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February 25, 2021

Crazy Lenny: Crushing on Titi’s boobies [Part 1] (Legend Series)
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Crazy Lenny: Crushing on Titi’s boobies [Part 1] (Legend Series)

I slumped on the chair, my eyes glazing over with boredom as I watched a repeat of a boring reality show. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was stuck in my parent’s house with nothing to do.

All of my friends were in Calabar, there to see the annual Calabar carnival. I would have loved to be there with them, but unfortunately, I couldn’t afford the trip and I had been too lazy to get a part-time job so I could go.

I pushed a button on the remote control, changing the channel to a sports show that was showing highlights of the premier league games. I never had much interest in sports, I sighed and pressed the remote again. My friends were probably getting selfies with one busty Calabar babe by now.

“Go and get changed Lenny!” my mom yelled out from the kitchen,
“My friends will probably be here soon.”

I groaned. I had completely forgotten about the party tonight. My parents were having some sort of get-together that I was forced to endure for lack of a better place to go. I would end up spending the night pretending to be enjoying myself and having to be polite to all my parent’s old, and no doubt drunk friends.

There was a rerun of Zootopia, a movie on TV that evening that I would miss too. Just great.
The worst part was that all the older adults would be getting drunk, while I wouldn’t be allowed even a drop of alcohol if my parents had anything to do with it.

At least if they let me have a couple of beers then the boring party would be bearable.
Maybe I would be able to sneak a number of bottles if they were busy entertaining, but I didn’t like my chances much.

For some reason, my parents very strictly adhered to the rule that I wasn’t allowed to drink until I was twenty-one, even at home.

“Okay Mom!” I called back, at last, switching off the TV.

“I’m going” I pulled myself to my feet and headed towards my bedroom, dreading the evening that lay ahead.

I threw on a shirt and a pair of clean jeans and gave my hair a quick brush. By the time I was ready, guests were already starting to arrive. I went out into the kitchen and grabbed a coke, finding a seat in the corner of the room as my parents cheerfully greeted all the new arrivals and made sure they all had drinks.

The party guests ranged in age from early thirties to somewhere in their sixties. For old age, my parents seemed to hang with a cool crowd and the music was soon pumping and the beer and wine bottles emptying rapidly.

Despite the party atmosphere, I wasn’t having a good time, I so wished I could be with my friends in Calabar, instead of being stuck here with a crowd of old people had either never met or barely knew.

A few of my parent’s friends came up to me and politely engaged in conversation, but my monosyllabic answers soon had them excusing themselves and returning to the other guests.

The two highlights so far for me had been the arrival of Titi, my next-door neighbor, and my father’s boss sneaking me a beer.

Titi from next door was in her mid-thirties, one of the younger party-goers. She had long hair, a killer body, and was a total beauty for an older woman. I had always had a little bit of crush for Titi so her arrival was somewhat of a highlight, I hadn’t realized she would be coming.

My Dad’s boss, Ade, greeted me with a rough slap on the back, saying how much I had grown up in the last few years since he had seen me last. He then slapped a can of beer into my hand and looked around with a conspiratorial wink in my direction.

“Don’t let your old man see that,” Ade grinned and slapped me on the back once more before heading off to greet a group of people from my Dad’s work.

I returned to my boredom and quickly worked my way through the can of beer. I had to hide it behind my back for a brief five minute period when my Mom came into the kitchen, so when she left I drank half the can and got up to wander around, hoping to catch another glance of Titi.

By now the party-goers were starting to get rather drunk and rowdy and the music had gone up a couple of notches. I chuckled as an old man in his late sixties staggered past me, looking rather angry and barely able to walk straight. These old people can’t handle their alcohol I thought to myself with a smile.

I made my way through the house and into the sitting room which now seemed to be the center of the party. The lights were turned off, so I could barely see inside. There was just enough light from outside and from the corridor, for me to make out a mass of people dancing in the sitting room like a club, the stereo blasting with some Wizkid hit songs that my mother loved.

I stepped slowly into the sitting room, my eyes adjusting to the dark as I looked around and watched the drunken people dancing to the beats. Most of them looked very intoxicated.
I made my way through the small crowd of dancing drunks and sat down on the chair, enjoying the anonymity the darkroom provided.
I could just make out the dancers in front of him. Then I saw her.

