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September 2, 2020

Crazy Lenny: Chioma, The Office Property III [18+]

Crazy Lenny: Chioma, The Office Property III [18+]

“Mmmmmm… yea… oh why did we wait so long!!!” She roared, and I could only agree. I began to fist-fuck her, pushing hard into her because she obviously liked that, pulling back until I stretched her vulva, and she liked that too.

I couldn’t stop smiling, I was overjoyed! For as long as I had known about fisting, I had been craving a partner who loved the noble art as much as I do.

“I can’t believe you…” I panted, amazed at the way my hand was plunging ever more easily into Chioma’s horny body. My knuckles rubbed hard on her cervix, then on her g-spot as I twirled and rotated my fist. Her fingers splayed and trembled. Her eyes rolled back.

“YESSSSS THAT’S ITTTT!! RIGHT THEREEEE!” She wailed. I speeded up, and my dick salivated pre-cum as Chioma began to orgasm. She grunted, and shockingly, fluid spat from her pussy, right into my face! I reeled back, spluttering, laughing, licking my lips as soon as I could.

Chioma’s teeth were clenched, eyes blazing, body jerking with each spasm, spasms that I felt on my fist, clamping it hard, squeezing my wrist until I yelped.

It took quite a while for Chioma to come down, and I kept my fist in her all the while, clenching and unclenching my fingers in slow pulses that triggered off many delicious after-shocks. It was barely fifteen minutes since I had locked the door of the office, and I had just fisted one of my staff to a mind-blowing orgasm!

The twinges eventually stopped, and I began to ease my hand out. She grasped my wrist and shook her head.

“Uh… I’ve wanted this too much to stop after just one!” She cried. What a slut. What a gorgeous, immodest slut!

So, I told her she was a slut.

“You’re using me… you just want my fist… well, you corrupt little slut, that’s what you’ll get!” I said. I had never spoken to a woman like that before, but I had never met a woman like Chioma before!



We laughed as I jerked my hand in her pussy, pulling it back over the rim, and then thrusting it in hard. She gasped, eyes flying open. I did it again. Over the rim, and in. her hands slammed down on the surface of the desk in approval. My eyes were glued to her pussy, and the way it revealed and hid my hand.

Sliding… yes, soon her pussy was sliding over the back of my hand, the flesh gliding on my skin like searing hot, oiled silk. I made a fist once more, and pushed it right into her, spreading those willing walls wide again.

She resumed her grip on my wrist and began to work my fist inside her like a huge dildo, showing me where she likes to be stretched, where it hurts, where it feels too good to bear for long. It was quite a change to be the pupil instead of the teacher!

When I leaned hard into her, I found that she was deeper now, an inch or more past my wrist, and I could feel her womb bearing down on me. She pushed me back… until I was in the grip of her vulva, and then a hard, teeth-clenching pull as she took me deep again.

Fabulous. I knew what I needed to know now, and pushing her hand away, I began to gore her pussy, thrusting long, hard, bending my arm, this way and that to reach her special places, opening her wide around the tight ball of my large fist, and ramming it through… I had reached heaven, I decided. This was all I had ever dreamed fisting should be and had so fleetingly attained in the past.

Chioma’s hoarse cries of happy greed were the sweetest symphony to my ears. The feel of her amazing flesh surrendering with such eagerness was inspiring in a way I had only dared yearn for.

I pulled back even further, and as she held her thighs wide, piercing eyes maddened with desire, I forced my clenched fist into her, pulled it out, forced it in, again and again, while she uttered guttural cries of ecstasy.

After the first few times, I didn’t have to force it so hard, and I was almost punch-fucking her pussy, the wet slurping slap of it so wickedly rude, the outside/inside contrast another fine sensation to add to the list of firsts. It was so astonishing I couldn’t hold onto myself. I crouched over her, pumping my fist in and out of her, pumping my dick with my spare hand.

