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Cougar’s Tale : Episode 5 (18+)

I met Henry a month after Michael left. I had gone to see a movie with my kids at Genesis Deluxe cinemas. Gabriel and Deinye had bugged me so much about going to see the Spongebob movie and I finally budged.

Henry had sat by my left while the kids sat the other way on my right. I laughed more at the remarks he made about the movie more than at the movie itself. I had asked him why someone as old as he was watching Spongebob and he told me he was using it to kill the time before the movie he really wanted to see which was Amazing Spiderman 2 but he didn’t end up seeing the movie anymore because I had somehow managed to talk him out of it and made him join me and the kids for dinner at the Genesis restaurant.

We talked more while we ate and I gave him my number at the end of our dinner. Even though I let him ask for him more than once.

He called me the next day although I had been expecting a Whatsapp message. He was a third level student at the State University studying Industrial Chemistry. Students like him usually preferred to text than make calls so I was a bit surprised. Anyways, that call led to us becoming a bit close until the day he asked to visit me. Bari, my husband had told me he would be working offshore for three months but would come over at weekends. Two weekends had passed and he hadn’t showed up, I knew he was probably fucking another girl somewhere around but I didn’t care. As long as my own needs and desires were being met when I needed them to be he could do whatever he wanted.

I told Henry he couldn’t come over to my place because my kids were on holiday but I told him I could meet him somewhere. I employed a nanny/maid when my relationship with Michael had become serious and I was beginning to spend more time away from home than usual. She was such a good maid towards Gabby and Deinye that I thanked my stars for getting her. With her around I could meet Henry anywhere. It had been over a month I had a real dick pound me in and so I made the arrangement with Henry.

I took 20,000 naira with me to give to him as an incentive if he treated me good. I also took my checkbook with me just in case he did better than I’d anticipated. Bari wired so much money into my account monthly that I had very little to do with and I love to be generous.

I met Henry at our arranged location. A classy guest house not too far away from GRA Junction. He had gotten a room already and told me to come straight upstairs. Immediately I knocked and he opened the door… He was all over me and soon we were both naked on the soft bed while he gave me the pounding I’d been looking for…

Henry’s hot rod pounded into me until I felt him in my womb. Sweat streamed down as he fucked me, using all of his youthful energy to thrust his long black dick into my soaked up pussy. The squishy sounds his penis made whenever he rammed into me was like music to my ears, coupled with the grunts escaping his mouth.

His eyes were closed, his toned biceps at both my sides like pillars holding a monument in place. I used my hands to caress his body while both my legs were wrapped around his ass as he lifted it up and drove it back in with intense precision. With each thrust of his, I felt my whole body shudder. I hadn’t been fucked this good in a long time. Not since Michael moved away from Port Harcourt after finding a job in Lagos. I’d been with two other young men but they hadn’t been able to give me what I really wanted. I held Henry’s face in my hands and I kissed him passionately, letting him know that he was doing exactly what I wanted from him. Henry paused in mid-thrust as he returned my kiss. His tongue going deep into my mouth and playing with mine. I could feel his dick throbbing inside me with every beat of his heart, more blood was being pumped into that monster-cock of his.

“I’m sorry if what I’m about to say will sound offensive, but I have to say it” Henry said. “Your cooch is actually too sweet for someone your age.”

I chuckled and hit him playfully on his chest. “That is actually a compliment. But don’t spoil the mood. I’m about to cum” I gave him my best sexy stare.

With that Henry went into 2nd then 3rd gear, he fucked me so hard and so fast that all I could do was raise both my legs in the air and allow his cock devour my pussy. Henry’s grunts became even more violent as he pounded me furiously. Within seconds I felt his seed shoot right inside me. I had already cum once already but his pounding didn’t stop and so I came again.

My juices streaming out of me like an endless river.

We both lay on the bed after Henry finally stopped and collapsed beside me. I rubbed his chest and placed my thigh over his flaccid cock.

“That was the best sex I’ve had in years” I told him.

Henry laughed. “What kind of weaklings have you been fucking?” he asked and we both laughed together. We lay there until sleep came over us. The next day I woke up quite early and quietly had my bath and dressed up just so I wouldn’t wake Henry. I wrote a check for fifty thousand naira and a small note beside it.

“I had a wonderful time. Let’s do this again next Sunday. Chao”

I arrived home before Nonye, the housemaid,  had returned back from church with the kids and prepared dinner, with thoughts of Henry’s hot rod in my mind all day.

I wasn’t sure if i could wait till next Sunday to fuck him again.

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