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March 3, 2021

Edymaniac: Ada & The Identical Twins VIII (18+)
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Edymaniac: Ada & The Identical Twins VIII (18+)

“Saved them in case you ever slept over again. Since you liked them so much the first time.”

Tunde reached out and pinched her nipple firmly, and Ada’s retort was swallowed in a gasp. Her head swam as he tweaked the hard bud between his fingers. Twinges of pleasure radiated out from her nipple. All she could think about now was wanting — no, needing more of his touch. Instinctively, she arched her back, thrusting her full firm breast into his hand. A slow smile spread over his face.

“What do you want, bad girl?” he said in a low voice. “Ask for it.”

Oh, God. “Touch my breasts, Tunde,” she murmured. He just raised his eyebrows. “Please—”

Large hands closed over her firm globes, squeezing them, thumbing her tight nipples assuredly. “You want me to feel you up, don’t you, baby? You like having your breasts played with.”

“Yesssss,” she whispered. The crude words just made her nipples harden even more against Tunde’s palms as he fondled her breasts. What were they doing? Last night was one thing, but now — they hadn’t even kissed, and she couldn’t blame this on the fuzz of alcohol or soft darkness or anything else except total lust…

In a second, she was on her back, shuddering as Tunde caressed her sensitive flesh knowledgeably. Her tender pussy ached with arousal. She had always been used to hiding her voluptuous breasts, hoping no one would notice them, even hating their size. Now, it felt so good to enjoy Tunde’s attentions that her breath caught in her throat. She squeezed his shoulders, moaning softly.

As if he could read her mind, he leaned down to whisper in her ear, “You have the most beautiful breasts I’ve ever seen.”

She flushed with pleasure. This was Tunde, she had to remind herself. Tunde, who had probably seen more gorgeous breasts than he could keep track of. Tunde, who was kneading her breasts now, burying his face in them, sucking on her large nipples with firm tugs of his warm lips and tongue. She relaxed under his busy mouth, her legs opening. She couldn’t keep her eyes off his swollen cock, pressing into the bed, looking so inviting.

“And you haven’t changed,” she managed. Teeth closed over her sensitive nipple, and she jumped. “What’s next? Dirt in my lunchbox? Ice down my shirt?”

He just smirked at her, gave her breasts a final possessive squeeze, and reached over his shoulder to the nightstand behind him. Something clinked against glass, and before she could see what it was, icy cold met her puckered nipple. Hot lips stifled her yelp as Tunde dragged the ice cube over her smooth belly, making her jerk and kick.

“Tunde—” she tried to gasp into his mouth, . He rolled on top of her. One knee opened her quivering legs and held her in place. Wale shifted next to her, stretching, his muscular body pressing firmly against her. How was he snoozing through this? He had always been a deep sleeper, but…

No. He wasn’t sleeping. A warm heavy hand caressed her thigh, soothing her as Tunde teased her mercilessly with the ice cube. Ada wriggled, but she couldn’t move. The twins had wedged her between them. Rivulets of water streamed down her sides, ice trailed up to tease her other breast, and she groaned as jolts of excitement ran down her body. She couldn’t help clinging to Tunde, her fingers digging into his broad back.

“Thanks for a good idea,” he whispered in her ear. Before she could argue, his tongue sank into her mouth again. Warm juice trickled from her pussy as melting cold tickled under her arm. Wale’s hand gently pulled her thigh open, his fingers massaging closer and closer to her heated core. And— she cried out into Tunde’s kiss when the ice cube suddenly slid between her cunt lips.

“Uhhh — Tunde —” She writhed under his hard body as he pushed the ice cube against her aching opening. “Too much—”

“That’s what you said last night,” he whispered. “And you came so fucking hard.”

“I’m sore,” she whispered, her face flushing.

“Poor baby.” His deep voice was all sympathy. Bringing the dripping chip of ice up to her face, he rubbed it over her lips. Oh God— and she was opening her mouth, letting him feed her the ice cube and sucking her own juices off of it. “Let me make it better.”

The next thing she knew, her legs were spread wide and Tunde’s head nestled between her thighs. His impossibly hot tongue licked a long, burning path over her sensitive cunt. The heat right after the cold made Ada’s head spin. She could only grab Tunde’s hair, tightening her fingers in it, as he licked her pussy deliberately, again and again, swiping his tongue over every crevice of her swollen lips.

When her moans turned into shrieks, a comforting hand found her breast — Wale, caressing her sleepily, but sensuously. She buried her face in the bulk of his shoulder, squealing when Tunde took her clit between his lips and sucked on it, digging her heels into his back even as she grabbed his hair and tried to drag his plundering tongue away from her juicy cunt. Warm palms pressed firmly on her thighs, holding them down and open.

His tongue flicked relentlessly over her sensitive clit. Ada’s tugs on his hair only seemed to spur him on.

