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January 15, 2021

Edymaniac: Lola’s Best Friend Experience I (18+)
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Edymaniac: Lola’s Best Friend Experience I (18+)

The soft yellow glow of lamp lulled Chidi to sleep in the late hours after the guests had gone home. His roommate, Ali, clanged the last of the empty wine and beer bottles into the bin before retiring next to him on the chair. 

Ali yawned drowsily when he noticed that his friend had dozed off. He sank into the lavish cushions and gazed wearily at his girlfriend, who was still tidying up from his party in the kitchen across the room. She looked beautiful in the twilight, and Ali felt himself a lucky man.

There was still a certain strangeness in thinking of Lola as his fiancée. Although tonight happened to be his birthday, the party was really a celebration of their recent engagement. New as it was, Ali could not have been more pleased to promise himself to Lola. Now in their mid-twenties, their relationship had been one of maturing together, and each discovered in the other only more to love.

Tonight, as he watched Lola reach the top cupboard, he traced her splendid figure and smiled at how she still held such attractiveness for him after all these years. Feeling romantic, he quietly waved for her to join him and leave the clean-up for tomorrow.

Cheerfully, Lola dusted off her hands on her jeans before settling next to Ali on the couch. She smiled at the sight of their friend snoozing at the other end. Tonight they had asked Chidi to be the best man at their wedding. He was Ali’s closest friend and had helped them, as a couple, through some difficult times. Lola couldn’t think of a better person to have by Ali’s side.

Taking care not to wake him, the two of them cuddled together and seemed resigned to drift off to slumber themselves. Using his strong chest as a pillow, Lola hugged her body against him and moaned as he stroked his fingers lovingly through her hair. After a time, however, she found herself not feeling sleepy at all. There was a warmth between the two of them that was more than just the effects of wine.

There was something devilishly tempting about Ali’s eyes peering at her from beneath their tired lids. Feeling playful, Lola had to toy with him a bit. She glanced at Chidi and, seeing that he was out for the count, turned convincingly back to her fiancée. Her lips curled into a devilish smile.

“You know,” she whispered with a studied pause,

“You still have one birthday gift left.”

He seemed at a loss, too tired to pick up on the thick suggestion in his girlfriend’s tone, but he understood her meaning all too well once her hand slid down into his dick! He gulped, hard. Lola grinned at the reaction. She could already feel his erection growing inside his knickers.

Taking his turn to make sure that Chidi was asleep, Ali relaxed and smiled at his fiancée. Ever since the night he proposed, she had remained especially eager to please him, and he was dying to find out what birthday treats she had in store. Impatiently, Ali gestured for the two of them to sneak off to the bedroom.

For a moment, Lola ignored the suggestion, finding a bit too much amusement in what she was stirring up beneath his zipper. There was time for just a bit more fun. Smiling, she wriggled both hands onto his lap and opened up his zipper!

The shriek of the zipper seemed to echo through the room like a thunderclap. They both glanced at Chidi, who thankfully remained unruffled. Lola silently giggled, realizing that both their pulses were racing. She could tell that he was uneasy about having his friend so near, but this only made him a more delightful pawn. Before Ali even had a chance to decode the spark of mischief in her eyes, he felt her cold fingertips inside his knickers.

Their eyes met once again: hers self-satisfied, his flinching with sudden delight. As her soft hand found its grip around his hardening tool, Ali couldn’t seem to remember why he was so tensed. He was able to borrow a little bit of his girlfriend’s confidence while she gently massaged away his fears.

But the relief did not last long. Deciding that she liked it better when Ali was a little afraid, Lola wanted to take back the upper hand. So, with a gentle tug she pulled his cock right out through the zip!

Lola’s face flashed hot at the sight of her own mischief. Anything but timid, her boyfriend’s cock was hard, which she had now brought into the light. Yet Ali’s reaction made her dizzy. Excited and terrified at the same time, he was utterly at her mercy. Lola grinned with power. Tightening her grip, she teasingly began to rub his pole.

