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Crazy Lenny: Uloma & The Party [Finale] (18+)

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Crazy Lenny: Uloma & The Party [Finale] (18+)

Uloma moved through the crowded room looking for Chidi who was nowhere to be seen. Musa had disappeared as well. Unseen hands caressed her thighs and rear occasionally in the darkened room and suddenly she found herself face to face with Wole, the fine-looking host. Wole slipped his arm around her slim waist and led her to a small group of men in a darkened corner of the main parlor. This group of strangers immediately enveloped her in their circle.

A few pleasantries were exchanged as Uloma was briefly introduced to the 3 men who surrounded her along with Wole. They were pressing in on her and she soon found herself in the center of them where Wole gently yet firmly turned her to him, bent down to kiss her upturned face.

She was caught off guard by this, but after what just happened in the bathroom with Musa, Uloma just went with it, her senses still heightened, Wole engaged her in a deep soft passionate kiss.

After several moments Uloma was then turned to Bayo, the man to Wole’s right and now submitted to his deeply probing tongue. His hands circled her waist and gently and provocatively slid them up and down her sides until she was passed to the next. Etim, the third man now to be ravishing her mouth was pressing a seemingly large erection against her stomach his hands roamed freely over her buttocks all the way up her back and back down to her gorgeous round ass.

Large hands soon encircled her waist and Uloma was pulled towards the last man of this group. He was a large man, somewhat like Musa, but obviously light-skinned and muscular. What was also different about him, Vihaan was that he was Indian. Uloma notice his features as typical to many Indians, curly hair, and thin lips that now descended to her and kissed her even more hungrily than the others.

Vihaan’s tongue was long and thick and rasped along her lips and tongue while his hands took every liberty caressing Uloma’s smoldering body. He gently pinched her nipples over the thin silk material of her dress. He ran his hands over her thighs and butt, squeezing and rubbing her exquisite flesh.

Uloma for her part had let this all happen with little if any resistance at all. Musa having taken and dominated her so thoroughly moments before, left her still in this unusual highly aroused, and submissive state of being.

This was definitely not like her, never was. She was submitting to blatantly forward caresses and passionate kisses from complete strangers, in public, and with her husband Chidi somewhere in the house. She was not sure if all that was being done to her was completely hidden from the view of others in the room. Men she had never met before this night and that very well might know her husband or would soon at least through his business, were doing their very best to take every advantage of the young wife’s submissive state.

In this darkened corner of the room, the men closed in on Uloma, tightening their circle around her and all now taking advantage of this gorgeous, hot married women’s state of mind. Their hands and lips caressed and kissed Uloma wherever they could find an opening amongst the many hands now fondling her supple flesh.

Uloma was in a fog of erotic and feverish activity. Her nipples ached with the constant attention from hands gentle caressing them to roughly tweaking and pulling on them. The thin silk material of her dress actually heightened these sensations.

Uloma occasionally yelped into the probing tongue filling her mouth when her nipples were tweaked or squeezed too roughly. Fingers roamed everywhere, up her thighs, buttocks, and between her legs to where they finally parted her vaginal lips and entered her moist pussy.

She had no idea whose hands and lips belonged to who except when Vihaan kissed her, as there was no hiding the feel of his large rasping insistent tonguing.

Finally, there was a break in the overwhelming sensations as the group to some extent stopped the mauling of their no longer reluctant captive and guided her down a hall, past the bathroom where Musa had taken her moments before and in through a doorway to a guest bedroom with a large king-size bed.

In a matter of seconds, Uloma was stripped naked and pulled to the center of the bed. The men quickly disrobed and as each became naked, climbed atop the bed and claimed a section of Uloma’s body. Wole loved to kiss Uloma and took that task to heart.

Etim and Wole each took a breast while competing with each other on who could elicit the most pleasure from Uloma’s gyrating body.

There was little doubt what Vihaan was going to claim. He loved eating pussy and this was the best of the best. Uloma’s pussy was the most delicious, sweet-smelling pussy he ever had the pleasure of devouring and he enjoyed every second of it.

Inserting his unusually long tongue deep inside her love canal, Vihaan felt her twitching with his every move, inserting his tongue inside the folds of her vaginal lips, then back out and over her clit, back down around her anus then back deep inside her again.

Uloma was on the verge of climaxing while still dressed and mauled by these men outside of the bedroom, but now she was lost on a road to such an intense orgasm that she started to shake violently as it overtook her. Every inch of her skin became so unbearably sensitive that she pushed ferociously at the 4 men still wanting more of her. Mindlessly flailing her arms and legs, Uloma managed to free herself from the stunned men as they stared down at her writhing and shaking torso in the throes of the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced.