Tunde was enjoying this, she realized in amazement, her cunt spasming helplessly. She had always assumed the pleasure went one way only for oral sex, but burying his face in her hot creamy pussy was so obviously turning Tunde on that her whole body rippled with excitement, her tingling lips even more alive to his tongue.

Everything was so much more real in the daytime. She was really in the twins’ parents’ bed, oozing hot juice onto the soft white sheets, thrusting her crotch toward Tunde’s eager mouth while he pressed her quivering legs against the mattress and she whimpered into Wale’s shoulder.

Tunde raised his head, meeting her wide eyes, and painful arousal ran through her body.

“You’re just creaming yourself,” he whispered. “You’re just a little sex bomb who’s been waiting to explode.”

Was he right? Oh God. He had at least one thing right — she was close to exploding. And when another tongue teased her earlobe, it nudged her even closer. She rolled her head to the side and met half-opened sexy eyes — sleepy and appreciative. Wale smiled at her.

“Good morning, sunshine,” he murmured. Movement caught her eye. He was stroking his cock. Ada stared openly at the thick pink stalk between his legs, the rounded head disappearing and emerging from his loose fist, the dark nest of hair at its base. Her mouth actually watered at the sight. God, he was beautiful. And he was beaming down at his brother’s head between her legs with a delighted smile.

Would Tunde’s cock look exactly the same? She had barely seen it in their scuffle. And had Wale really fit inside her pussy? Tunde, too?

“How was your sleep?” He brushed her dark bangs off her forehead, burying his fingers in her hair. Ada dragged her eyes away from his swollen erection.

“Uh — I slept well.”

He kissed her neck gently. “And how’s your little pussy?” The big-brotherly concern in his voice, contrasting with the arousal on his face, made her pant for breath, squeezing Tunde’s head between her thighs. Wale’s hand trailed down from her hair to cup her voluptuous breast, rolling her hard nipple soothingly between his fingers.

Tunde was licking her tender opening now, tonguing her deeply, and as she gasped with pleasure, his fingers began pinching her swollen clit.

“Sore,” she managed.

“But Tunde’s making it better, right?”

“Yesssss,” she moaned.

“Good, Ada. I told you we would take care of you.” He nuzzled her neck again and brushed his lips against hers. “Just let it feel good.” And he began to really kiss her. Oh God — two hot wet tongues were tasting her at the same time, and as Tunde soothed the ache between her legs and drove her longing higher, Wale’s tongue moved deeper and deeper into her mouth. When he nibbled on her lip, she let go of Tunde’s head with one hand and pulled Wale closer to her, kissing him hard.

Finally, they separated for breath.

“This was all — your idea,” she whispered. Her throat was dry with excitement. “Why?”

Wale massaged the back of her head. “I wanted the three of us to be together again. It’s nice, isn’t it, Ada?”

Ada could only nod, dazed. She could barely think straight, her whole body melting under Tunde’s mouth.

“What do you need, baby?” Wale whispered. She did need something, didn’t she? And he could tell. His dimples deepened as she looked into his handsome face.

“I want to suck you,” she panted.

His broad smile tightened her whole body. “Of course you do.”

Ada stared at Wale’s cock as he straddled her chest. It seemed enormous in front of her face, and he looked so tall, looming over her and blocking her view of Tunde between her legs. All she could feel was an impossibly teasing tongue and fingers exploring her pussy. But Wale was right — she needed to feel him in her mouth. A little shyly, she wrapped her fingers around his heavy, veined shaft. Then she looked up at him.

“Do what you did last night, Ada,” Wale murmured. He stroked her cheeks encouragingly and cupped her chin. “Open your mouth and lick me while Tunde licks you.”

Her pussy spasmed again, and Tunde growled into her melting cunt. Hands slid to her ass, squeezing the soft cheeks roughly and pulling them apart. Oh God — he was pinching and massaging her ass now, and licking her cunt more firmly as her mouth opened to take in Wale’s cock. Yes — she did need something to suck on.

Eagerly, her tongue swirled over the plump shiny head, teasing the ridge, licking and sucking as much of the firm shaft as she could fit in her mouth. Wale was moving, she realized, fucking her mouth with short controlled motions.

“Cup my balls, baby.” Soft wrinkled skin filled her hand, heavy and firm. She caressed Wale’s balls lightly, exploring the texture. “Good girl,” he crooned. “Oh yeah. Fuck — oh, fuck, that’s good.” He was breathing more heavily, his hips flexing in front of her face, thrusting gently with long sensual strokes as Ada tasted the thick cock filling her mouth. God, the skin on his cock was so silky, his balls were like velvet in her palm, his salty, musky scent was driving her crazy, and he was moaning with pleasure — because of her.

A shocking sense of heady, erotic power flooded her body, making her twitch under Tunde’s busy lips. She was starting to understand just why it was so enjoyable to pleasure someone else.

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