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February 25, 2021

Crazy Lenny: Church of the Bad Children III (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: Church of the Bad Children III (18+)

Her hand shot out from where she knelt on the balcony and gripped his belt. He thought she might be trying to unbuckle it, but she merely used it to haul herself up to her knees. Then she was grabbing with eagerness, and adorable inexperience, at his zip. 

He had to help her find it in the folds of his trouser. Together they managed it, and the button on his boxers. His dick, once given an opening, however, needed no help. It burst out of his trousers, which earned him a giggled of surprise from Bimbo, and brought out her dimples.

She was just looking at his swollen length, a hint of uncertainty in her eyes.

“I have never actually…” She began, but he had no patience left. He pressed the head of his cock against her plump lips. He felt himself hit her teeth, and watched the surprise pass over her face, before her eyelids grew hooded and her lips encircled his girth.

She was clearly new to this, but Dapo didn’t care. He couldn’t remember the last time his wife had sucked his dick. Bimbo’s little mouth was so wet and warm, it hardly mattered that she clearly to have no idea what to do with her tongue. He was a beast off his leash, he took the pleasure he wanted from her, fucking her mouth as hard as he dared.

Then she pulled away, releasing his cock with a flood of saliva that left several trails back to her gasping mouth. Dapo swore.

“Wait,” She said, forcefully, swiping a forearm over her sticky mouth.

“I have something better in mind.” She grabbed his dick in one hand and strode, still stark naked, back into the church. He had no choice but to follow, though he resisted this new and horrifying turn of events.

“No! Stop!” He hissed, as she dragged him to the balcony. “Shit, what the hell was she doing?” He thought.

She moved him to where he could just see over the balcony into the congregation below. He knew they had to be recessed in shadow, they were behind the lights, but still he felt like someone, most probably Nnenna, could look up at any second and see him.

Bimbo held a finger to her lips and gave a smile and a wink. He was going to pull away, to tell her she was crazy, but then she swallowed his cock again, and his mind detached from his body.

His shaft was buried four inches inside the mouth of the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She was young enough to be his daughter, and she was sucking on his cock like it had a coat of paint on it she wanted removed.

As her head moved up and down, Dapo looked down on the people seated below. He could see friends, neighbors, his bloody wife! They were all staring ahead contemplating the afterlife, completely oblivious to his own private heaven just meters away.

It made him want to come so hard. Bimbo must have sensed it. She rocked back on her heels and released him again. He very nearly cried out in frustration.

He mouthed the words, “What the hell?”

For an answer, she stood, and stepped over to the balcony. She calmly surveyed all the people below before, in a gesture she somehow made to seem almost modest, she spread her ass cheeks for him.

Dapo gaped. Her little pussy was still dripping wet, and her tiny asshole was ripe and puckered like a berry. He wanted to lap at it. She beckoned him closer. He leaned over her so that he too was staring down into the central aisle of the church.

Gosh! He could see his wife. She was so close he could have probably got her attention with a loud cough. He felt pre-cum surge out the tip of his cock at the thought. It coated Bimbo’s tight little asshole as he brushed his tip against her.

He had his head pressed next to hers as he stood over her. She turned her head and whispered, barely moving her lips,

“I want to feel you inside me. You’ll be my first.”

He felt his chest squeezed painfully.

“Are you sure?” He was very conscious that this was a very unusual chain of events. There had to be a catch.

“Yes, I am so fucking turned on right now that if I don’t feel your dick inside me I think I might just scream.”

Dapo looked down at all the people again. He swallowed hard.

“It may hurt.”

“I know, I’ve been preparing.”

She caught the flicker of his curious gaze.

“What?” her voice was barely audible, “I have several large vibrators at home. You should see me come when I have one of those buried deep in my ass.”

It was all he needed. He stood back and took a moment to stare at her finely shaped backside. He dipped a finger into her liquid sex and used the moisture to lube up her anus. It felt as tight as it looked. He was dubious as to how he would fit. But still, he was not one to pass up probably his only chance at anal sex with a goddess.

His cock was still roped with her saliva. He pressed at her little button of an asshole, feeling a powerful resistance. He saw the tension build in her shoulder muscles.

