again” Brother Jide II (18+)

Edymaniac: Sister Nnenna & Her “Born Again” Brother Jide II (18+)

Jide was an old friend of her uncle, they had gone to school together and, after his divorce, he had moved back to town. Her uncle had promptly given Jide an administrative job at the church and had taken it upon himself to counsel Jide through these hard times. Her uncle was already at the table when they reached the lounge and, since he still seemed to be in a foul mood, Nnenna quietly continued on to the adjoined kitchen, to set a jug of tea.

“I’m sorry Jide, but we are going to have to let you go.”
The words of her uncle spoke shocked her, he had always told that he would never be able to run the church nearly as well without a guy like Jide to handle the paperwork. Considering the silence in the other room it was apparent that Jide thought the same.

“Why? We’re doing well financially. I don’t understand what is happening.” The man said, sounding as if the earth had disappeared from under his feet. Nnenna couldn’t blame him as he had put a lot of time and effort into getting the office running smoothly.

“Look Jide, it’s because you relapsed. I know that stopping porn addiction is difficult. But you breached the sanctity of our church and that I can not tolerate.” He said sounding more hurt for his friend then angry.

But as the words reached Nnenna she felt as if a stone dropped into her stomach.

She kept listening as Jide vehemently swore to her uncle that it wasn’t his doing, her uncle’s temperament decreasing with every denial.

“Look,” he said pointing to a list, “I didn’t browse for ‘teenage fucks’, Jide!”

Biting her bottom lip Nnenna cursed herself for using that laptop. She had deleted the history after doing so but she should have known her uncle would have anti-porn spyware on the laptops.

As the argument was starting to heat up she knew that she couldn’t remain silent and let Jide take the heat for her. After all, he had also been there for her after her mother died. So, she steps into the room.

“Uncle, I am sorry but it wasn’t Uncle Jide.” She whispered looking at the floor.

Both men fell silent as they tried to wrap their heads around what had just transpired. But no matter how hard they tried the fact remained; Nnenna was the only one with access to the church’s laptops beside themselves.

She suddenly felt a sharp pain in her face as her uncle slapped her.

Her knees buckled under the shock and she found herself kneeling on the floor as her hand gently cupped her cheek as tears streamed down it, giving some soothing to the burn of his strike.

“Jide, I need to ask for your forgiveness. I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions.” Her uncle said, his voice still shaky.

“All is forgiven, my friend. But what are you going to do with her now? “

Again there was silence in the room as the preacher thought about it. It was true that he couldn’t really beat his daughter anymore, she was too old for that to have any effect. But the idea of his baby niece looking at filth like that angered him so much that he couldn’t just let it slide.

Grabbing her by arm he pulled her up and against the table, facing away from the two men.

“I guess that only leaves one option; a spanking she will remember for a long time.” He said, his voice determined and steady again. “Jide, do you want to administer it? Since you were also wronged in this situation.”

Not trusting his voice, Jide just nodded. He had never shared this in counsel, but the reason his marriage had failed had not been because of his porn addiction, but because his wife could not handle the fact that Jide would only get aroused after spanking her.

There was also the fact that he had often fantasied about spanking the young lady himself, something he had also omitted to share during their counseling sessions, for obvious reasons.

Keeping still, Nnenna could hear her uncle walking towards his seat.

She couldn’t quite believe that this was happening, but she couldn’t deny she deserved this. She bit her lip and waited for it.

SMACK. As the first slap lands on her right ass cheek, Nnenna lets out a tormented scream. It immediately reminded her that this was not some foreplay spanking but that it was indeed a real punishment.

After bracing herself for the next hit she managed to take it with just a whimper. But as the pain raged over her bubbly ass she cursed as she felt her another reaction between her legs.

She was brought back to the first time she had gotten wet. She was still a junior in school when she had been body-checked during a basketball match. She had fallen so hard on her tailbone that she had cracked it, but the impact had triggered a flow of excitement within her. Since then, she had realized that, while she still got excited by all the usual stuff, her ass was her most erogenous zone. May it be through soft touches or hard.

Jide didn’t slow down and kept hitting the young target in front of him, enjoying in the feeling of his hand impacting and sending force waves through that magnificent ass. But as he heard his friend mutter curses behind him, he stopped.

The preacher wasn’t one to curse, so Jide looked back to see what was happening. Equally, as surprised Nnenna also turned around, only to see her uncle looking at something on her phone.

“Nnenna, unbutton your blouse.”

As her uncle’s request registered in her brain, she started to shake.

“When I got home you were wearing a tank top. A proper lady would still be wearing it now. Take it off.” The last words were almost spat out as her uncle turned red from anger.

Nnenna knew that she had very little choice now so she started to open up her blouse, her fingers shaking as she popped the buttons open, one by one.

Jide had turned his back on her and had asked if her uncle wanted him to leave, but her uncle only replied that Jide could watch her, as, surely a proper woman would be wearing something under her blouse.

Nnenna was taken aback from the hungry looks she saw in Jide as she parted her shirt, revealing her athletic upper body with her nipples just barely covered by the cup of her bra. Without waiting for her uncle to say so, she turned her back to the men again and rested against the table, readying herself for the punishment she knew was coming her way.

“Could you please check if she at least has some proper panties on, Jide?”

Her uncle said, to her horror. Jide did not need to be asked twice, and let his hand cup her ass through her skirt. With his fingertips he slowly caressed her sensitive ass, sending shivers through her body as he traced the edges of her thong. She couldn’t see it but she could feel Jide shake his head towards her uncle.

“Take off her skirt.” He said and Nnenna knew that her uncle wouldn’t let her go now. He wanted to teach her a lesson. Starting today she would be thinking twice before picking what she wore under her clothes.

She could feel Jide slowly unzipping her and peeling the conservative skirt from her hips and dropping it to the floor.

“Get on your knees, and take off Jide’s belt.” Her uncle said, but as he saw the alarm in her eyes he added. “Your punishment is not done yet, and you can’t expect Jide to sully his hands on you like that.”

Jide couldn’t believe what was happening, and while he would have happily used his hands on that ass, the sight of this young woman on her knees and close to tears really turned him on. He made sure to have his back to his friend as his daughter reached for his belt, obviously trying to not touch the tent that had formed in his trousers.

Nnenna didn’t like the look he had in his eyes as she handed him his belt, but she trusted that her uncle wouldn’t let this go too far.

She was about to get back into position when Jide put a hand on her shoulder and pushed her back down. He told her to get to her knees and to put her ear to the floor as he took his position behind her again. 

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