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April 21, 2021

Average Joe(18+) : Meet Lizzy & Kemi (II)
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Average Joe(18+) : Meet Lizzy & Kemi (II)

It had been almost an hour since I sat there waiting for Kemi’s arrival. It wasn’t supposed to take her more than 15 minutes getting to my place from hers. I’d called her 3 times, asking her what had kept her so long?  She told me there had been an accident; traffic was almost bad but was moving slowly. She told me to be patient and give her a few more minutes. While waiting for her, and watching TV, I’d downed a couple of cold canned beers. The intoxication got to me and caused me to fall asleep.

The knock on the door woke me up. It was quite loud. My phone was ringing as well. Kemi was calling.  I’d been dreaming…and in my dream, I and some other girl had been dancing to Rihanna’s “Cheers (Drink to that)” which happens to be my ringtone. It was my ringtone which had been playing all this while in my dream. I laughed at myself and walked towards the door to open it.

I opened the door, expecting to find Kemi standing there and having an angry look on her face. But it wasn’t Kemi standing at the door in a blue dress with a black jacket over it, and black high heeled boots and a Chanel hand bag hanging by an arm. It was Sarah, Sarah my ‘supposed’ girlfriend who had caught me screwing Ruby my ex girlfriend. She was the one standing in my door way like a ghost haunting me from my past.

“Hello Jojo” she called me that, usually when we were both naked and entangled on my bed.

I didn’t say a word for a few seconds. I was stunned. I wasn’t expecting her. This was quite a surprise. My heartbeat was faster than it should be…

“Joe. Are you alright?” she asked, a puzzled look on her face.

“Sarah” my voice was weak. Almost a whisper. “What are you doing here?”

“Wow, aren’t you gonna allow me in first?” she asked.

I hesitated for a bit, before I walked to the side and showed her in. She smiled, that knowing grin of hers, and stepped in. Her fragrance filled my nostrils. That familiar fragrance I’d gotten used to and which had stuck to my memory during the good times. It just brought dread to me now. Sarah sat on my sofa, crossed her legs, put her hands on them and looked at me. I was still standing at the door. Awed by her presence, I realized how weird I was acting then, and tried to get some sense back into my head.

I closed the door behind me and apologized to her for my awkward behaviour. She just smiled, and didn’t utter a word. She still looked at me, waiting for me to say the next word. I could see mischief in her eyes. I’d known her for 3 years now, and I knew every look her face could conjure up. What was the damn bitch thinking up right now? Was she here for revenge?

She hadn’t called or texted since she left my apartment that day with Ruby. She surely must have been hurting very deep. And I hadn’t even bothered to call or explain. Now I felt so bad and sorry. Sorry for her, and how she must have felt, maybe I deserved whatever it was that Sarah was going to do to me.

I walked to the other sofa and sat down…slowly.

My eyes on her the whole time.

Just in case she wanted to do something crazy. But she didn’t. She still looked at me though. That same mischievous look still in her dark shadowy eyes.  I also noticed that her make-up which usually used to be heavy and always made her face look daring had been minimally done this time. A conservative act which I never knew she possessed. What did this mean? I asked myself.

A few seconds passed between us before we spoke any words. Then she reached into her handbag and produced a bottle of what looked like red wine, corked, and put it on the table. I looked at the wine, and looked at her.

Puzzled. What was she really getting at here? Then finally…she spoke.

“Joe, in case you forgot, and I’m very sure that you did by the way, today’s the 26th

26th? What’s up with the date?

Is there supposed to be something special about the 26th? Then it hit me. 26th May. This day last year…we had spent together. And Sarah had made it feel more special for me than it should have been for her.

I couldn’t believe I’d forgotten her birthday…

“Oh gosh…I’m so sorry Sarah. I don’t know how it escaped me” I apologised. She smiled when she saw the look in my face, my mouth agape that I had forgotten. She stood up then, and walked towards the kitchen.