He pressed harder. His cock bent under the strain. He was about to give up, to beg her to finish off the blowjob, when she reached back with one hand and held his shaft tightly in position. Then, she eased herself back onto him. She gasped audibly as he pierced that unrelenting sphincter.

He could have cared less, however, if the whole congregation had heard. Her tight little ass swallowed him so completely he wanted to yell out her name. As it was, he came close to biting his tongue as he fought the urge.

She began to roll her hips hypnotically, slowly sinking back onto him inch by inch until he was buried to the hilt. The pressure around his cock was crushing. He could barely thrust. He had to rely on her using the balcony railing to pull herself back and forth on his shaft.

He knew he couldn’t last long like this. He had to find away to distract himself. He looked down at his wife. But, seeing her there, completely unaware that her husband was ass fucking a lady more than half her age just pushed him closer to the edge.

What the fuck was wrong with him?

Instead, he tried to tune his ears to focus in on pastor Ikechukwu. He could bore Dapo in seconds flat. Ah, there, he could just make out his boring rant about spirituality in the age of Facebook, or some crap like that.

“Oh, yes,” Dapo thought,

“That is keeping the wolf from the door.” He smiled and closed his eyes, enjoying beyond measure the way Bimbo’s tight young body fitted around him.

She was clearly enjoying herself too. Her fingers were dipping into her cleft with each rock of her hips. She was staring fixedly at the crowd. Dapo knew that, somewhere down there, were her very proud parents. What would they think if they knew their perfect, first-class candidate, virgin princess of a daughter was up here getting her ass fucked by a man their own age?

He looked down with satisfaction at his cock. Had it always been this big? Or did it just seem that way in comparison to Bimbo’s slender figure. He was plunging in and out of her, their bodies seemingly merged. He knew he was going to come inside her in moments. He could sense his stomach muscles being locked down into a hard plate of tension, and little shivers of pre-orgasm where twisting his hips wildly.

She was close too. He could feel the sheath of her ass clenching and relaxing in a pulsating rhythm. Her hand movements had grown staccato as she verged the point of no return.

Somewhere, distant in his hazy mind something tugged at his attention.

What had pastor Ikechukwu just said? He strained his hearing. Tearing his attention away from his approaching climax was like tearing off a piece of his own flesh.

“… I know we haven’t made use of the grand piano these past few months,” Pastor Ikechukwu said,

“But we are lucky to have with us Jide Ladipo, who many of you will remember used to play the grand piano here before he retired and moved to Port Harcourt.”

Dapo slid deep into Bimbo, and felt her shudder. He nearly drifted away from his weak grip on pastor Ikechukwu’s voice.

“But Jide is back with us, out visiting his daughter, who many of you know has just had her second child.”

There was a loud round of applause. Bimbo used the opportunity to let out a throaty wail. Even over the noise Dapo was worried someone might hear it.

“His family have asked if he can once more play the instrument, for old time’s sake. I thought it would be the perfect way to end our worship today.”

Something snapped inside Dapo’s clouded mind. Bimbo was clearly not listening, lost as she was in her climb to the peak of her climax. He shot a glance to the grand piano. It was only meters away. The congregation might not be able to see them, but anyone who came up here certainly would. He looked at the balcony. It was no good either, they would still be visible, and there was no where to hide on the tiny platform. He panicked.

He grabbed Bimbo by the waist and pulled her back. He remained firmly inserted in her ass, but she had her head alongside his. He placed a hand over her mouth. His other hand was over her belly, and he could already feel her muscles tensing deliciously for her forthcoming orgasm.

“Someone,” He hissed in her ear, “Is coming up here to play the stupid grand piano.”

She laughed a first, clearly still lost in the sexual abandon.

“No one comes up here, Dapo. Not since Ikechukwu started his choir. Fuck me harder!”

He dropped his hand and gripped her neck instead, hissing, “I am being serious! What the hell are we going to do?”

“But, No one ever uses that old thing,” She said uncertainly, slowly returning to reality.

“Well, I just heard Pastor Ikechukwu say someone was definitely is. Is there somewhere to hide? Is there another staircase?”

“No, there’s only one staircase.”

Dapo cursed, they were completely trapped. He felt the panic rising in him. She thought for a moment, then gasped in awareness.

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