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January 15, 2021

Crazy Lenny: Scenes with The Mindblowing Chinyere X (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: Scenes with The Mindblowing Chinyere X (18+)

It was annoying because she was just starting to get into the mood for a big night out. She hadn’t even got on the dancefloor yet. The thought of all the male attention she would get if she started to sway to the rhythm of the music in such a short revealing dress, was enough to make her want to stay…but on second thoughts, she didn’t trust herself in the state she was in right now, maybe it was best for them to leave.

Tayo didn’t seem to care either way. She saw that his eyes were a bit empty too.

A few minutes later they were all out on the street waiting for a taxi to pass by. Gbenga had to support himself up against the street light to keep himself upright, while his younger brother sat on the cold road, not trusting the weakness he felt in his legs.

Chinyere hissed, it was obviously going to be up to her to get these two brothers back home in one piece.


As soon as the taxi driver clocked Chinyere standing at the side of the road in her short black dress, he screeched to a halt.

Issa had been a Lagos taxi driver for almost thirty years. He loved his job, but even more so when the weather got hotter. That was when the ladies’ skirts got shorter and their tops got smaller. It was one of the perks of the job, getting to meet young, gorgeous, unattainable women and flirt with them playfully. He knew he would never get anywhere with them, at least not with the pretty ones, but it was fun to chat with them all the same.

Rarely had he had the pleasure of having a girl as beautiful as Chinyere in the back of his taxi before? This girl was a beauty if ever he saw one.

Being of Fulani descent, Issa had always had a thing for busty girls. But a busty Igbo girl, with killer legs, huge pointed breasts, and a face which would be the envy of any movie actress? She was a rare specimen, rare indeed.

His heart sank a bit when he noticed the two rather drunk looking guys she was with. He didn’t normally take drunks. It was too much stress to clean up their sick if they couldn’t hold it in. But Chinyere’s presence was enough to make him loosen his principles this one time.

“All right love.” He spoke in a thick Hausa accent. “por where you want to go?”

Chinyere told him the address. She could tell by the way his eyes were roaming over her figure that he wasn’t listening to her too attentively.

“Not sure I know it ma. One of you is going to have to jump in the front with me and give me directions.” He made it sound like he was happy for anyone to take up the task, but Chinyere knew it would have to be her, the others could hardly see out of the window.

She helped the two guys into the back, then jumped in the front with a pleased looking Issa.

“If you’re feeling sick guys, let me know and I’ll stop. Don’t want you messing up my seats!” He called back.

There was a grumbled response which he took to mean ok, so he fired up the engine and set off.

“So you had a good night, abi ?” Issa instantly sprang into a chatty mode.

“Yeah, it was ok. I wish we could have stayed out longer, but the boys got drunk too soon I guess.”

“That’s the problem with these younger boys of today. No stamina.” He said with a cheeky wink. Chinyere rolled her eyes at the obvious crude connotation, but she couldn’t stop from smiling inwardly.

They chatted for a while about his job, something taxi drivers seemed to love to do. Issa was finding it nearly impossible to keep eyes on the road. He felt his cock throb into life when he clocked Chinyere’s breasts bouncing high upon her chest after they drove over a speed bump.

“Looks like both your guys have slept off.” Issa could see the two men in his rear-view mirror slumped against one another, seemingly asleep.

Chinyere turned in her seat to check on them. Issa spotted instantly that the motion had caused her short dress to ride up ever so slightly. He gasped in delight when he briefly caught a glimpse of what looked to be black undies creeping into view. Wow, this girl is something else, he thought to himself, whilst shaking his head disbelievingly.

“Brilliant, they’re fast asleep. I hope they wake up when we get there. I’m not dragging them up to the flat.” She spun back around in her seat, pulling her dress down as she went.

“Don’t worry love. I’ll give you a hand with them if you can’t manage. Some guys just can’t handle their beer”

“Aww, that’s kind of you.” Chinyere hadn’t meant to, but she found herself patting his shoulder affectionately. “What’s your name by the way? I’m Chinyere.”

Issa cleared his throat, he was a bit flustered by the sudden contact. “Nice to meet you Chinyere. I’m Issa.”

“Issa? That’s a nice name. Where are you from?”

“Yeah, it’s Fulani. My dad’s from Kaduna, my mother’s Adamawa. I was born in Sokoto, but we moved over here when I was a baby.”

Chinyere probably would have guessed he was from the North. He had that Northern look about him. She guessed he was probably in his mid-forties. He was dark-skinned and incredibly thin. His arms were covered in a thick mat of dark hair, as was the part of his chest she could see underneath the line of his t-shirt.