Directly in front of me was Titi, my neighbor. She was swaying to the beat of the music and swaying a little from drunkenness as well by the looks. Her eyes were closed and her hands above her head, apparently completely enjoying the songs.

She was wearing a tight-fitting top that was stretched tight across her heavy breasts, and a pair of jeans that clung to the womanly curves of her hips and ass. Although it was very dimly lit, I could make out Titi’s big breasts jiggling slightly as she danced, her curvy physique was definitely one of the things that attracted me to her.

My dick tingled as I stared at my sexy neighbor dancing, for an older woman she was incredibly sexy. Certainly more seductive than any girl in my own age that I had met.

I was about to get to my feet and approach her when suddenly a pair of hands appeared on her hips and a head emerged from the darkness to rest on her shoulder. One of my Dad’s colleagues seemed to have pressed himself up against Titi from behind and was dancing with her.

A big smile spread across drunken Titi’s face and her hips swayed with the beat, pressing her ass back into her new companion’s crotch as he ground himself against her.

Titi’s smile was blissfully unaware as the man’s hands slipped up from her hips, sliding casually across her full breasts and giving them an impatient squeeze. She turned around in the man’s arms and started dancing face to face with him, her busty body pressed tight against his.

“Wow,” I breathed softly. I rubbed my hard dick through my jeans as I watched Titi dancing with the older man. Forget the Calabar carnival! What I would have given to be that man dancing with Titi! Lucky bastard.

The man’s hands once again moved over Titi’s voluptuous body. My eyes went wide as I watched the man’s hands move to Titi’s juicy ass and give it a squeeze through her tight jeans.

The two dancers were practically dry humping each other on the dance floor, joint at the hip as they moved with the beat of the music. The old man was squeezing the firm cheeks of Titi’s ass, thoroughly smooching her for all he was worth.

“She’s so sexy!” I whispered, my dick was fully erect inside my trouser now.

Suddenly the dancing pair broke apart. It appeared I was not the only one watching Titi get smooched on the dance floor.

A woman, in her late fifties I would guess, pushed the man away from Titi and slapped him hard across the face, apparently, the man was married.

Titi staggered unsteadily on her feet as she watched her dance partner get dragged away by his wife, Titi gave a chuckle and then staggered off to the side of the sitting room, straight towards me!

She moved past me and snatched up a glass from the table and took a long sip from whatever it was, some kind of wine, I guessed from the looks of it. Titi then looked around the room, searching for something. Her gaze took in the entire dimly lit room, till it finally rested on me, sitting on the chair right next to where I stood.

“You’ll do!” she announced, her voice a little slurred from alcohol as she reached down towards me.

My hands were resting on my lap and I gasped in surprise as she grabbed my hand, her hand bumping against my dick a couple of times before she seized my wrist. If she noticed my erection however she didn’t say anything.

“Dance with me,” Titi burbled, pulling me to my feet.
“Um, okay…” I nervously stammered as I was dragged out onto the dance floor.

She immediately pressed her voluptuous body tight against me, swaying to the beat of the music that filled the room. I could smell the alcohol on her breath, she was even drunker than I had thought and I felt a little guilty for the enjoyment I was getting from the sensations of her body wiggling against him.

But it was not my head I was thinking with, the hardness that was now pressed firmly against her smooth thigh was guiding me.
I was breathing quite heavily, I could feel Titi’s heavy breasts crushed tightly against my chest, and the way she was straddling my thigh and rubbing against me was driving me wild.

She threw back her head and laughed, blissfully enjoying our dance and apparently unaware of my arousal. She threw her arms around my neck and pulled me tighter, rubbing her breasts against my chest as we danced.

Remembering her previous and more unfortunate dance partner, I decided to try my luck and have a feel of the gorgeous woman in my arms. I slipped one hand down from her hip, resting it on the small of her back so that the tips of my fingers were just touching the swell of her fat ass.

She didn’t react to the movement of my hand so I moved it lower, slowly sliding my hand down on her ass and cupping her firm right buttock in my palm.

