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September 3, 2020

Average Joe [Reboot]: Life is Good (S01E08)

Average Joe [Reboot]: Life is Good (S01E08)

She probably knew what I was trying to do. It didn’t seem to phase her much. She pulled up a chair to the side of the table and indifferently sat down. She wasn’t even one bite into her cereal when she piped up, “So what are you reading?”

I ruffled the pages sarcastically, “The paper.”

Ooh, so smart,” she replied playfully.

I gave her a dry smile and went back to reading. My eyes dragged across her naked breasts for just a moment, and I inwardly cursed myself because I knew that she would notice.

And she did.

“I hope you don’t care that, um, I’m a little underdressed this morning.”

Without looking up, “Why would I care?”

“Well I- I just wouldn’t want to offend you…”

“Nope. We’re all family here.”

Ha! That caught her off guard. No immediate comeback this time. She went back to eating her cereal.

After a couple of minutes, she started up again, “So any big plans for today?”

“Uh, nope. You?”

“Well, I’m not really sure what to do around here.”

“Yeah, I guess there isn’t a whole lot. It isn’t a party town or anything.”

“I know!” she blurted. “I mean, all my friends are out at Abuja or somewhere!”

I glanced at her again and shrugged.

“Oh well,” she added, “They’re probably, like, all hungover right now anyway.”


She stifled a little giggle, “I bet Chioma is gonna have some interesting stories‚Ķ”

I lowered the paper, “Huh?” Damn it, why did I bite‚Ķ?

“Oh, she’s a friend from school. She’s the wild one between us!”

There’s one out there worse than *you*? “Ah, I see.” I tried to go back to the paper; this conversation was a trap.

“She’s like, a total exhibitionist. Once, she wanted to make this boy jealous so she, um‚Ķ” she trailed off shyly.

I could have tried to let the conversation die right there. I knew she was trying to lure me. I’m not an idiot‚Ķ Well, actually I guess I am, ’cause I fell for it. “Yeah?” I asked offhandedly.

“Oh, well‚Ķ There was this guy, Will. He was trying to like, get with Chioma, right? And he’s totally cute, so she was interested. Anyway, one night at a party, when Chioma wasn’t there, he totally hit on me! And I was like, what the hell, you know? So I played him on for the night…”

“How surprising,” I said belittling. I had given up on the paper by this point and watched her expectantly. My best efforts went into looking her in the eye and not giving her the satisfaction of ogling her chest.

“Anyway,” she ignored me, “I told her about it and she got this, like, scheme right away. She went on another date with him and brought him back to her dorm, right? She was totally stringing him on. Then I came over. You know, ’cause it was her plan. He got this monster look on his face, like, oh, you know?” she was grinning as she piped the story away at a mile a minute.

I tried to stay irritated at her, but I had to admit I was intrigued. Not least of all because an almost completely naked, hot tease was sitting in front of me telling the story…

“Anyway, neither of us let on that he was in trouble. I was all smiling and flirty. So was Chioma. After a little while he, like, relaxed. Probably thought he was the luckiest guy in the world, right?” She paused and looked at me for an answer.

I shrugged, “Maybe.”

She let out a little scoff. “Yeah right! Like you wouldn’t be excited in that situation?”

“I, uh- couldn’t imagine.”

Hmm. Just imagine me and, I don’t know, some other hot girl you had a crush on in college. Does that, um, sound good?” She said it so matter-of-factly that I almost agreed with her. Sneaky bitch.

“Uh-huh, so anyway? Does this story go somewhere?” I rolled my eyes and acted unconcerned. By this point, my cock was stirring pretty badly in my jeans, but at least I was pushed in under the table so she couldn’t know it. As if she didn’t know anyway‚Ķ

She gave me an unconvinced smirk. “Anyway, we got out some drinks and started having them. We didn’t have too much but, like, acted really blind drunk. So he got more forward‚Ķ Umm, so eventually Chioma and I got really flirty with each other. And she asks him, ‘Have you ever had a threesome?’ Well, he got this huge smile! We could totally tell he was‚Ķ Um‚Ķ” she had a little smile. Yeah right, she’s not embarrassed‚Ķ I don’t need a great imagination to know how hard he was‚Ķ

She tried to peek around the table to look at my waist, but she couldn’t see. She played it off by continuing on with her story. “So um, we knew it was time to really get him. Chioma started touching me, I mean, my arms and stuff. Then we, uh, started to kiss a little, like, in front of him‚Ķ”

I swallowed hard. Why did I let her tell this story…?

“All guys are into that, right? It’s like, a fantasy,” she half-asked, half-informed.

I tapped a finger on the table casually, hoping not to answer. But she persisted, “Right?”

“Um, I guess it’s pretty popular,” I offered.

“Well, do you like it?”

“Does it matter?” I tried to shift the subject.

“Well, this story might be, hmm, boring if you’re not into it‚Ķ”

Be strong… I shrugged my shoulders.

Her eyes briefly flashed irritation and she leaned back in her chair. She brought her arms up and stretched her hands behind her neck. Her tits pushed out with her, begging to be looked at. “Well, if you don’t care, then never mind I guess‚Ķ”

Shit, *please* don’t stop‚Ķ I couldn’t find any words to say one way or the other. I sat there clumsily. Awkwardly I dropped my eyes down to the paper on the table, and I couldn’t help briefly pausing to soak in her naked chest and stomach. Damn it.

She giggled a little. “I think you might be interested‚Ķ”

I felt so awkward. I swear I would have just gotten up and left the room, but I felt trapped; I didn’t want her to be able to see my throbbing hard-on. I wanted to hear what happened too‚Ķ I sheepishly stared at the paper, wordless.

“Okay, well, I’ll try to get to the point. So you don’t get bored with me,” she almost laughed. “Anyway, she kept kissing me, really softly at first, right? I didn’t want to tell her, but I was kind of nervous! Well, I mean, the next thing she did was to, um‚Ķ take off my shirt. I looked at Ike and smiled at him; he was like, in heaven. You could totally tell he was just trying to figure out how to join in!”

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