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October 21, 2020

Crazy Lenny: The Office Affair of Jumoke IV (18+)

Crazy Lenny: The Office Affair of Jumoke IV (18+)

My arms still wrapped around Jumoke’s thighs, I fucked my employee’s pussy harder and faster, having all but forgotten the three other guys in the room who were urging Sani and me on as we teamed up on sweet Jumoke.

After a moment, I pushed Jumoke’s legs down to my waist and leaned forward. As Jumoke wrapped her legs around me, I pushed the mass of flesh beneath me against the table so I could slide up into the table and have better positioning so as to really sandwich Jumoke. Sani worked with me, taking his hands off Jumoke’s waist and pushing himself up the table and bringing with him the girl still affixed to his dick.

Now the couple was completely on the table, and I, still in Jumoke’s pussy, pushed myself as deep into her as I could while I leaned forward.

Jumoke’s legs kicked out as the girl screamed. Her nails then fastened into my back once I lay down on top of her, my shirt and tie now pressed against her boobs. I held onto both of her shoulders while Sani, who still had his shirt on with no tie, gripped her hips once again, and the two of us held Jumoke in between us as we went back to pounding both of her holes in unison.

Once we got going again, the threesome got really hot. The boys around us cheered us on as Sani and I sawed in and out of Jumoke hard and fast, stuffing both her ass and pussy as we double-penetrated her. Her small body sandwiched between us, Jumoke clung to me and moaned uncontrollably, feeling as full as she ever had.

Double penetration was so hot that even for a heterosexual man like I, being in such close proximity to another naked dude did nothing to deter me as I steadily pounded my employee’s cunt while my buddy deeply filled her ass.

Sani and I sandwiched Jumoke on that table for several more minutes before I pulled out. Sani remained for now, but Edet took my place in the threesome, pulling off the remainder of his clothes as he did. While I had given Jumoke’s legs the freedom to kick, Edet came down on top of them and pinned them between his and Sani’s thighs as he slipped straight into the girl’s pussy. Jumoke groaned but still smiled as she was immediately double stuffed again.

With one hand clutching Sani’s arm and the other reaching over Edet’s back, Jumoke slightly shifted between the two male bodies as they got right to thrusting in and out of her two holes. I pulled out my phone again and began to record the hot scene unfolding before me. Meanwhile, Bello and Ifeanyi continued to voice their approval of the debauchery occurring before their eyes.

“How does it feel?” I said to Jumoke, putting the camera in her face, which had a male head on either side of it as the boys continued to saw in and out of her.

She laughed and said, “I love it. Is my interview going well?”

“Too early to tell,” was all I said before backing up and getting the whole sandwich in the frame. As I recorded for a few minutes, eventually Jumoke was allowed to free one leg, which sprung out and kicked toward the ceiling before wrapping slightly around Edet’s waist while the other leg remained pinned between my two friends.

All three of them were shining with sweat before long, and Jumoke’s hair, which I thought had to be practically suffocating Sani, was a wild mess now.

Just as I turned off the video, Edet pulled out and got up but quickly brought Jumoke with him. It was time for Sani to switch out. As Bello stepped up behind Jumoke, there would be no need for the table for this round. Edet picked Jumoke clean off the floor and quickly situated her pussy back on his cock.

Next, Bello, who along with Ifeanyi had already removed his dress shirt, got right up against Jumoke’s back, the legs of the girl spread around Edet’s waist. Bello pushed past the miniskirt and shoved his cock into the girl’s ass, securing her on two dicks as she was suspended in the air.

Jumoke threw her arms around Edet as she leaned into him, preparing for what was to ensue. Her mess of hair covered a lot of her face, but I could see her pearly teeth through the light brown strands as the sweaty girl smiled through the treatment she was receiving.

Once Edet and Bello had a firm hold on Jumoke’s ass and thighs, they began to lift her up and down their cocks which penetrated deep into both her ass and pussy in unison.

The cute babe slid up and down those dirty cocks, over and over. The boys grunted while Jumoke let out sharp little cries of amusement as her body was repeatedly lifted up and then released back down. Her legs dangled as they were suspended above the ground, bouncing as well as her body went back and forth on the full lengths of those dicks.

I hit the record button on my phone again and grew more and more eager to join back into the group fun as I documented my 22-year-old employee’s promotion interview.

Edet and Bello continued lifting Jumoke up and down their cocks until their arms grew tired and they had to put her down. Now empty of cocks, which was a rare circumstance this night, Jumoke stumbled back over to the table, her ass and pussy undoubtedly plenty sore by this point. There would be no respite for the used bitch, however; in fact, it was now time for the main course.