God, she felt good! my hand slid over Titi’s delightful ass, stroking over both of her buttocks, then giving her ass a squeeze as my other hand moved down to join the first. Holding the older woman by the ass he was able to press my rock hard dick against her, thrusting slightly with her hips so that I was practically humping her on the dance floor.

She either didn’t realize what I was doing or didn’t care as she did nothing to stop me, she merely continued dancing.

I moaned into her ear as I squeezed the firm flesh of her ass through her tight-fitting jeans. She appeared to be getting turned on herself as she started to grind her crotch back against mine. I was glad that the darkness of the room was hiding our lustful dirty dancing from the rest of the crowd.

Emboldened by her reaction to my groping, I let one hand slide up from her ass, rubbing up the side of her body to her armpit. My hand then moved over the side of her full breast, feeling the swell of soft flesh the bulged out from where her breasts were squashed up against my chest.

Still grinding in time with the music, I turned her slightly and managed to slip my hand between our bodies and onto her big breasts. He gave another moan as the large breasts filled my palm, the round breasts felt incredible in my hand, even though the protection of her T-shirt.

As I humped against her and rubbed her big breasts I could feel the lace of her bra. I gave her breast a squeeze, feeling her hard nipple against the center of my palm.

I was so turned on I was surprised I hadn’t already ejaculated in my underwear by now. Here I was, at one of my parents’ drunken parties, dancing with Titi, the gorgeous, busty lady from next door, feeling her up on the dance floor, her big breasts in one hand, her beautiful ass in the other. It was way too good to be true.

Suddenly, she pulled herself back away from him. The movement took me by surprise and my right hand remained fixed on her breasts, but she didn’t seem to notice or complain.

“I’m tired,” she announced. “Let’s sit down,” Her speech was still a little slurred.
“Ah,” I stammered as I snapped out of my daze and snatched my hand back, away from her breasts.
I led her back across the dance floor and sat back down on the chair where she had found me a few minutes earlier. The drunk lady collapsed onto the chair right beside me, breathing heavily from the efforts of her dancing.

I glanced around the room, but no one appeared to take any notice of us, the party was still going strong and the drinks flowing. I turned towards Titi, trying to think of something to say, to make some small talk, but when he turned I saw that she had passed out, either fast asleep or unconscious from overconsumption.

“No more dancing then I guess,” I murmured quietly in disappointment. I was about to ease myself up off the chair and go try and find a beer, when she slumped over sideways, her head landing right on my lap as she fell into an even deeper sleep.

“Oh,” I replied with the shrug, not really sure what to do with myself as this beautiful woman slept on me, with her head resting right on my erection. I considered trying to slip out from under her, but didn’t want to risk waking her, and besides, it felt good to have her so close.

I sat awkwardly on the chair for a few minutes, trying to decide what to do. Then finally I reached down and grabbed a blanket, laying it over the drunk woman and sat further back in my seat, getting comfortable. I gently reached down and softly stroked Titi’s long hair, causing her to murmur contentedly in her sleep.

I was distinctly aware of her soft cheek resting against the hard swelling that filled the crotch of my jeans.

It wasn’t long before I gave in to temptation again.

Still stroking her hair with one hand, I let my other hand slip under the blanket and onto Titi’s shoulder. Looking around the darkroom and confirming that no one was watching, I dropped my hand down to Titi’s breast, once again filling his palm with the round soft flesh.

“Oh yeah,” I moaned as I gave my neighbor’s big breasts a squeeze through her blouse. Titi didn’t even stir. My hard dick pressing insistently against her cheek, I let my hand slide down to Titi’s other breast, giving it a similar treatment, squeezing it eagerly above her top.

Her breasts felt great in my hand and I moved back to her other breast, kneading the wonderful breasts through her clothing. I hunched my hips upwards and pressed down slightly on her head so that her cheek pressed more firmly into my crotch.

Concealed by the blanket I had wrapped across her, My hand slipped down inside the v-neck of Titi’s top. I breathed rapidly as my hand stroked across the bare upper swell of her breasts and then moved right down inside her top, cupping one of her breasts with just her bra between me and her flesh.

I could feel her hard nipple, jutting against the material of her bra and into my palm as I squeezed her big breast.