Ali reeled. The rush of sensation was all the more intense because of his vulnerability, and Lola was taking full advantage of his heightened state. His jaw clenched as he struggled not to grunt with pleasure. He had barely enough of his wits about him to glance once more at his sleeping roommate. Still slowly jerking him off, Lola could see that he was now even more anxious to escape to the bedroom. Her answer came only in the form of a disrespectful smile.

“Happy birthday,” she uttered, nuzzling against his ear.

With that taunt, she gingerly slid her body to the floor between Ali’s knees. His cock, now massively erect, stood at attention in front of her grinning face. There was no doubt in Ali’s mind that she was having a laugh at his expense, but the joke had already gone farther than he had ever imagined she would take it. Lola mocked his bewilderment, wetting her glossy pink lips, but before Ali could even chuckle, he felt their wetness press against his swollen cock!

Ali clamped his fingers around the sides of his thighs, struggling not to make a sound. His heart raced with a mixture of exhilaration and terror. The mocking smile remained in Lola’s eyes even as her lips became busy at their task. She kissed his tip softly, the way one rouses a lover from sleep. Yet soon enough, her tongue impatiently edged its way into the kiss. Raising her soft, brown eyes, she watched his body quiver at her tongue’s warm intrusions.

They were both becoming brazen toward the threat of being caught. As Lola summoned him further into her mouth’s embrace, Ali found it easy to convince himself that such divine pleasure must be under the protection of fate. By each gradual inch, she let the blunt end of his tool slide toward her throat, and for as long these plunges continued, Ali could only measure time in inches.

The spell broke at last only when Lola pulled away. She grinned fiercely at him, knowing full well that she had made him tingle from head to toe. His soaking wet dick glistened in the lamplight, and its reflection glowed orange in Lola’s eyes. An obsession at once gripped her, and she began to paint his erection compulsively with her tongue.

As she licked, Lola glanced over to make sure that Chidi hadn’t stirred. Thankfully he was unaware. She noticed that Ali had glanced as well, and the two of them shared a conspiratorial smile. They both found certain perverse humor in how much they had been able to sneak past their friend’s attention. Poking fun, Lola looked wild-eyed in Chidi’s direction and began to show her long licks, as if to taunt him with what he couldn’t see.

Both she and Ali tried to restrain their laughter. What a spectacle of the ridiculous! Yet there was a sense of sublime power in being able to flaunt their debauchery undetected.

What surprised Lola, even more, was the odd sensation, when looking at Chidi, that she was putting his dick up against her tongue! The thought was funny to her at first, but the more she let her imagination flirt with the idea, it began to give her a disconcerting thrill. As she sunk her mouth back into the blow job, she found herself so convinced that she was blowing Chidi, that she even felt uncomfortable with Ali watching!

Lola privately laughed at herself and shook her mind out of the illusion. She settled her eyes back on Ali and recognized the familiar flesh between her lips. Suctioning her mouth lovingly around it, she began to bob her head in a gentle rhythm.

Ali watched his girlfriend with sheer amazement. She always gave fantastic head, but the look in her eyes tonight recalled a time when their enthusiasm for pleasuring one another was still fresh and new.

Sex had once again become something risky, something that made the nervous energy churn inside them both. In the bedroom down the hall, Lola would have given him a pleasant birthday blow job, a generous gift from the well-stocked warehouse of comfort and routine. But here, the risk brought out the gambler in her: she gleefully wagered everything she had, even if it could mean blowing it all.

The pressure building within her hot mouth let Lola know that it would not be long before her wager paid off. Ali’s expression was growing increasingly tortured, and his knuckles were turning white from the struggle.

Not inclined to postpone the inevitable, Lola tucked back the loose strands of her hair and pressed on with a faster rhythm. Though she held Ali in her sights, the need to keep watch on Chidi inevitably brought back flashes of the strange illusion that she was sucking him off. Once she noticed that Ali had shut his eyes, she was less inhibited about indulging the thought when it crept into her mind.

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble
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