Really hairy men made her skin crawl, yet simultaneously made her pussy tingle. There was something rugged about them. Like they were more beast than man.

Stop it Chinyere, she inwardly scolded herself. It was no good though, she was beginning to squirm in her seat, rubbing her legs together, as her thoughts wandered down darker paths. She knew it was just the urges leftover from her earlier experience with Kwesi. All she had to do was get through the next few days and they will fade away.

Chinyere was snapped out of the naughty daydream which was beginning to develop when Issa spoke again. “So what do you do Chinyere? No don’t tell me…you’re a model?”

“Haha! Nope! Guess again” It was a cheesy line but the mixture of the alcohol and her developing urges were enough to make her play along with his flirting.

“Well, you’re in the wrong business whatever you’re doing then. A lady as beautiful as you could make a killing in the modeling industry.” Issa gave her a cheeky wink. He was loving this.

“Stop it!” She patted his arm playfully again. “How many catwalk models have you seen with boobs as big as mine then?”

Issa’s eyes lit up at Chinyere’s casual mention of her spectacular breasts. It was as though she was inviting him to look at them, an opportunity he was quick to take.

“I didn’t say catwalk model did I? With assets like those though, you would be a star in the glamour world, trust me. I’ve met a few of those girls in my time and none of them can compare to you.”

Tayo awoke with a start. He had only meant to close his eyes briefly, but apparently, he had fallen asleep. The world was still spinning a bit, so he closed them again. Listening to his brother gently snoring next to him was nearly enough to make him drift off again, but then he heard Chinyere’s voice and his attention was immediately gripped.

“So you think just because I have big breasts, that I should get them out for a magazine? I don’t think so somehow.” She replied with a laugh.

“Why not? It’s good money. You’re only young once, girl. Make the most of it while you still can.” Issa couldn’t believe he was having this conversation with such a gorgeous girl, it truly was a treat.

“How much money?” She asked enquiringly.

“Oh it’s a lot, believe me, those girls are getting thousands for each shoot I reckon. Mind you, fake boobs probably aren’t as much in demand as large natural breasts are, but you could still make a lot of money.” Issa knew what he doing.

“You think my boobs are fake? What makes you think that?” Chinyere replied angrily. She guessed he was leading her down the path that many guys had tried before. It was a blatant attempt to touch her boobs, but she didn’t care.

“Well they can’t be real can they?”

“Why not?”

“Well…because they’re so big…and they look so firm. No natural breasts can sit so high without some sort of industrial-strength bra. You can’t pull the wool over my eyes baby. No way are those breasts real.”

Chinyere looked at him. “So this is the part where I insist they’re real, but you won’t believe me until I let you feel them for yourself is it? Do you think I was born yesterday?” She joked.

“Damn it. You got me. Well, you can’t blame a man for trying now can na?”

Tayo breathed a sigh of relief. He didn’t think he could cope with watching Chinyere get it on with another much older man.

“I suppose not. Anyway, I thought you didn’t know the way to my address? We’re nearly there already and I haven’t given you one direction yet.”

“Well, you can’t blame me for that one either. I rarely get women as beautiful as you in my taxi. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get a better look at you now could I? I’m only human baby.” Issa laughed and luckily Chinyere did too.

“Here feel this.” He grabbed Chinyere’s soft hand and placed it on his broad chest. “My hearts going a mile a minute. It hasn’t beat that fast since I gave up jogging 10 years ago.”

Chinyere thought that judging by the size of his gut, giving up jogging wasn’t the smartest choice he ever made, but she was enjoying the attention all the same. “Ha! You men are all the same.” She slapped his chest lightly in a playful reproach.

The truth was she was almost painfully horny now. She could feel her body coming alive, reacting to this perverted older man’s attention, but she knew she couldn’t do anything about it, not with Tayo and Gbenga in the car…although they were both fast asleep. No Chinyere! Bad Chinyere!

They pulled up outside her apartment building and Issa turned on the light.

“Chei, you really are a rare beauty. A girl who looks even better when the lights go up.” He had always been a man who spoke his mind before he had time to think, but in this case, it was warranted. Now that he could see her sparkling eyes in all their glory, it was enough to make his cock strain madly against his jeans. Everything about her was pure perfection. From the shimmer of her full lips to the way her incredible curves were nestled inside her tight little dress. She was unreal.

Chinyere shook her head at him. “You do love a good flirt don’t you?”

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