I pinched her nipple through her bra and she moaned softly in her sleep.
God, I was turned on! The hand that wasn’t stuffed down inside Titi’s top rubbed at my crotch, I was hard as a Zuma rock.
I licked my lips and glanced around the room again, giving her breasts another squeeze through her bra as I looked about. When I was sure that no one was paying any attention to me on the chair I pulled the blanket up higher so that it was now over Titi’s head and covering my lap from view.

I slid my hand out Titi’s shirt for a moment and gave her soft cheek a stroke, then I carefully reached down and unzipped my trouser, sighing with relief as I reached into my trousers and pulled out my hard dick. It felt so good to be finally released from the constraints of my tight jeans.

My loins tingled as the underside of my dick brushed against Titi’s soft hair. Although I knew it was wrong I couldn’t resist the temptation to go further.
I slumped down a bit in my seat, carefully pulling Titi’s head further up my lap so that her soft cheek pressed against my now exposed dick.

“Wow!” I gasped softly as I felt her skin against my penis. If she woke up now, or if someone saw us I was finished, but it felt so damn good!

I pressed down gently on the top of Titi’s head and jiggled my hips slightly so that my dick rubbed against the side of her face. Then I had a better idea.

I slid further down into the seat until Titi’s head was resting on my lower belly and my dick popped out from beneath her face, fully erect and trembling slightly. I reached under her head and grabbed my dick around the base.

Biting my lower lip and mentally praying she was too far gone to wake up, I guided the tip of my dick to Titi’s lips. I moaned as I rubbed the head of my dick over her soft lips.

I pushed the tip of my dick against her lips a few times and then turned her head slightly in my lap. At the same time, I pushed upwards with my hips and guided my dick right into Titi’s mouth. I moaned softly as her lips parted around the end of my dick and I slipped into the warm wetness of her mouth.

Oh, Lawd! This sexy lady actually had my dick in her mouth!
The angle was awkward, but I pushed up with my hips and push the end of my dick right inside her mouth, the feel of her tongue on him was amazing. Titi was responding and it was beyond my aspiration

I pushed down on her head slightly and the head of my dick thrust against the inside of her cheek. She felt so warm and wet, it was amazing!

One hand now resting on the top of Titi’s head, holding her face down on me, my other hand moved back inside her blouse and grabbed an eager handful of her breasts, squeezing at them through her bra. This was way better than any trip to Calabar, that’s for sure!

Squeezing Titi’s big breasts through her bra and pushing her head down into my lap, I began to hump up against her face. My hard dick slid between her full lips and rubbed over her tongue, pushing against the side of her cheek and the roof of her mouth.

I pulled out of her mouth and briefly rubbed the head of my dick across her lips, chin, and nose, slapping my dick against her face a couple of times like a porn star. I moaned, giving her bra-covered breasts a particularly tight squeeze and then I stuffed my dick back into her gorgeous mouth and resumed my thrusting.
I could feel my balls churning as I fucked her face, despite the tricky angle of her mouth if I continued I knew that I would soon blow my load. I stopped thrusting for a moment, wondering if I should continue and give my lovely neighbor a mouthful of my cum.

Would it wake her up? Or drown her?

The decision was taken out of my hands however as sudden the music was abruptly stopped. I froze briefly in shock. I could hear my mother’s voice, the party was coming to an end. I quickly pulled my throbbing erection out of Titi’s mouth and my hand out of her blouse.

I pushed her up off my lap, getting her into a sitting position beside me on the chair just as the lights came on. Not having enough time to zip up my trousers, I managed to snatch the blanket back over my lap, covering my exposed dick just in time.

“Oh, there you are Lenny!” said my mom as she spotted me on the chair. I was carefully stuffing my rock hard erection back into my trouser under the blanket as she approached, Lawd! my balls were aching for release!

As my mom, who was a little blind drunk from too much wine herself, got closer she saw the slumped over the form of Titi and smiled.

“I see Titi has had a few too many drinks,” My mom said to me with a smile. I was inching my zip-up slowly, trying to not make any movements under the blanket.
“Yeah, she passed out a few minutes ago, right next to me,” I said.

