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January 16, 2021

Edymaniac: Sexy Adventures of Ikenna [Part 13]
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Edymaniac: Sexy Adventures of Ikenna [Part 13]

Aisha was opening her legs wider to accept Ikenna’s intruding fingers. She was overcome with desire and she wanted him to rub her clit frantically. She wanted so badly to cum.

“Oh please, please, fuck me, just fuck me,” Aisha pleaded.

Ikenna was grasping her bullet-like nipples, tweaking and pulling them playfully. Aisha was enjoying the tug on her nipples and the fingers up inside her pussy. Her eyes closed and she emitted audible sighs of enjoyment.

“Do you want to lay down Aisha? I am sure that you are ready to lie down, are you?” Ugo asked already knowing the answer.

Ikenna and Ugo gently guided Aisha to her own bed and had her lie comfortably on her back. The three studs stood at the side and the foot of her bed. She looked sexy and vulnerable in their presence. Aisha’s fingers made their way to her pussy and she caressed her clit as she watched Ugo climb up on the foot of the bed and kneel between her thighs. He leaned in towards her and moved his face close to her pussy.

“Oh my God, oh no, oh yes,” gasped the lustful Aisha as she felt the first caress of Ugo’s firm tongue on the wetness of her pussy.

His tongue pushed her lips open and darted in and out. Ugo then licked and pushed at her protruding clit, sending Aisha into spasms. Aisha’s hips lifted up and down off the bed to meet Ugo’s lapping tongue as he gripped her open thighs and licked, slurped and nibbled her pussy. Every now and then Ugo would push his fingers into her to open her pussy lips.

“Do you like this Aisha? Do you like being licked and finger fucked,” whispered Ikenna as her head thrashed from side to side and her hips arched up even higher.

“Yes, yes, it’s fantastic. You shouldn’t be here you bastards, you shouldn’t be doing this” she screamed and then gasped, “But don’t you dare stop now.”

“Good Aisha, then take this,” Ikenna said as he lifted her head off the cushion with one hand and fed his throbbing dick into her eager mouth.

“Go on Aisha, take some more into your mouth. You know you love it,” Ikenna added as almost his entire vibrant dick disappeared down into Aisha’s eager throat.

She moved her head up and down rapidly on Ikenna’s dick, pumping in and out of her mouth with her neck supported by Ikenna’s large hand. She bucked up and down to meet Ugo’s tongue as explored the very innards of her pussy. Her breathing was coming in short gasps as her free handheld Ugo’s head firmly into her pussy.

Ugo moved away from Aisha’s pussy and delayed her orgasm prolonging her need to cum. Aisha’s fingers dashed back to her wet open pussy and frantically rubbed her raging clit. Chidi had gathered his second wind, and his young dick was rampant again after watching the woman writhe and gasp on her bed, pleading for release.

Chidi came and knelt between Aisha’s luscious open thighs and played at the open lips with his fingers. He pushed two digits into her warm hole going a little farther each time, then three fingers, then four, each time going that little bit further.

“Do you want me to fuck you, Aisha? Do you want to cum, do you?” Chidi asked as he finally pushed his fingers deep into the inners of Aisha’s open legs and used his thumb to toy with her clitoris.

She was rapturous, bucking and grunting through her full mouth, grasping Ikenna’s dick and swallowing as deeply as she could, and her breasts moved beautifully as her body shook to the movements on the bed. Chidi’s fingers were hidden in the folds of Aisha’s pussy, and then he slowly withdrew but held the lips wide open so he could see the wonderful juices that lay at the entrance to Aisha’s body.

His fingers were running with Aisha’s fluids, and Chidi gently rubbed one of them down the crease in Aisha’s bottom and pushed gently at her firm anus. Aisha let out a little gasp but then continued with the task of sucking the dick in her throat. Chidi eased his finger further into Aisha’s ass.

Aisha was focused on the strong guy’s finger in her ass and her own need to cum when she felt the familiar signs of a dick pulsing in her mouth. Ikenna was there, his strokes had quickened dramatically, and he too holding on to her head more firmly. Aisha realized that she was going to get more cum in her mouth as Ikenna slipped out and held his dick over her face.

“Keep your mouth open, Aisha, that’s it,” directed Ikenna as the first spurt fired back into Aisha’s mouth.

Ikenna couldn’t control himself and the rest of his spunk went everywhere, hitting Aisha’s chin and forehead and cheeks. Her face was covered and soaked again, and she smiled as she flicked her tongue at the throbbing dick. Chidi’s finger was still nestled wonderfully up Aisha’s ass, but she still hadn’t come herself, and she was now frantic.

Ugo had climbed into the bed with Aisha and he lay on his back with his big dick standing up like a pole. Chidi told Aisha to sit on Ugo’s dick as slipped his intrusive finger out of her ass. Aisha moved cautiously over Ugo’s torso and slowly lowered her body onto his. Ugo pushed the helmet of his dick at her open pussy lips.

Aisha moaned as she lowered her torso and felt the marvelous dick thrust inside her. Ugo held her shapely hips as Aisha felt his rod go into her pussy like a knife through warm butter. The two of them began to fuck, up and down, in and out.

Aisha’s sexually charged body spasmed each time she descended onto the wonderful weapon that was finally hammering her pussy. Finally, she was getting what she craved, a good fucking and now she was ready to give in to any abuse of her body by these three naughty young men. Aisha then felt Chidi’s wonderful finger re-enter her ass which heightened her thrills even more.

“Oh yes, yes, ah,” Aisha gasped and Chidi had to hold his finger firmly in Aisha’s bottom as she bucked furiously up and down on Ugo’s penetrating dick in her pussy.

“Come on Aisha, you want it, you want two cocks in your body, fucking you hard, going right up inside you together. Come on Aisha say it, say what you want,” Chidi and Ugo said enticing her.

“Yes, yes, go on, please, fuck me, both of you, fuck me in my ass,” Aisha cried out.

Aisha felt Chidi’s finger gradually slide out of her ass although it didn’t stop her from continuing to enjoy the big dick thrusting up into her as Ugo held her hips and brought her down on him every other second. The solid hardness of Chidi’s wonderful rampant dick was prodding between her ass cheeks and Aisha felt it touch her anus.

Chidi put his hands around her waist to steady himself as his dick at her rear pushed hard against her ass. It opened her anus beautifully and slowly moved into Aisha’s body. She felt so wicked and so erotic as if she were high on a sexual drug. She was in heaven, just pure heaven.

Slowly and surely, Chidi held Aisha’s waist and pushed in and out, each time going in a little further until his penis was deep inside Aisha’s bottom. His pubic hairs brushed against her shapely bottom as it filled her asshole.

No sounds were audible from Aisha as she held her breath with the two big cocks implanted deeply within her. Ugo and Chidi moved steadfastly and surely up and down, in and out, back and forth. They held to her hips and waist to keep her in place and to allow their cocks grind away.

She was pushing hard down onto Ugo as he pounded up into her pussy and she tried to hold herself firmly so that she could get the full benefit of Chidi’s ass fucking.

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