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September 2, 2020

Crazy Lenny: The Marvellously Talented Habiba (18+)

Crazy Lenny: The Marvellously Talented Habiba (18+)

“I’m so glad we’re finally doing this!” Toyin said as we entered the party.¬†

“Lenny! You made it!” When I heard the familiar voice, I fully expected to see Toyin’s best friend Nse come bouncing towards us for a hug. I did not, however, expect her to be naked. I had known Nse for years and gotten plenty of glimpses of various parts of her incredible body.¬†

But seeing the tiny, 5’2″¬† Igbo girl, with her golden skin, amazingly tight ass, and breasts that each seemed the size of her head, coming towards us with arms spread wide, was truly a sight to behold. She embraced Toyin the way she always did, with her whole body. As always, the contrast between the two of them was at least a little comical. With Toyin being almost 6′ tall, every time they hugged, Nse’s face was buried in my wife’s gorgeous 34 B cup breasts.

“Nse! You’re naked!” Toyin laughed, stating the obvious.

“Well, it IS a sex party.” I somehow tore my eyes away from Nse’s ass to turn and greet her husband, Obi.

“Enjoying the view, Lenny?” He said, teasingly.

“Yes, I am,” I said, smiling at him and shaking his hand.

“Come with me, Lenny. I wanna show you everything!” Nse said, grabbing Toyin’s hand and pulling her off into the crowd.

With the ladies gone, I finally realized Obi was also completely naked. His cock hung down from his body, looking less than half hard, but still at least six inches long. I remember thinking,

“Wow, that looks so good shaved like that,” and then wondering what exactly I meant by that.

“I uh… That’s um…” I stammered, suddenly not able to think of a single thing to say.

“Come on. You look like you could use a drink.” He said sympathetically, leading the way to the bar. When he turned away I instinctively looked down at his ass, noticing that it too was hairless.¬†

At only 5’7″,¬† his light skin, the little body hair he did have was extremely fair. I remember thinking it almost made his slim frame look slightly feminine. As he ordered our drinks, I finally looked around, taking in the rest of the scene. There were people of all ages, from barely legal to my parent’s age, all in various states of undress, engaging in everything from casual flirtations to full-on sex.¬†

Obi and Nse did their best to tell us what to expect when they finally convinced us to come but seeing it first hand was something else entirely. Rather than take me on a walking tour, we just stood at the bar while Obi explained the layout of the different rooms, public, private, and those dedicated to specific kinks.

“So, first-timer, what do you think you wanna get up to tonight?” He asked.

“Oh, I imagine we’ll probably just watch and keep to ourselves for a while,” I admitted.

“Sure. Good luck with that.” He said with a chuckle.

“What do you m–” I started to ask, suddenly noticing a beautiful woman approach. She stood before us in a very nearly sheer white dress that clung to her with delight. Instead of being measured by inches above the knee, the garment was easier measured by inches below her mound. The fishnet stockings, garters, and high heeled shoes were clearly the only other articles she wore.

“You’re new here.” She said, impaling my eyes with her own.

“Yes, um… First time.” I managed to stutter.

“Welcome to our little party. I’m Habiba.” She remarked.

“Thanks. Er… Habiba.” I replied, instinctively reaching out to shake her hand. When she didn’t respond immediately, my eyes automatically flickered about in search of her unresponsive appendage. It was then I realized she already been stroking Obi’s cock the entire time.¬†

Once I finally noticed, she let go his now stiffening member and extended her hand toward mine. She did not, however, reach for a strong, modern, gender-equal handshake. Instead, she lifted her hand higher, leaving it daintily hovering in front of my face, awaiting an old fashioned, chivalrous kiss. 

It did not escape my thought process that her fingers went directly from Obi’s cock to my lips. Of course, I was hesitant but had no time to think of an alternative that wouldn’t risk offending her. I closed my eyes when I kissed her hand, and that’s how I missed the tiny spot of pre-cum on her finger. I didn’t even know what it was at the time, except that it tasted salty, but was too thick to be sweat. When my eyes reconnected with her there was a bemused smile accompanying them.

She came back to herself and seemed to have herself a minor epiphany.