My mom leaned over Titi and shook her gently.

“Titi, wake up the party’s over.” It took quite a few minutes to wake the sleeping lady, giving me a chance to finish zipping up my trouser and throw off the blanket with relief.
Titi starting giggling drunkenly when my mother finally got her awake and sitting up again.

“Time to go home, Titi,” his mother said.
“Oh, party over?” Titi slurred.

“Yes, are you okay getting home?” My Mom asked with some concern.
“I’m fine,” Titi waved her off as she pulled herself to her feet. The drunk lady lost her balance as she stood up and tumbled back onto the couch.

“Um, Lenny honey, can you help Titi home,” my mother said, turning to her me.
“I don’t want her hurting herself or sleeping by the gate or something.”
“Sure, no problem Mom,” I said, standing up.

Together we managed to get her up. The lovely lady hooked her arm into mine and let me lead her towards the door. I was very aware of the side of Titi’s full left breast pressing against my arm.

My crotch stirred slightly at the memory her breast filling his hand when I had felt her up earlier.

“Make sure she gets home safely” My mother instructed as she followed us to the front door, shutting it behind us as I led her back across the road towards her own house, her drunken steps very unsteady as she leaned heavily on her me.

“The key’s in my pocket,” She told me as we arrived at the front door of her house, she was leaning heavily on my arm and I was sure I could feel her nipple poking against my bicep through her top.

“Okay,” I said, slipping my hand into the back pocket of her jeans.
“Front pocket,” She corrected me.

“Okay,” I repeated, unable to help myself from giving her ass a quick squeeze before I moved my hand to her front pocket. I dug deep into her pocket, feeling the heat from her crotch as my fingers dug out her key holder.

“Hmm,” breathed Titi, unconsciously grinding herself into my hand as I searched her pocket.
I pulled out her keys and unlocked her front door, helping her into the house.

“Thank you for taking me home, Lenny,” Titi told me as I kicked the door shut behind me and started to lead her towards her bedroom.

“Um, guess we’re here,” I said when we reached her room. “Goodnight Titi.”
Before I could move away from there, Titi took hold of my hand and drew it up to her right breast.

I sucked in a sharp intake of breath as I pressed my hand to her breast. The large globe of flesh filled my palm, and although this was hardly the first time I had felt her breast that evening, it still excited me, the bulge in my trouser immediately growing.

“Oh wow,” I murmured, squeezing her ample breast through her shirt as she clutched my hand against her bosom.

“Are you trying to seduce me?” She whispered to me, her voice husky.
I gave her breast another squeeze, “I think you’re seducing me,” I corrected.

“Oh,” She giggled, releasing my hand and stumbled into her bedroom. “Silly me.”

As she walked into her room, away from where I stood dumbfounded in the lobby, she peeled her shirt up over her head and tossed it aside, revealing her lacy white bra.

“So are you coming in?” She asked me, glancing back over her shoulder.
“I…” my eyes widened as the beautiful lady reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. She pulled off the piece of underwear and tossed it away, revealing her smooth bareback. I could see the side of one heavy breast as she turned slightly to look over her shoulder at me again.

“Well?” She asked with a crafty smile.
“Yes,” I managed to stammer, stepping into the bedroom after her. I moved right up behind her and wrapped my arms around her topless body.

“Mmm,” She murmured as she leaned back against me. My hands immediately slipped up to cup and squeeze her bare breasts.
“Oh wow!” I groaned as my hands finally touched the bare flesh of her big breasts. Her breasts had felt great through her top or with my hands directly on her bra, but naked they were fantastic!

They felt so warm and soft, overflowing my palms as I lifted and squeezed the ample flesh. My fingers found and pinched her hard nipples before I again covered her breasts and fisted my hands over the firm flesh.

“I’m so horny!” Titi breathed, grinding her ass pushed against my bulging crotch as I groped her bare breasts.

I gave her big breasts another squeeze, then let my hands drop to her jeans. I unbuttoned her zip, pulling them open and then let one hand slide down her smooth belly and into the front of her jeans.

“Oh yeah!” She moaned as my hand slid down over her panties, she rolled her hips forward, pressing against my palm as I touched her pussy.

