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Crazy Bayo: Tales from American Mueller III (18+)

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Crazy Bayo: Tales from American Mueller III (18+)

“Michael get the bottle…” Jude said, “It’s time for dare or die.”

I heard die and the first thing I wanted to do was whizz out of that place.

I think Jude saw the look written on my face cause the dude immediately started laughing,
“Guy! the ‘die part’ is just a silly joke,” he pointed to Michael,

“That mad man there was the one who came up with the name.”

“Cause your boring ass wanted to name it ‘dare or pay.'” Michael boomed.

“Because that’s what it is na.” Jude replied to Michael, still laughing, then to me
“The game is simple, just dares, If you can’t do it, you pay.”

“And they are all nauuuughty dares.” Jessie added, taking a seat on the open space in front of the bed, right alongside Michael and Obiye.

“Are you sure he can pay up?” It was Obiye who spoke up, her voice was a little deep and throaty, like someone who had a cough that refused to go.

“How much is the fine?” I asked, my heart beating fast. If there was something I had learned at that point, it was that you should always expect the unexpected at American Muller.

“Just 10k.” Oma spoke, dragging herself off the bed as she sat next to Jessie. Her voice was more refined, smooth like a chilled glass of Guinness, but her eyes were menacing.

And for someone who just got fingered, she was hella composed.

“Sure…let’s play,” I said.

My game plan was simple: do all the dares and don’t end up broke, cause if I couldn’t, then Michael won’t be wrong to name it dare or die.

“Baaaadooo…” Sam said, rubbing his hands together, a big smile on his face ” I knew he was gonna be chill as soon as I saw him.”

“We don hear, just seat your ass down let’s start.” Michael said.

And then it began. Eight of us sat in a circle, five guys and three girls, and an empty bottle of Smirnoff vodka in the middle.

The first spin landed on Oma, she leaned in, her eyes lit up as she waited for the dare.

“Uuuuhm….” Obiye said, ” how about we start with something simple. Get your ass spanked by Sam.”

Oma chuckled, “You’ve been dying to see my ass haven’t you.”

“I’ve missed it,” Obiye said, blowing a kiss to oma.

I glanced at Jessie with the sides of my eyes, waiting to see a reaction–resentment, anger, jealousy–but instead, she had a bright smile as she picked the bottle and spun it.

“Pls land on him…pls, plsss.” she said, closing her eyes, her hands held together like one praying.

“Stop targeting the fresh meat,” Isaac said, staring at me.

Then I heard a loud smacking sound. My head jerked to the side to see Sam on the bed, and a half-naked Oma bent over his laps–her shorts hanging at her ankles.

“You like that don’t you?” Sam said, rubbing his hands over her ass.

“Yes Papi…spank me harder.” Oma pleaded, her ass wiggling on his lap.

Sam smiled and landed another one on her bum and Oma screamed. Her body wiggled on him as he landed two more hard slaps on her round, juicy ass.

“If you move too much, I’m going to get hard and you’ll have to take care of it.”

And Oma just giggled, her groin pressing harder into his.

My jaw dropped.

Either this whole craziness was a dream or I was about to partake in my first orgy.

“Noooo.” Jessie moaned. My gaze averted back to her to see a disappointed look on her face, and then at the bottle– It was pointing at Michael.

“You ain’t even happy that you got all of this.” Micheal raised his forearms and kissed his biceps.

Jessie just laughed, “Just strip joorh ”

“You for just talk say you wan see my goods na.” Michael said, pulling off his shirt and trousers.

“Everything!” Jessie said, looking at his tiny briefs that were doing very little to hide his growing bulge, “…and make yourself cum.”

“Yeeees!” Oma screamed, “Beat that ass like a drum!”

I looked back at the occupants on the bed, and my cock jumped in my shorts.

It was chaos. A beautiful chaos that made me harder. To think I just came some moments ago, jerking off to the sounds of Sam and Jessie fucking. But now all of that –and more–was right in front of me.

“Show me some tits to help me out na.” Michael said, dragging my attention back to him. He stood by the wall, his hands clenched tightly on his hard cock as it moved forward and backwards in a quick rush.

“Like this?” Jessie dragged her shirt down exposing her black bra.

“Nah…your bress, show me your bress.” He said with laboured breath, his hand moving faster on his rigid cock.

“Like thiiiiis?” Jessie pulled her bra down and her breasts bounced out of it.

“Good girl…now pinch those nipples for me.” Michael commanded as he jerked off, his hands clenched tight on his dick as he stroked the entire length of it.

“Aaaahh.” Jessie moaned, squeezing her nipples in between her thumb and her index finger.


“But it hurts.” Jessie said, but that didn’t stop her from grasping her poor nipples even more.

“Now grab those tits hard, squeeze your large melons for me, Jessie.”

And Jessie complied, her hands struggling to fit her enormous boobs in them as she squeezed and massaged and kneaded those soft melons.

Fuck! I wanted to get my dick thrusting in out of those boobs squished together.

And Michael might have been thinking the same thing. He had his eyes glued to her tits as he kept thrusting his dick into his clenched fist, a thin layer of sweat forming on his bareback.

“You…like?” Jessie asked in between moans.

“Ooooh yeeees….just like that!” He cried out, thrusting his hips hard into his hands as he shuddered and spilt his cum on the floor.

“Fuck!” Was all I could think as my eyes took in all of Jessie– her hands still grabbing hold of her breasts, playing with them without concern.

“Oya, who’s next?” Jude asked, his pitch-black eyes glancing to the bed as Oma’s moans got louder with each hard spanking. Her legs were shaking and trembling wild at that point.

But apart from that, he didn’t seem fazed by what was happening. None of them did.

“Na me ooo.” Isaac said as he picked up the bottle and spun it. And as the spinning came to a stop a cold shiver went down my spine as I saw the mouth of the bottle pointing to me.

“Isaac….” Jessie said with soft gasping sounds escaping her lips, pinching her nipples again, “I want to cum.”

“Is that sooo?” Isaac had a wicked grin on his face and I knew that things were about to get even crazier.

“New guy….” Isaac stared at me, my heart was racing as I waited to hear the dare. I was both excited and terrified at the same time.

“Eat up that pussy like it is the last meal you’ll ever have.”

My eyes followed the end of his index finger and it was directed at Jessie.

A small smile spread on my lips, but it immediately disappeared as my gaze unconsciously crawled over to Sam–she was his girlfriend after all–but Mr man didn’t even look my way, his hands grabbing hard onto oma’s ass cheeks as he massaged it.

When my gaze returned to Jessie, she had spread her legs wide open, her white thong already soaked with her juices.

“Bayo…” Jessie said as she dragged her thong down to her thighs and removed just her left leg out of it, leaving the thing on her right thighs “I’m ready when you are.”

Story was written by Naughty Seun, and he blogs at Erotic Rated

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble

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