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July 10, 2020
Average Joe (18+) : The Obsession IV

Average Joe (18+) : The Obsession IV

That night with Karen was one of the best nights I’d ever had in all my life. The night was so good that I couldn’t wait for the next time I would see her again. My time in the office the next day and the days after that were spent thinking of her and how insatiable she was sexually. I had thought I was so good at pleasing women so much that I could beat my chest and say that I had never been with a lady who could withstand my energy in bed but Karen came along and destroyed all that. She had proven that The Mighty Joe wasn’t really all that mighty. She had…

A knock on the door brought me out of my reverie and I walked up to it and unlocked it. Shola, my secretary told me a certain Ms. Joy Baridam was waiting for me in the visitor’s lounge. I blinked at her twice and asked her “Ms who?”

“Ms. Joy Baridam. She said you know her very well and she wants to see you briefly.”

Joy? I hadn’t spoken to Joy for nearly six months. After our ‘affair’ ended I decided it was best to keep away from her seeing that she was looking for something serious that I could not give to her. My mother definitely wouldn’t have approved of me marrying an older woman and it wasn’t like I was a broke guy who’d suddenly stumbled upon a woman with a lot of money.

“Joy sat with her legs crossed, deeply engrossed in her phone. Seeing her suddenly brought back memories. She looked exquisite in a black body-gripping dress and red heeled shoes. Her skin glowed under the light of the room and her familiar fragrance soon filled my nostrils and intensified my nostalgia. She raised her head and our eyes met. She smiled and stood to offer me a hand, being as polite and official as possible. I shook her hand and returned her smile with mine and led the way to my office, offering her a seat and closing the door behind me.

“Longest of times” she said. “I’m sure you must be wondering what the heck I’m doing here since we haven’t spoken since forever.”

“Well, yeah. I’m a bit curious I said.” Sitting on the edge of my desk with my hands clasped together.

“Aren’t you going to offer me anything, Joey?”

She was one of the few people to call me that. and I’d loved it when she moaned it.

“Apologies. What can I get you?”

She chuckled. “I don’t want anything. I was driving down and I saw this building with your company’s name on it and remembered when you told me where you work. So I decided to drop in and say hello”

I looked at her talking and suddenly felt my a stir in my crotch. She was so gaddem sexy and exuded such confidence and exquisiteness. Making feel the same way I felt on the day I first met her. I peeped at her ring finger and saw that it was still empty. Did that mean that I could still go back into her life?  Suddenly as I had that thought I remembered the night she had confessed love for me and I knew that I couldn’t go back. She needed someone who would love her back. I reached for her hand and held it in mine, caressing it slowly.

“It’s really been such a long time” I said and gazed into her beautiful eyes. I could see that she still felt something for me. I saw her lips part and saw the increased movement of her chest as she breathe faster. I couldn’t tell her off right now. I didn’t want her to leave unhappy.

“What will you be doing this weekend? I’ll be free and would like us to catch up on a lot over lunch or drinks.” I asked her keeping at the back of my mind that Karen could change all of that with one phonecall.

She beamed a smile at me and said. “Am I ever occupied? With this money and no one to spend it with my days are getting lazier and more boring. I’ll be free as well. You still have my number, right?” she asked. I nodded.

“Call me anytime Joey.” She stood up and shook me. I made to see her off but she told me not to bother and left.

I sat on that desk, wondering what the fuck I was doing. Joy was the last person I expected to come back into my life and there I was receiving her with open arms. Well… I was just going to have lunch and drinks with her over the weekend and let her know things weren’t going to be the same as before.

“Oga Jonaa.” A voice suddenly brought me back to reality. It was Tunde, my friend and colleague.

“Ah, Tee. How can I help?”

“I should be asking you that, bro. Because I have been standing right here for almost a minute and you didn’t even notice that someone was in your office. Is there something that I can help you with?” he asked with a mischievous look on his face.

“You dey craze” I told him and he laughed.

“But seriously though what could have made you so lost in thought like that? is something wrong?”

“Guyyy… na woman matter o.”

“Woman matter? Who is this chick that suddenly has got Oga Joe spending valuable office hours wondering about her instead of forecasting future business strategies?” Tunde asked jokingly.

I laughed at his question and mockingly made to send him out of my office.

“ It seems like you have nothing planned to do today other than make fun of me.”

“So who’s she? Do we know her?”

“Who’s we?”

“Your trusted friends and colleagues who look up to you… the Master of the Game”

“Tunde…. I seriously think you need to leave my office and get back to work.”

“Oga Joe, don’t be like this na. Just give me small gist to take back to the guys. I can’t go back empty-handed.”

At this point I had to order him out of my office since hierarchically speaking my position was senior to his. Tunde left laughing.

At that exact moment a call was coming into my phone. It was her, Karen.

I starred at the phone for a few minutes until the call ended. It had been three days since that night and I wasn’t sure I was ready for another night like that. I was still recovering. Sitting down back in my chair I could feel a slight ache in my waist. Even my dick still throbbed occasionally to remind me of the stress I’d put it through.

My phone began to ring again. This time I picked it up quickly and answered.

“Heyyyy, Karen.”

“Heyyyy  Jonathan.”

I chuckled at her mimicry. “You sound like you’re in a good mood this morning.”

“I actually I’m not. So you mean if I didn’t call you, you never planned to call right?”

“Hey don’t be like that. I’ve just been a little tied up with work and other stuff…”

“Stuff like what? Your non-existent girlfriend?”

I didn’t say anything. She went on. “So, you just wanted to have sex with me and forget about me?’

“How can you say that?” I walked to my door and locked it before going to my window with a view of the busy street below and staring into the horizon. “I’m sorry. I know I should have called. I probably thought I should give you some time and let you call me first. That was me thinking stupidly, I should have called you first.” Naah. I never call a girl first after we just fucked for the first time. They always had to call back because I knew what I was capable of.

“I’m only going to accept your apology over dinner at my place. Tonight.”

“Tonight?” I asked and suddenly felt my dick throb once more at the thought of what might happen after dinner.

“Yeah, tonight. If that’s not too much to ask. But I can understand if you’d be tied up and occupied with other things. If that’s the case, I’ll never bother you again.”

Women always tried to play the victim every fucking time and it killed me.

“Haba, Karen… you know it’s a weekday and I have to be back in the office early tomorrow morning.”

“I know.” She said with a voice that exuded confidence. “You can come with a change of clothes. Leave for the office from my place tomorrow. It’s not too far from your office. I’ve been there before.”

“Really? When?” I didn’t remember telling here where I worked or the location. Had she somehow traced me to my office?

“Don’t worry about that. just make sure you don’t make me sleep alone tonight.” With that she ended the call. Just like that. Without even letting me add more points to arguing my case.

The sensible part of me would’ve ignored Karen and blocked her number from calling or texting me.

But the not-so-sensible side of me which had put me in trouble so many times made me go to Karen’s house that evening, which led to a long night of mad sex and intense fucking.

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