“Bend forward,” I instructed. She did as I asked, leaning forward with her hands on the bed in front of her, the pose pushing her lovely round ass out towards me. I held my older neighbor by the hips and rubbed my crotch up against her ass, enjoying the feel of her nicely rounded ass pressing back against me.

I stroked my hands over her smooth, bareback, then scooped them underneath her body to capture and squeeze her heavy, hanging breasts.

Giving her breasts a firm squeeze I then grabbed the waist of her jeans and pulled them back and down over her panties-covered ass, dropping them around her ankles as I squeezed her buttocks in both my hands.

“Oh wow!” I groaned for the fifth time that night as I gazed at her ass. I gave another grunt of lust and then pulled off her panties, leaving her completely naked. I gave her bare ass a light slap. The firm flesh barely jiggled.

She giggled at my slap and then fell forwards on the bed, turning over and parting her thighs to give me a view of her naked pussy.

“Oh boy!” I gasped as she licked her right index finger and then seductively ran it down between her heaving breasts. She stroked her fingertip down across her smooth, flat belly, downwards through the trimmed bush of her pubic hair.

My eyes went wide as she lightly stroked the lips of her pussy, parting them with her fingertip and pressing her digit up inside her moistening entry.

“Take off your clothes,” she breathed, very slowly sliding her finger in and out of her vagina.

“O..Okay,” I stammered, my eyes glued to her finger. In a rush I pulled my shirt up off my head and tossed it aside, then I hurriedly pulled off my jeans, almost tripping myself up in rush. Titi grinned up at me as I pulled off my boxer revealing a fully hard penis, pointing straight out towards the busty object of my desire.

She sat up on the bed and reached out for me. “Very nice,” she murmured in appreciation as she gently ran both her hands over the length of my erection.

“Oh, God!” I groaned at her touch. I rocked back on my heels, looking up at the ceiling, my knees going weak as she gently stroked my balls with one hand.
“So what do you want to do?” She asked with a wicked grin. She let go of her me and climbed up onto the bed, lying back to prepare for me.

My thoughts immediately went to earlier that evening, on the chair when I had my dick in her pretty mouth. “I want you to suck my dick,” I breathed lustfully, climbing up on the bed.
She chuckled a little as I started to climb up her body. “I’m not sure,” she said, hesitating for the first time. “I’m not a big fan of oral…”

I didn’t pause, however, moving myself up so that I was squatting over her chest, grasping my dick by the base and aiming it towards Titi’s lips.

“Taste me,” I told her, leaning forward and pressing my dick against her mouth, much like I had done earlier on the chair whilst she was passed out.

She had no more time to protest as I slid my penis into her mouth. I gave a moan of pleasure as I pushed his dick deep into her mouth, the head sliding over Titi’s tongue and pressing right against the entry of her throat.

Her eyes widened in surprise as she found herself face to face with my abdomen, her lips sealed around the base of my dick.

“That’s it! Suck!” I gasped, withdrawing slightly and then thrusting back, deep into her mouth. I moaned as I felt she began to suck on my prick. This was so much better than on the chair, from this angle I could go so much deeper and she was now actively sucking on my hard dick!

The errand his mum sent him is over, his personal errand is what he is after now, having sex with Titi, his busty neighbor after the party.

I groaned and began to thrust against Titi’s face, pounding my dick in and out of her mouth as the busty woman did her best to avoid gagging and suck me, her tongue fluttering around my dick as I pumped her mouth.

“Yeah, baby!” I grunted, thrusting faster, hammering against her mouth, my balls slapping her chin.

After a few minutes, I pulled out of her mouth and slapped my dick against her face.

“Mmm, suck that dick!” I breathed, full of lust. I shoved my dick back into her mouth as resumed thrusting, holding my dick around the base of the shaft and guiding its movements.

After about ten minutes of this, I finally withdrew from Titi’s mouth, her lips and chin glistening with saliva and I moved back down her body.

“Fuck me Lenny!” she gasped, turned on from the rough blowjob I had forced her to perform, but relieved that her mouth was finally free.

I didn’t need to be asked twice, I moved down between her parted thighs, lining the head of my dick up with the hot, wet entry to her sex. I was about to do it, I was about to fuck my gorgeous neighbor.

