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March 2, 2021

Crazy Lenny: Scenes with The Mindblowing Chinyere I (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: Scenes with The Mindblowing Chinyere I (18+)

Tayo slammed the front door behind him and threw his shirt into the laundry basket. It missed, as always, and slid onto the floor in a heap.

“Honey, is that you?” His mother called him from the kitchen.

“I’ve got an assignment, mum. I’m going to my room!” Tayo walked up the stairs loudly. He was in no mood to do any work, there was something much more urgent that needed his attention first.

Ever since Tayo had first clicked on the Facebook profile page of his older brother Gbenga’s girlfriend, which was around six months ago now, he had become obsessed with the busty lady. He couldn’t believe his own brother had bagged such a beautiful girlfriend.

She was beyond sexy, she was every teenager’s wet dream come to life. Way hotter than any girls that went to his polytechnic that was for sure. Not that any of them even knew he was alive either.

He rushed to his desk and fired up his laptop. He had such an achingly hard cock all day, with no way of relieving it. Well truth be told, it had been rock hard pretty much constantly for nearly six months now. When Tayo wasn’t masturbating over Chinyere’s profile pictures, he was normally daydreaming about what it would be like to fuck her. After a while, he began to truly resent his unworthy bastard of a brother. Life just wasn’t fair.

He dragged his trousers to the floor and pulled out his throbbing cock as he loaded up Facebook. Having studied all of her pictures hundreds of times, he knew exactly where the best ones were. Scrolling down he found the photos of her beach holiday to Dubai from two years ago.

There were a few dozen or so shots of her nearly spilling out of her skimpy bikini, which normally finished him off fast.

Saliva pooled in his mouth as he proceeded to wank his cock with a feverish intensity. He licked his lips hungrily as he looked at her huge breasts encased in the tiny pink bikini top, wondering what it would be like to squeeze those glorious round flesh with his own two hands.

“Oh god, you’re so hot!” He groaned as he felt his balls churn with yearning.

Within a few minutes, he was dripping with sweat. His skinny body staggered off the chair as he felt his cock flex in his hand. His much-needed release was seconds away.

A few more rapid pumps and he howled with delight as cum began to erupt from his aching cock. Right at that very second though, something humiliating happened to poor Tayo.

“Coming in dear.” His mum had already opened the door and entered the room as she spoke. She froze in shock upon seeing the fountain of cum which was shooting from her youngest son’s cock, as he hunched over his computer screen.

“NOOOO!! GET OUT!!” Tayo nearly had a heart attack as his eyes met his mothers. He slammed the laptop closed, hoping above anything else that she hadn’t seen who was on the screen.

“Oh god! I’m sorry honey. I’m so sorry.” She quickly threw her hands over her face and rushed from the room, horrified, but still unable to stifle a giggle at what she had just seen.

Luckily for Tayo, she hadn’t noticed who his affections had been directed towards, seeing as all her focus had been on the surprisingly large cock she had just seen. It was only surprising because of how skinny and short her son was. A cock that largely looked oddly out of place on the barely nineteen-year-old young son.

“Good for him.” She thought. He had always been such a quiet and withdrawn child growing up, the complete opposite of his outgoing brother Gbenga. She would constantly worry that he never seemed to have any friends over or want to do any normal things, like whatever it was other 18-year-old guys his age got up to. So it came as a bizarre relief to his constantly worrying mother, that at least his sexual appetites appeared normal enough.

Tayo wanted the ground to open up and swallow him whole. How was he ever going to look his mother in the face again? Tears began to well up in his eyes as he smacked his head painfully against the desktop.

“Honey I just want you to know that what you were doing was perfectly natural.” Whispered his mother through the door. Feeling like she needed to say something.

“Please go away!” Tayo sobbed.

“Ok honey…umm…dinner will be at 7 ok?”

“Yeah.” Came his dull reply.

After a few minutes of bad temper, Tayo eventually began to clean up the mess he had made all over his desk with one of his old socks.

A wave of depression struck him as he stood up and looked at himself in his floor-length mirror.

Tayo is almost 19 now, but you wouldn’t think it to look at him. Standing at barely 5 foot 6, his body was underdeveloped, to say the least. He was all skin and bones. His face was still covered in pimples, as it had been for the last three years.

No wonder no girls fancied him, he thought as he rubbed the dark spot which adorned his top lip. A poor excuse for facial hair if ever there was one.