“I want some cock.” She announced, reaching down and taking Obi by his penis once again. He started away, then turned back to me expectantly, “Coming?” Not knowing anyone else at the party or what else to do, I picked my jaw up off the floor and followed behind them.

One wall of the lounge area featured a continuous padded bench, lined with tables, accompanied by chairs on the outside. She led us to an empty spot, pushed the small table out of the way and sat us down next to each other. Obi started stroking his own cock as she casually started removing my clothes.

“I’m not sure I ah… ” I started, but she actually reached up and put her finger to my mouth and shushed me. I didn’t think anyone actually did that outside of soap operas, but she did. A moment later, my growing erection was freed from my trouser, and her eyes lit up like it was Christmas.

“You have a beautiful cock, Lenny.” She said, so matter-of-factly that I had no idea how to respond.

“Um… Thanks, I guess? But I really should check with Toyin before we—“

But before I could finish she leaned forward and flattened her wide, wet tongue against the base of my cock, and slowly, deliberately ran it all the way to the tip before swirling around the head, and gently kissing the drop of precum from my slit. There in that setting, with such deliberation and no trace of pretense, it was one of the most arousing things I’ve ever seen… Until she opened her mouth and swallowed my entire seven and a half inch cock to the hilt in one go.

I felt the head of my member slam into her throat, causing my entire body to spasm and buck forward, sending me even deeper. Somehow, around my cock, she managed to smile and let out a throaty groan. And then she started swallowing.

I never felt anything like it in my life. I couldn’t control myself. My arms flew back against the booth in search of something to hold onto. One of them slapped into Obi’s chest, but he just slid closer, giving my hands purchase on his rib cage.

It felt strange touching another man under these circumstances, but letting go was too complicated a thought process. Habiba kept my cock lodged in her throat, kept swallowing over and over, and kept moaning. And every time she swallowed my body would lurch forward, causing me to involuntarily fuck her throat even harder and deeper.

She gave me a moment of respite, backing off and stroking my twitching cock slowly. She smiled again, licked her lips, and once again swallowed my entire cock. As her throat muscles renewed their assault on my yearning cock, she flattened her right hand against my abdomen, and slowly snaked it up toward my chest. I barely noticed at first, until her nimble fingers reached my left nipple, lightly caressing me just outside the border of the areola.

She moved in circles, slowly inward by the tiniest increments. A new sensation began stirring within me. I wasn’t sure what it was. My mind was already swimming. Just before she reached the tiny nub at the center of her pattern, she stopped, allowing a moment of anticipation to hang in the air. Then, she pressed the pad of her index finger against my nipple and swirled it around with just the slightest pressure. A pressure that increased quickly, until, out of nowhere, her thumb was there beside her finger, trapping my hardening nipple between them. And she squeezed.

A lightning bolt shot through my body, as I involuntarily jolted forward again. She actually gagged this time, but held on regardless, moaning with greed and lust. My left hand shot down to her head, grabbing her by the hair. It was as if someone had kicked down a door leading to a whole new level of sensation. I couldn’t believe what I was feeling. I never had any interest in a woman playing with my nipples before.

Other women had of course, but I never reacted so strongly. I could hardly see straight. And then, yet another new sensation added to the onslaught of overwhelming ecstasy. It felt much like Habiba’s finger on my nipple, but wetter.

Then I felt a pair of lips close around my right nipple. I looked down to see the top of Obi’s head just before he started sucking hard. I was halfway to form a thought about feeling awkward having a man sucking on my nipple, but Habiba wasn’t going to let that happen. I don’t know where or when she found or applied the lube, but there was enough provided that her middle finger slid all the way up my ass with almost no resistance.

Another first for me, I was completely unprepared for what was happening. I closed my hand in Habiba’s hair and started fucking her throat harder than ever before. My right hand that had been clinging to Obi’s ribs lost its grip, and fell down into his lap, right onto his hard cock. It started to move away all on its own, but Obi placed his hand over mine to keep it there. When Habiba found my prostate, I was in no condition to protest.

He started moving my hand up and down the length of his shaft, and any notion of attempting to resist was obliterated by Habiba pulling back and sliding a second finger deep into my ass.

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