Kneeling between her thighs, I thrust forward with my hips, sinking my dick deep into her tight pussy.

Titi arched her back, her arms coming around my body to pull me against her.

“Oh my God!” she cried out at my sudden and deep entrance. “Oh, fuck me, Lenny!”

My hips began to pound against her, my hard dick sliding deep up inside her with each thrust. Titi clutched my body tight against her as I fucked her, each time I buried my dick in her pussy she gasped with pleasure.

“Oh yeah, that’s it honey, fuck me, fuck me hard!” She gasped, clearly turned on from the vigorous pounding I was giving her.

I bent my head forward and captured her right nipple between my lips, sucking heavily on it as I fucked her. The movement of my hips increased in pace and Titi’s breathing became faster.

The bedroom was filled with the sound of sex. The smacking of my hips against her inner thighs. The sucking of my mouth on her breasts. The slapping of my balls against her ass. The sounds of my grunts and her gasps as we humped against each other.

Titi’s hands slid down to my ass, pulling me deeper against her as I pounded her.

“Oooh! Yesssss!” She suddenly screamed out in orgasm, her whole body thrashing on my dick as her climax ripped through her body.

I didn’t slow my thrusts as I was close to losing it myself. I felt her pussy almost squeezing against my dick as she orgasmed and I could hold out no longer.

“Oh yeah!” I grunted, my face scrunching up as I slammed my dick deep into her pussy and exploded. My whole body tensed up and my balls churned as wave after wave of cum burst from the end of my dick and flooded into her pussy.

“Oh wow!” I gasped as the last of my climax slipped from my body and I slumped forward on top of Titi, gasping for breath. Her own orgasm had also run its course and she fell back against the bed, breathing heavily.

“That was so incredible,” I murmured once I had recovered my breath. I withdrew from her, my dick twitching slightly as the sensitive shaft slid out of Titi’s wet passage.

I rolled off her, lying beside her on the bed, breathing heavily.

“Thank you so much for that,” I gasped, a large grin spreading over my face, what a night this had been!

I lay there for a few minutes, smiling happily up at the roof as my sexy older neighbor Titi lay on the bed beside me, my cum no doubt leaking from her pussy. The thought of her naked beside me made my balls tingle slightly, but my tired dick didn’t stir.

“Wow,” I breathed once more and sat up. I turned towards her and saw that she was sleeping, passed out from too much drink or exhausted from our sex session.

My eyes were drawn to her large bare breasts, that were rising and falling with each slow even breath she took. I gazed over her naked body, it was perfect. Her flat stomach, long slim legs, and the kinky bush of her pubic hair trimmed into a small strip above her vagina. God, she was sexy!

I leaned over and kissed her cheek, it felt so soft and warm beneath my lips, she was incredible. The kiss made me realize that I hadn’t actually kissed my pretty neighbor yet. I have had my dick in her mouth twice but not my tongue. I bent over again, and this time kissed her on the lips. She didn’t wake up or respond to my kiss, but it still felt wonderful.

I moaned and kissed her harder, my hand coming up to stroke her soft cheek as I passionately pressed my lips to hers. Titi slept through, oblivious, as I pushed my tongue between her lips and into her mouth to seek hers.

Although she didn’t respond or kiss back, the kiss still felt incredible to me.

I pressed my body against hers, my hand dropping to her bare breast as I made out with my sleeping neighbor, my tongue hungrily thrust her mouth. I pinched her nipple and rubbed my dick against her hip as I licked the inside of her mouth. I groaned, my dick stiffening slightly as I pressed up against her.

“Titi, wake up,” I said, shaking her slightly.

“Wake up, I want to fuck again,” I said, grinding my crotch against the soft swell of her shapely hip, my dick hardening at the prospect of fucking her a second time.

She lay there, completely unconscious from the alcohol she had drunk, not responding to my attempts to wake her.

“Come on, wake up! Let’s fuck again!” I said more loudly, a little frustrated by her lack of reaction. I sat up and shook her again, harder this time.

“Titi?” I repeated, pinching and twisting hard on her left nipple, still, she didn’t stir.

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Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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