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July 11, 2020
Danny’s Archives (18+): Escaping Impossible Bose

Danny’s Archives (18+): Escaping Impossible Bose

A Story By Dan Chucks….

A timid houseboy meets his seeming waterloo on the same night he chose to continue his usual ritual of wanking his dick to his many fantasies. How will he escape his impossible mistress, who is at the head of all his unending woes?



I reduced my tempo a little bit, to stop myself from cumming so soon. The sensation was very mesmerising. Coupled with the many fantasies that had dreamily crossed through my head as I wanked my huge dick in blurry furry! I had first thought about Bimbo; Auntie Bose’s niece. She was a very pretty girl and even though she was older than myself by a few years, I always fantasied fucking her! Then there was Stella her sister.

Stella was about my age but was far ahead of me in terms of exposure! Being born in the city, meant she attended a better school and always looked well groomed and sophisticated! Her beauty was infectious and I have caught myself on numerous occasions, starring at her, with open mouth! Linda was another lovely girl! In fact, I call her the star! In my mind though.

This was so because, a certain book I and my classmates read back then in my village school, referred to a queen of a certain community as a star! Each time I saw Linda, I remembered that particular book. And Linda looked in every way, the star! She was Auntie Bose’s husband’s niece and she visited our home quite regularly! As she wasn’t even someone I could talk to, all I could always do was fantasize about fucking her!

She was over 8 or 9 years older than me, so that about settled the whole question of if I would ever be lucky to fuck her for real. Anyways, thoughts of Auntie Bose were the next to cross my mind. This was where my mood suddenly changed. Auntie Bose was that side of the fantasy I never always wanted. But it has never failed coming up! This was so because of Auntie Bose’s large boobs, They were admittedly glorious! For all my hate and dislike for her, I still always almost lost myself in her ridiculously looking outrageous boobs!

They were simply too big for anybody! This was meant to a beautiful thing for me as her houseboy, but it wasn’t; as her attitude towards me was just too unbearable and incomparable to any pleasure her boobs were likely giving me!


It was my aunt, Chinonye who brought me out to the city and into all the Bose wahala. In precise, ‘to Auntie Bose’s sister’s house’. Mum was always telling me how she wished I could go to the city and study and how she hoped one day, I would return to the village as a wealthy responsible man! Her dreams and wishes never came to be until about a year ago.

I had just finished my secondary school at 19 and was hoping I would get into the higher institution. Aunty Chinonye visited and told us about a newly married city-based Yoruba couple who were looking for a houseboy. She also explained that they were willing to train the person all through high institution. To this, mum said she was happy to see me go and within few weeks, I was in Lagos and in Auntie Bose’s sister’s home.

According to the story I was told back then, Bose’s family were looking for a new apartment and only wanted me to park in once they found one. But I later came to realize that the reason given was not the actual thing. Bose and the husband were actually in a quarrel, barely a month into their marriage! In fact, Bose’s husband had to leave for several days and in order not to complicate issues, Bose’s sister advised that I shouldn’t move in yet as I would be left with Bose alone. So for over a week, I stayed in Lagos, but without meeting my new guardians.


However, when I eventually moved in, I was terribly shocked at what I met! Bose was in simple English, wicked! She was impossible and very hard to please! She always quarrelled with everybody including her mum and would easily fling any damn object at you if you exchanged words with her.

She had on many times, flung items ranging from her phone, a metal bucket and even a playing radio set, at me for simply trying to give answers to questions from her! I was only still staying with them because of mum.

Mum has refused to accept any of my complaints and have only always reminded me that Bose and her husband were my own chance of staying in the city and attending the high institution. Even with each day giving birth to the worse, she still didn’t want to give me any ears.

In fact, myself and Bose’s sister were the only ones still standing with Bose. Her husband had eventually pushed her out and had threatened to lock her up if he ever saw her in his house again! We had to move to Bose’s sister’s house, where we both were given their guest bedroom to share.

It was a very tight and stuffy room and with lots of junks packed at every corner of it. There was no electricity in the room and for the 8 days we had stayed in it, we were always told that an electrician was coming the following day to fix the connection as some damage had led to the room being disconnected from the rest of the house. These all seemed to infuriate and provoke Bose the more and I was becoming the nearest thing she could transfer her frustrations to!


I have only resorted to my late night fantasies and wankings as a means of reducing the pain and frustration from my daily living with Bose. I would fantasize about everybody I ever thought was beautiful, jerking my big dick in the course.

I will think about Bose’s nieces who were very beautiful girls and always ended up blowing my heavy load on my chest and belly! Bose was always a temptation, considering the size of her very monstrous boobs! And given she was presently lactating having put to bed very recently (just before her husband threw her out), it never made my task any easier.

We shared a bed now too, as the room didn’t even have additional space to take a small mat even. So just the mere thoughts that she was right beside me as I wanked my exposed dick every night, always sent some very strange but pleasing signals all through my body! On this very night, I managed to subdue this feeling a bit as earlier happenings that very evening was more disturbing than ever.

She had denied me food, and insisted that I wasn’t going to have dinner until I made her always-crying baby sleep. After several hours, I succeeded in doing this but went into bed to join a Bose who slept more than two hours before myself. I wasn’t still happy, and I quickly threw the thoughts of her boobs aside as soon as it flashed in!


Danny has a blog (quite-lewd.blogspot.com) where he writes very erotic stories.

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