I could tell she was close to orgasm again too, her movements were cracked, uncontrolled, her voice fussy as the pleasure doubled and re-doubled. In an orgasmic frenzy, I thrashed my pulsing dick. I felt an exploding sun in my loins, and as I rammed my fist, jiggling it hard and deep, I came, all over her, feeling her spasms matching mine.

Cum rocketed from my dick in long white streamers, splattering her belly, her swaying breasts, painting her nipples giving her a flowing string of pearls, one massive spurt striping neatly across her face, bisecting it with a long silvery line of semen. I shook my fist inside her and she wailed, clawing at her nipples as her insides convulsed a final time, forcing my fist out with a wet, rude fart of air and pussy-juice.

“You bastard!! You’ve cum all over me!! I’m supposed to be going out with the girls tonight!!” Chioma swore, her voice croaky from her cries of rapture. I stroked out the last drops from my softening dick and shook them onto her belly. Her smile contradicted her words, as did her hands. They were rubbing my cum into her skin, stroking it into her breasts. She lifted up the thickening cum and sucked her fingers like a naughty child.

“You’re not going anywhere tonight without me,” I told her.

Her eyes softened, and I fell on Chioma, my mouth meeting hers in our very first kiss. I had fisted her before I even kissed her! What a way to begin a love affair!

“What about your boyfriend?” I asked her as we cleared up the mess we had made. My office looked like bomb had hit it, and it smelled richly of sex.

“Oh that… it’s over.” She said decisively.

“When did you finish with him? I asked, curiously.

“The moment you pushed your hand into me,” she said, and despite the fact that I had orgasmed just a few minutes ago, my dick pulsed back to life at her words.

I shook my head in wonder.

She was terrifyingly direct. I loved it. This was one of the things I had been looking for. A woman to whom I could say anything, especially about sex, a woman who wouldn’t hide her desires behind coyness, and feminine games. And most of all, a woman whose desires matched my own.

On the road, on the way home, she held my hand, lifting it sometimes to her lips and kissing it. It was the hand that had been inside her. I was glad I was wearing a long, loose shirt. Something had clicked so emphatically between us that we were speechless from this bolt from the blue. On the walk from the bus park, her tongue loosened, and she teased me.

“You could have cum in my mouth,” she said, conversationally.

I tingled all over.

“Or in my ass…”

My dick twitched happily.

“You know one of the things I like about you Lenny?”

I shook my head.

“You didn’t go straight for my tits. It gets so boring sometimes. Men spend hours cuddling me like horses, sucking and chewing my nipples until they’re sore… when I want them to go further, to experiment. I get tired of leading men by the hand, teaching them how to please me. But you… you followed your line, you read me… you fisted me because you knew I wanted it. It was a first, Lenny. It’s scary, isn’t it?”
I nodded. I felt like I was bursting. Emotions and sensations were firing off like candles in my brain.

When Chioma found the enema bag in the bathroom cupboard, the tone of the evening was set. We made it very beautiful in my bedroom, with candles and long curtains. I brought out the huge pearly latex sheet that completely covered my King size bed.

“OH… kinky!” Chioma giggled, feeling the silky texture with her cheek.

We spread the sheet, smoothing it out and tucking it in neatly.

“What about the cushions?” She asked as she piled them back onto the bed.

“The covers are washable,” I said, succinctly. We both wanted it to be right. We fucked out our initial frenzy in the office. Now it was time to be intimate.

“Are you going to give me the enema, or shall I do it for myself?” She asked. Challenging me again. How far would I go? What would I find acceptable? She didn’t trust me yet.

“I’m going to roll us a weed and fix us something to drink. You can prepare the enema, and give me a shout when you’re ready,” I replied. Time and motion; efficiency would get us to bed sooner.

When I answered her call, Chioma was on her knees, on the bathroom floor. She had rigged the bag onto the shaving mirror and was holding out the tube for me.

“All yours,” she said, and bent over until she was resting on her arms, her sought-after fat ass angled into the air. Her anus was pretty pinky-brown crinkled eye, winking at me knowingly.

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