Greedily, I put the phone down and lay with my back on the table, pulling Jumoke over to me as I yearned for her pussy again. “We need full group participation now,” I said as Jumoke knelt over me. Her pussy hovered over my cock, but before the two organs even made contact, all the other men had surrounded us in response to my comment.

“Not everyone at once!” Jumoke said with a laugh just as her wet twat touched the tip of my penis.

“Actually, that’s exactly what’s happening,” I corrected her.

“Right,” she said as she blushed and then grinned. The whole while she was sinking lower and lower until my cock was sheathed inside her once again. We both groaned with pleasure, but before I could even fully process the feeling of Jumoke’s tight cunt around my prick, I felt another hard prick join me inside Jumoke. This one was Ifeanyi’s, which penetrated Jumoke’s ass.

After just enjoying the view since the group sex ensued, Ifeanyi finally entered one of Jumoke’s holes, as he and I joined together to double penetrate the slender lady. As I felt that thick dick force it’s way deep into Jumoke’s ass on just the other side of where my own manhood was lodged, I could only think of what Jumoke must have felt as she was double-stuffed with man meat.

More vulgar speech poured out of Jumoke’s mouth as I looked up and watched her strain her neck and close her eyes in response to being filled up in her back end. She still had a grin on her face though, making her all the sexier as she remained the object of lust for five men all at once. As soon as Ifeanyi and I were comfortably inside Jumoke, the other men began to take their places.

Edet came up right by my head, but I didn’t mind. If we guys were going to worry about being too close to each other during sex with a hot girl, then group sex wasn’t for us. Just as I began to thrust in and out of Jumoke’s pussy, Edet stuck his cock in Jumoke’s mouth, completing t and making Jumoke airtight.

Ifeanyi followed close behind me in thrusting in and out of Jumoke, and then he and I were fucking her in sync. Edet let Jumoke do her best to suck on him for just a moment before he too began to thrust his hips so that all three of us were fucking Jumoke, pounding her in all her holes. There were still two cocks left, though, and Jumoke, even while being overpowered by three dicks already, knew what she needed to do.

Bello and Sani stepped up on either side of Jumoke’s and my heads. Under most circumstances, I could have done without all the man meat so close to me, but when it came to fucking a hot girl, I was more than happy to have the company.

As I held Jumoke by her waist, Ifeanyi held onto her shoulders, keeping her in place as she used both hands to grab Bello’s and Sani’s cocks and immediately began to stroke them. She managed to pleasure these two additional cocks even while the three of us other guys plunged in and out of her holes all at once.

The hooting and hollering were replaced by delirious moans of pleasure as three men fucked her holes while the bitch pleasured two more with her hands. The overall decibel level in the room had gone down, but my ears were still flooded by our moans while the slapping of male flesh against Jumoke, the squelching of Jumoke’s ass and pussy and the slurping of her mouth was almost overwhelming.

The only other sounds were the slight rattling of the cutie’s jewelry and the creaking of the thankfully sturdy table beneath us.

Being on the bottom, I was sweating pretty hard through my shirt, but I imagined I wasn’t perspiring as much as Jumoke, whose whole body, of what I could see, anyway, gleamed with perspiration, her own mixed with that of multiple men. Her hair was now a matted mess, sweat-soaked strands hanging from her head and dangling in my face. As she was held up between Ifeanyi and me, her damp boobs dangled an inch or two above my chest.

The room, once chilly, was hot as hell, and the smell of sweat and sex filled the air. As the thick air surrounded us, Jumoke took it all in stride, thriving as the center of attention in this orgy. Jumoke had firmly established herself as a serious candidate for the job for which she was interviewing.

We all remained in those positions for several more minutes before Edet pulled out of Jumoke’s mouth. Jumoke gasped, and Edet made his way over to where Ifeanyi was steadily fucking Jumoke’s ass in sync with my thrusts into my friend’s pussy. Without complaint, Ifeanyi pulled out of her and deferred to Edet. In the meantime, Bello had slipped over to take Jumoke’s mouth, but the girl was quickly pulled away as Edet and I decided to flip her over.

With Jumoke now sitting on me, I prepared to enter her ass for the first time tonight until a different idea came to mind. “Let’s double-stuff that pussy,” I said to Edet. Jumoke looked ready to protest as she balanced on me with one leg held up in the air, but the excited response in support of my proposition from the other guys convinced her to go through with the suggestion.

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