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March 5, 2021

Crazy Lenny: Uloma & The Party II (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: Uloma & The Party II (18+)

There was a temporary dance floor installed in the middle of the room about 16 feet from us and a hired magician began a routine in front of various quests in that area. Adesuwa turned to watch, the lights dimmed further except on the makeshift stage/dance floor, and almost on cue, Musa’s huge hand slid over my right butt cheek and began to slowly caress me and ever so gently squeeze it.

I tried to grab his wrist with my left hand and move him off of me, but that was like trying to move a tree trunk. I did not want to make a scene nor alert Adesuwa to what he was doing so I quietly turned to him and asked him to please stop.

He just leaned over and whispered to me “Uloma, you have the most amazing ass I have ever seen or felt for that matter.”

I whispered back firmly “yes Musa, but it belongs to Chidi, my husband who you seem to have already forgotten.”

He said, “not at all Uloma, in fact, he is heading our way now.”

Chidi was working his way over to us through the crowd and finally came up to us. He greeted Musa and me and remarked on what an impressive party this was and thanked Musa for inviting us. Musa’s huge hand never left my ass and I was astonished not only by his crude boldness but also that his hand squeezed my entire right butt cheek.

While Chidi stood right before us, engaged in animated small talk, Musa began to take further liberties by moving from one cheek to the other and gently sliding a finger between them as well. The sensations were giving me goosebumps and yes, of course, my nipples were reacting as well.

I was frozen with fear of how humiliating this could be for Chidi if he knew what was happening and fought to control my rising anger as well as the reaction my body was having to his insistent caresses. When both Chidi and Adesuwa turned away to watch the magician I made an attempt to free myself from this pig and escape from this cramped space behind the bar.

Musa just tightened his grip now covering most of my ass and pushed me firmly against the stone counter. He just looked at me and gave me this big toothy smile. I would either have to make a scene or let him have his way for a while longer until Chidi and Adesuwa left.

His long middle finger was now siding between my ass cheeks pushing my skirt between my legs, then running his hand down over the back of my thighs and back up again. This was starting to get to me. I was disgusted with myself, but I was getting turned on by his incessant caresses, squeezing and prodding.

Chidi began to turn back to us as the magician moved off into another section of the crowd and pour himself and Adesuwa more Heineken beer. As he was about to look up at me to say something, I began to panic that I would not be able to hide my growing embarrassment as well as excitement to what was going on out of his sight.

I’m sure my face would be a dead giveaway. Luckily or unluckily, I’m not sure which, the music grew much louder, the lights dimmed to almost complete darkness, and a professional salsa dance couple began a high energy performance. Both Chidi and Adesuwa immediately turned their backs to us clapping enthusiastically for these talented dancers.

I tried again to turn away from Musa but he was having none of that. I pleaded with him to stop. “Musa, please!! My husband is right in front of us!! Let me go please!!”

He just gave me this half-smile and told me to just take it easy.

“Sweetheart, just relax you are doing fine.”

And with that, his hand ran down my leg and came back up under my skirt and he slid one massive finger over my slit reaching all the way to my clitoris and back. His finger felt like a normal man’s penis running between my legs. He was really working me over, running that digit from my anus to my clit and back again. I was starting to pant both from fear and the excruciatingly intense sensations from his manipulations.

Then it happened, he put me over the edge when he slid his hand all the way back and then underneath my panties and right back down between my labia and slowly inserted his monstrously fat finger into me.

I looked up for a minute and no one seemed to be looking or aware of what was happening and I dropped my elbows onto the counter hanging my head down while biting my finger to hold back as much sound as possible. The music was loud enough to hide the sounds of my pussy being fucked by his massive cock-like finger as well as my stifled grunts and moans. My panties had slid down to my knees then to my ankles where I somehow stepped out of them to maintain my balance.

With me now bent over like this he kicked my legs further apart and went to town fucking me as deeply as any cock I have ever had. Amazingly he added another finger and I wanted to scream out so bad from the intensity of his fingers fucking me.