How was it that his stupid brother had a girlfriend like Chinyere and yet he couldn’t muster the courage to even talk to any of the girls at school? He knew he was socially awkward.

Whenever he tried to say anything funny or to join in with conversations, his colleagues looked at him like he had just sprouted a third eye. So as time went on he found himself not even trying any longer. By keeping out of people’s way, he hoped they would stay out of his.

A tactic that seemed to work for the most part, except for the few bad boys, who seemed to relish the task of trying to make his life a living misery. Life sucked, that much he knew already, but today it sucked a little more than usual.

As time went on and Tayo’s life became bad and crappy, he began to dislike his older brother more and more. He had never been a good older brother to him even when he had lived at home. Because of the four year age gap, Gbenga had never wanted anything to do with his annoying little brother.

No matter how much Tayo pleaded with him to play with him, or to let him join in with his friends when they came over, Gbenga would always slam the door in his face and tell him to get lost.

After an hour of feeling sorry for himself, Tayo eventually dragged himself downstairs for dinner.

He couldn’t look at either of his parents to begin with. It was obvious that his mum had told his dad exactly what she had witnessed earlier, as his father could hardly keep a straight face. He tried to hide his laughter behind his newspaper, but that just set his mother off giggling again.

“All right ENOUGH!” Tayo barked, feeling a fury burning inside him. “Can we just forget what happened? OK?”

“Sure thing.” His father giggled one last time.

They ate in silence for the remainder of the meal.

After his father had cleared the dishes away, his mum finally remembered the news she had for Tayo. “Oh, I nearly forgot. Your father and I are going away this weekend. We’ve been invited for a party at Port Harcourt, isn’t that lovely?”

“Yeah great,” Tayo replied sarcastically.

“Anyway, I thought rather than be bored here by yourself…”

“…I’m 19 mum, I can look after myself!” He interrupted.

“…I know you can honey. I just thought that rather than be bored and lonely here by yourself, you might like to spend the weekend in Ajah with your brother?”

Tayo stared at his mother for a long while without speaking. He could feel his throat already starting to dry at the thought of meeting Chinyere for the first time. His heart rate quickened and he could feel his palms were beginning to sweat. If he was having this much trouble just imagining what it was going to be like seeing her in the flesh for the first time. How on earth was he going to cope when he was actually stood in her glorious presence? It was a shame his asshole of a brother would be there too, but that was a small price to pay.

Finally, he spoke. “Really? Gbenga said I can stay, did he? But he hates me?”

“Don’t be silly love. He doesn’t hate you.” Privately his mum kind of agreed with Tayo. She knew her two sons didn’t get along, but they were both adults now. Surely they could put their childhood differences behind them? “Yeah, it was his idea actually.” She lied. “When he heard of our trip, he suggested you come and stay with him for the weekend. It will do you good, were his words I believe.” Tayo didn’t need to know about the 50,000 Naira she had to bribe Gbenga with, to convince him to let him stay.

Tayo couldn’t believe what he was hearing. I bet he just wants to rub my face in the fact that he’s got a sexy girlfriend more like, he thought to himself. Gbenga had never put himself out, to do anything nice for Tayo in the past. “Err…ok…sounds good to me.”

“Great, I’ll call him now and tell him you would love to come and stay. Oh it’ll be so nice to have my two grown up boys spend some quality time together.” His mum beamed at him before excusing herself from the table to make the call.

Under the table Tayo’s cock throbbed into life again. Finally, in only a few days’ time he would get to meet the woman of his dreams. He was already imagining what their first hug was going to feel like. The thought of having those glorious breasts of hers pressed up against his body, was starting to make his head spin. “I wonder what she smells like.” He subconsciously vocalized.

“Did you say, something son?” His dad looked up from his paper quizzically.

“Err…no…” Tayo rushed off to his room with yet more ‘important business’ to take care of.

The next few days were nothing short of torturous for poor Tayo. He was having to walk around with his permanently erect cock tucked into his belt to hide it from view.

Nothing could wipe the grin off his face though. Even when Obasi, one of the school cultists, tripped him up in the corridor, sending him sprawling onto his face in front of a crowd of gossiping girls. Tayo just pushed himself up, dusted himself off and walked away without saying a word, his smile never even faltering.

Now that he was in year two, he had a lot of free time. Although he normally spent them “studying” by himself in the library. (It was safer in there. People couldn’t bother him.) Today he decided to leave school after lunch and hop on the first bus to Ajah.

He had already packed his spare clothes into his bag, so he didn’t even need to go home first.

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