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Dele’s escapade with his wife’s sister [Part 24] (18+)

In the next room, the conversation isn’t going quite as smoothly.

“You actually slept with Dele?” Yinka almost screams and Lola stares at the ridiculousness of the accusation in his eyes.

“You slept with your sister,” she points out defensively. That takes the fight out of Yinka and he rolls over away from her.

“Wait! I’m sorry, please don’t turn away, Yinka,” Lola says grabbing his arm and pulling him back towards her. “We can talk this out.” They were already both naked and under the covers before Lola initiated this conversation.

“Talk it out? What do you mean?” Yinka asks unbelievingly. “Incest, adultery… let’s just talk about our feelings?”

“Exactly!” Lola leans up on her elbow, ignoring his sarcasm. “You can’t help how you feel about Bisola,” she says, wondering if she actually believes it. Yinka stares hesitantly into his wife’s eyes. Can she actually accept how he feels about his sister?

“What about you and Dele?” he finally asks.

“Dele and I only turned to each other because… well… frankly because of the lack of passion in our lives. Like the passion you showed me last night,” Lola smiles. Yinka winces as he remembers that passion being kindled by listening to his sister’s moans in the next room. Then his mind wanders to everything he and Bisola did today and his dick stirs involuntarily.

“I love you,” Lola says, reading his face. “It doesn’t matter how we get the passion going, just that we do.” While she’s speaking they hear subtle lovemaking noises from the next room and Lola moves her hand down to encircle her husband’s semi-erect dick.

“This isn’t right,” Yinka protests as his wife strokes his rapidly hardening shaft and the volume of sounds from the next room increase.

“Close your eyes,” Lola instructs him. “Don’t worry about right and wrong just now.” With his sister’s moans filling his head, and his wife’s hot pussy sliding down over his dick, Yinka accepts the inevitable. Whatever is going to happen tomorrow is beyond their concern tonight and he thrusts up into his wife’s pussy as his sister’s voice provide the soundtrack to his lust.

The next morning, Dele finds the conversation isn’t going exactly where he wants it when Yinka interrupts it with one of his typically bitter remarks.

“Is this the part where we all get naked in the hot tub together?” Yinka asks sarcastically. The two couples are sitting at the breakfast table attempting to discuss their situation. Lola, Dele, and Bisola seemed to have warmed to the idea of sharing spouses but are having trouble convincing Yinka.

“Yinka…” Lola starts to answer but Dele cuts her off.

“No, Yinka’s right. This is a lot to absorb.” Both women look at Dele expectantly. “We’re here for three more days,” he leans forward to make his point. “I suggest we table this discussion until Saturday. It’ll give us time to think about everything.” Dele notes the disappointment on the women’s faces like they were ready for Yinka’s naked hot tub idea.

“What’s going to change between now and Saturday?” Bisola asks.

“Well, we have three more nights. I suggest we alternate sleeping partners each night. We slept with our spouses last night, so tonight Lola would be with me and Bisola would be with Yinka.” Dele looks right at Yinka to judge his reaction. “By Saturday I think we’ll be ready to discuss what happens when we go home.” Bisola and Lola turn their heads to look expectantly at Yinka.

Yinka felt the familiar stirrings in his groin as soon as his brother-in-law mentioned Bisola sleeping with him. Visions of their lovemaking fill his head as he stares into his sister’s pleading eyes. A slight smile forms on his lips as he slowly nods his head.

“We are all corrupt, you know,” Yinka says as the group emits a collective sigh.

Dele can hardly believe it. A week ago he was secretly having an affair with his sister-in-law and now it’s all out in the open, his wife is fucking her brother and they all just agreed to swap spouses for the next three days.

Bisola is even more excited than her husband, wondering how to make the day go by faster so she and Yinka can be together. But Lola doesn’t even want to wait for nightfall. Over lunch, she raises the issue of daytime sex.

“So when does the swap actually start?” she asks while they are sitting on the veranda eating meat pies.

“What do you mean?” Dele asks.

“Well if tonight is Dele and I, is that just the night or is it like a 24 hour period? You know, could we disappear for a while this afternoon, for example?” she asks, her head cocked to the side and her eyebrows raised.

“My God, Lola!” Yinka almost chokes on his snack but Bisola is anxiously awaiting Dele’s answer. She never even thought of that.

“I’m just asking?” she smiles.

“Well, I guess it starts when we get up in the morning,” Dele says assuming the leadership role that the group has unconsciously assigned him. “We’ll alternate every 24 hours beginning whenever we get up in the morning.”

“I feel like a nap after lunch. How about you?” Lola asks as she stands up and takes Dele’s hand. Bisola watches to see how her brother will react to his wife’s blatant sexual overture but he just quietly finishes his lunch while Lola and Dele climb the stairs. As anxious as he is to be with his sister again, he is not going to run upstairs in the middle of the day, especially with Dele and Lola in the next room.

While their spouses are doing who knows what in the bedroom, Bisola and Yinka just cuddle on the couch downstairs. With their arms around each other and occasional period of passionate kissing, they acknowledge that what happened in the university has never left them. Bisola tells Yinka how he continued to fill her dreams and Yinka admits that he has frequently relived their one night together. By the time Lola and Dele emerge from the bedroom a couple of hours later, Bisola and Yinka, although still fully dressed, are a tangle of arms and legs on the couch and their mouths are locked together.

“Hey, get a room!” Dele jokes as they come down the stairs. “Lola and I are going to the beach, you guys interested?” Yinka looks questioningly at Bisola as they catch their breath. She shakes her head.

“No, you two go ahead,” Bisola says, never taking her eyes from her brother. As soon as they leave, Bisola starts pulling at her brother’s clothes.

“Should we go upstairs?” Yinka asks as he pulls his shirt over his head.

“They’ll be gone a while,” Bisola pants while discarding her blouse and unfastening her bra. Yinka stares at her voluptuous breasts as she stands up to remove her shorts. Pulling her panties and shorts down together, she momentarily stands naked in front of her brother. His eyes follow her breasts directly to her neatly trimmed bush as his thick erection points towards the ceiling.

Bisola considers sucking that beautiful dick into her mouth but her pussy is too anxious. She steps forward and straddles him, sliding her well-lubricated pussy down onto his steel rod.

“Oh God! I love you, Bisola!” Yinka says and then her lips silence him and her tongue darts into his warm mouth. With her knees pushed into the couch cushions and her hands gripping the back of the couch for leverage she starts rocking her hips and bouncing on her brother’s dick. Yinka sucks her left nipple into his mouth as his hands encircle her waist, lifting her up and slamming her back down on his hard dick.

“Oh yeah!” Bisola screams as her brother’s dick sends shivers of pleasure through her sensitive pussy walls. Through the window she watches Dele and Lola walking down the beach holding hands and she almost laughs at the absurdity of it all. A month ago she was a frigid wife with no sex life at all and now she’s fucking her brother in the living room in broad daylight with their spouses’ taking a post-coital walk.

“Oh, Bisola!” Yinka screams as his fingers tighten on her waist and he frantically bounces her onto his ready-to-explode dick. Bisola’s breath is coming in gasps as her orgasm approaches its peak.

“Ohhhhhhaaahhhhhhhh!” Bisola moans when Yinka’s dick erupts inside her juicy pussy. Her release follows almost instantly and they shiver in ecstatic harmony as their lips meet in a blissfully passionate kiss.

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