I was quickly approaching the point of no return when he slipped his free hand up under my blouse and began roughly pinching and tweaking my left nipple. My head was practically touching the cold stone counter and I began to orgasm hard with wave after shuddering wave ripping through me.

He finally stopped his finger fucking of me and as I stood up I fell back against him. His left hand came around my lower abdomen, pressed me to him. Before I could completely recover he slipped his finger coated with my juices into my mouth and whispered into my ear telling me just how hot I was. All the while he kept running his huge left hand up and over my breasts and down to my pussy while he ran his fingers in and out of my mouth.

I felt him pushing what felt like a big-sized cucumber into my back and grinding himself into me. I begged him to let me go to the bathroom. He pointed to a hallway and finally let me escape.


Musa wasn’t going anywhere at the moment. He was sporting an obvious huge hard-on and hung back behind the bar for a while waiting for his massive dick to die down a bit. The dancers finished and Chidi and his friend turned back around expressing mutual amazement at the professionalism of the couple.

Musa just nodded his head in agreement having no idea how good they were or not.

Even though some of the edges of his lust for Uloma had been alleviated his mind was still clouded with the need for his fulfillment and desire to possess Uloma completely.

Adesuwa was blabbering something at him and finally was interrupted by Chidi enquiring as to where his wife had gone. Musa told him that he thought she had headed towards one of the bathrooms upstairs. Chidi thanked him and left to go find her.

Chidi was horny and hoped maybe he could get a little from his gorgeous wife if he found her before she left the bathroom. He headed up the sweeping staircase that gracefully curved up to the second floor. There he searched the various rooms for one of the several bathrooms of which he hoped to find Uloma.

His sexy wife, however, was in the lower level bathroom off of the hallway that Musa had guided her to. Uloma was attempting to regain her composure having succumbed to the over the top finger fucking she just had received from her husband’s new friend/client. Nothing like this had ever gone this far and still she could not understand how she let it happen. Her body was still hot with the intensity of her orgasm and this by a man she truly found downright ugly.

Uloma moved to leave the bathroom and join her husband and mingle with the other guests of the party. As she opened the bathroom door, the doorway was filled by the huge bulk of Musa. She was practically right up against him and he just walked her right back into the room. Musa placed his hands under her arms and easily lifted her onto the bathroom’s vanity. As she tried to steady herself Musa placed one large thigh between her legs keeping them spread as he cupped her head in both his hands and bent down to kiss her.

Her first instinct was to resist, keeping her lips pressed together, but with one large hand holding her head tilted back and against his thick tongue rasping across her lips, she found herself losing her resolve. Soon her mouth opened and relaxed and Musa went to town ravishing this captive wife’s lips and tongue. 

Uloma was excited by the way his tongue filled her mouth and was so soft yet strong in contrast to Chidi’s tongue which was more stiff and pointy. She would have never in a million years think Musa would be an excellent kisser and that she would be enjoying this ugly man’s insistent tonguing.

Uloma was so taken with Musa kissing her she only became aware that he had undone the buttons of her top when she felt his free hand cupping her naked breast. He soon dropped his other hand from her head to her left breast and began tweaking and rolling both of her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. All the while his incessant kissing continued.

She was now pressed against the vanity wall mirror and Musa’s other thigh was also between her legs forcing them to be spread obscenely wide with her skirt practically up to her waist. Her nipples were as hard as they have ever been and ached from his rough treatment of them and she liked it.

Uloma was moaning into his mouth with little yelps escaping every so often when he tweaked them a little too hard.

Musa finally stopped ravishing her mouth only to drop his head down to her right breast and began sucking and licking that nipple into his mouth, between his teeth, holding it there while whipping his tongue back and forth over the tip of it. He would then push it back out scraping the sides of her extended nipple against his teeth. It bordered between slightly painful and excruciating pleasant.

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