Panting and still breathless, Uloma stared up at the men surrounding her. Through the haze of her confused mind, she looked from man to man. Each with a massive hard-on, she observed that they were all larger than her husband Chidi’s penis which had always satisfied her in the past. But, there was so much more to sex then the size of a man’s penis. Here she was surrounded by cocks from a little bigger than her husband’s to much larger and it was Vihaan’s cock that was monstrously huge.

Maybe not as monstrously thick as Musa’s gargantuan pole, which sagged a bit from its weight, but still thick and as long as Musa’s was. Vihaan’s cock actually curled upward as it was so hard and powerful looking.

Now lying on her back catching her breath, it was Vihaan’s massive penis that was between her widespread legs. Vihaan upright on his knees, waited patiently for Uloma to regain her composure. He will be the first to take this beautiful sexy married creature and the rest will have to deal with her stretched pussy full of his copious amount of sperm.

Vihaan pressed forward, his large cucumber-like penis penetrating her moist lips. Uloma caught her breath as he slowly entered her, then gasped as he pushed forward ever so slowly filling her completely like Musa had before him. Vihaan’s weight came down upon her, crushing her perfect breast against his heavily muscled chest and again took her lips and mouth with his insistent tongue.

As far as he was concerned there was no one else in the room or the house for that matter. He wanted this married, previously off-limits beauty to himself and was laying claim to for now and later.

Uloma was again lost in the sheer erotic passion of the moment. “oh god, oh god, please, please, I’m coming! You’re so deep inside of me, keep fu…ah…ah…ing me! Yes, yessss!!”

Her sensuality got the best of Vihaan and he was losing it. “You want me to cum in you! You want my Indian seed?”

“Yes I want you to fill me with your cum, please fill me now!”

He pressed hard into her, his balls crushed against her, and smashing his lips to hers he grunted loudly into her mouth as he emptied every last drop of his potent seed deep into her womb.

Etim masturbating himself came just from watching this beauty get so thoroughly fucked. Vihaan pushed his body up and away from Uloma still cuming, his spunk sprayed ropes of sperm across her breasts and neck. As Vihaan slid off of her Wole moved in, turned Uloma over pulling her to her knees, and quickly began to fuck her in earnest from behind while Bayo moved in front of her easily filling her panting mouth with his hard cock. It was all so wantonly lust-filled that Uloma gave herself to them completely.

It did not last long, maybe only ten minutes, as all three came quickly collapsing on the bed in a sweaty heap.

The men dressed and left without a word except for Vihaan who helped her up and got her dressed. Uloma was exhausted and satisfied as Vihaan with his arm possessively around her waist walked her out into the hallway.

“Take care my beauty, I will see you again.”

Uloma did not say a word as her senses slowly began to come back to her. Vihaan leaned down and gently kissed her and then stood back as Uloma walked away in search of her husband Chidi.

She found him passed out on a chair in the living room and gently shook him awake. “Let’s go Chidi, the party is over.”

“Where you been Uloma” he asked. “Let’s just go Chidi! I’m so tired and we can talk later.”

Cum dripping from her well-fucked pussy, dried on her chest, neck, and on her breast where Bayo had held her head tight to his erupting cock, Uloma knew there would be no hiding that something bad had happened.

“What have I done’, she thought ‘and where do we go from here.”

As the couple left, Musa, Vihaan, and Wole stood on the balcony and watched them leave. They did not talk of what had occurred, amazed at the lust-filled passion they had experienced at a seemingly clueless husband’s expense. Each of these men, believing in their own minds, that they would be having their way with this beautiful, married woman again.

Uloma drove her and her husband home as Chidi slept leaning against the passenger door of their car. Uloma’s wits came back to her along with the quilt and dismay of what she had allowed to happen this long evening.

“Was this rape?” Uloma thought to herself. They definitely forced themselves on her. Especially Musa, but she knew she at least in part was letting it happen. Uloma had it in her to be strong and firm. She could get really angry and get her way in most situations, but what was different here.

It was submitting that was new to her and being seduced by an aggressive man that turned on a switch she had no idea existed. It was like an aphrodisiac slowly spreading throughout her body. She had offered up token resistance and then let it happen. That is exactly what she had done.

“Well, that switch will get permanently turned off now and forever” Uloma affirmed in her mind.

Was Chidi completely unaware of all that had happened this night? Uloma found this hard to believe, but if he was aware, he did nothing to stop it. Maybe there was a conspiracy to keep him away from her while all these men had their fun. Then again he can get so focused on his business at times that the house could be burning down and he would not know it.

At any rate, she loves him and him alone. She will have to come clean and tell him everything. If Chidi already knows then that needs to get discussed as well.

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