“There’s no reason to apologize Joe. I understand.” She said from the kitchen.

I heard the clinking of glass. She was getting cups. She continued talking as she returned. “I know I no longer matter to you anymore, so it is only natural that you will forget that today’s my birthday. I totally understand. Don’t be sorry”

“It’s not like that Sarah. I know I fucked up. I should have called you after what happened. I should…”

“Stop it Joe!” she interrupted me.

“I told you that you don’t have to apologize. I just wanted to come over and see you, so we could have a drink and chat. Let us forget about the deeds and mistakes of the past. We are very good friends. Even if you didn’t call, it doesn’t change the fact that we are friends. Maybe it hurt a little back then, but I’m way over it now” I was shocked beyond words listening to Sarah talk like an angel.

With those words, she uncorked the bottle of wine and poured both glasses till they were half-full. She lifted both glasses, walked over to where i sat, and handed me one. Sat on the arm of my seat and raised her glass to me. My heart was beating as fast as fuck!! I had never been more afraid in my life. Surely this drink was poisoned. She wanted to kill me!!! I screamed within myself. Was this how I was going to pay? For all the evil I’d done.

Was this my punishment? Death by poisoning? By the hands of my girlfriend? Sarah was being so unnaturally calm and collected. This was not the Sarah I knew. Erratic and restless.Aggressive at some instances. Very bold and daring and didn’t take the shit from no one. Had her heart been broken by me? And was this the result of that heartbreak??

I raised my glass to hers. We clicked.

“Happy birthday to me and to more years of friendship” she said.

“Happy birthday, Sarah” my voice was shaky. It betrayed the feelings I had inside.

I observed her take the cup to her lips. Her eyes were on me all the time. I took my glass to my lips as well. My eyes on her all the time. She had to take that fucking sip before i did.


I noticed a glimmer of humour in her eyes. She was mocking me in her head. I knew she was. Laughing at my utter show of fear. She tilted her head backwards and downed the contents of the glass in one gulp. My eyes open wild. WTF??

She actually drank the whole thing. What was she trying to do? Kill herself too? No, Sarah couldn’t be that evil.

She always talked about how she wanted to travel the world. And she hadn’t left Nigeria yet. So she surely wouldn’t kill herself before she did that. I sipped my wine slowly while observing her as she walked to the table and poured another glass. We talked then and shared stories.We talked for quite a while, as we drank and then I began to feel quite tipsy. The wine was quite strong. Couple with the canned beers I’d had. I was a bit dizzy and laughing too much.

Sarah had taken off her jacket and her boots. She just sat causally on her sofa, wine glass in hand, and chatting away about one of her experience with guys.

Just then…I began to notice a movement in the lower parts of my body…towards my groin. While staring at Sarah, and the way she sat, her knee length gown way above her knees and showing much of her laps.

I had developed a wicked erection. It was an evil one. The one that came with pain. I was damn too drunk to bother about concealing it. I just let it make a bulge in front of me. It didn’t take quite long before she noticed it. She stopped in mid-sentence, and then she laughed. I didn’t know why it was funny…but i laughed with her.

Then she dropped her glass. Got on the floor, on all fours, and slowly crawled towards me. Like a sly tiger that she was.

“Wow, what do we have here? A live animal in your jeans, Jojo?” she said

I smiled. Normally, I should be worried. Sarah and I sharing a sexual moment, after what happened with Ruby, and no words between us since then, should worry me.

But I couldn’t stop myself, contrary to what I should have thought, I wanted it. I wanted her so bad. My whole body was in need of sexual pleasure.

I was burning…and yearning for it. It was nothing like before. Like an average Joe just looking for an average lay.

No…this feeling was much more engulfing. Then I looked at the glass of wine in my right hand. And I knew. Sarah had laced the drink with an aphrodisiac. A very strong one, Sarah wanted me to have sex with her. And she had planned this very moment and knew it would come to this. I was right where she wanted me…


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